AVB: Door open for Adebayor


Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas has ruled out the possibility of Emmanuel Adebayor joining QPR on loan.

Former Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has publically expressed an interest in bringing the Togo international to Loftus Road and apparently had an approach rejected.

Adebayor returned to training with the Tottenham first team yesterday after spending a fortnight with our development squad.

AVB is now looking for the striker to show his desire to force his way back into his plans at White Hart Lane. It seems it is now down to Ade to work hard after what has been a tough time following the death of his brother.

‘At the moment he’s come back into the team to train, which he hasn’t done since the Hong Kong trip, so at the moment we are monitoring how the player develops his fitness and challenges for his place in the team,’ AVB told reporters.

‘We’re not considering anything.’

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  1. I don't really want him, he let us down badly last year. If he had played all season as he did the last 2 games we would now be in the CL so he has cost us a fortune including his extortionate wages. However nobody wants him so do we just let him rot….well I would but then I am not paying his wages. So the choice is let's see how keen he really is and if he does show his true form then great but this I doubt very much….he had 1 good year at the scum, then transferred to shitty had a reasonable season there as he could not get a regular start, came to us on loan and did well. We then signed him but alas he was crap before his brother died. Conclusion…he won't make it…coys

    • Don't assume things like that brother, this lad ade is a gud player and was umplayable. at the moment, ADV knows that he really need ade's service to keep the actual form of the club, reason why he brings him back otherwise he will lose his lucrative job.

  2. Ade was very good with VDV playing under him. I see very little reason why he can't rediscover that form with Eriksen playing in the hole!

    • Do you mean for Ade to support the team and get behind the players? Or you want fans to get behind the guy who came back from the A N cup a week late? The same guy who didn't bother coming back for pre season training until he felt like it, or the guy who couldn't be bothered for 90% of last season? AVB has given him a full season to try, made excuses for Ade doing as he likes, when he likes. Then finally got sick of the idiot as we all have, and made him play with the youths.
      So now, after Wenger, Mancini and AVB have all tried and failed, you reckon he needs to be managed properly? What's your plan to do that exactly.

  3. I think he is at rock bottom, last season we didnt really make that many goals, if you had left bale out we would have been half way down the table, I think we should give adebyor some league cup and possibly a game we have already won or FA cup, and he mite just get back to what he was

  4. Guys, he did let us down last season. But his BROTHER just died. I’d like to see how many of us would be in the mood to work if that happened to us.

  5. His brothers death is a terrible thing to happen and yes it would ruin all of us who have siblings but that doesn’t excuse what has hone before. Ade is lazy, no two ways about it. When he has something to play for he’s a good player but when comfortable he wants to coast through the game. I think he’s worth another chance but it has to be laid out to him that it’s his last. Rip up his contract and put him on a 12 month deal. If he really wants to be at Spurs he’d take that and prove he’s worth another one in a year’s time.

  6. Get rid of him, tear up his contract, ship him out before he contaminates the rest of the squad.

    He has had to many chances already.

  7. Leave the boy alone because he is a spurs played & he have ave bad day okay we should let all of the striker played at spurs because the is apart of the team.


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