You’re the Boss: Pick your Tottenham team vs Swansea


Tottenham Hotspur travel to Wales on Sunday to take on Swansea City in a vital Premier League clash for both sides.

Our last trip to the Liberty Stadium was an enjoyable one, with stunning goals from Jan Vertonghen and Gareth Bale (sob) as we took all three points back east on the M4.

If you were in Tim Sherwood’s shoes, what starting eleven would you put out to face Michael Laudrup’s men?

Here’s what we have come up with:-


Walker Dawson Chiriches Rose

Lennon Dembele Eriksen Lamela

Adebayor Soldado

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    • Totally agree. I'd like to see Lamela give the chance to stretch a defence. Whilst I still think Soldado will come good, he can't keep his place after last week's disinterested performance.

  1. Someone to break down Swansea when they go forward ? Midfield is looking light, thankfully Swansea aren't great at taking their chances

  2. Lloris
    Walker Dawson Chiriches Rose
    Lennon Dembele Capoue Eriksen
    Adebayor Defoe

    As much as i love his enthuasiasm for the youth, Capoue will be important as Swansea arent a bad side and could cause some problems in the Liberty

  3. Rose ffs !!! god i would rather play with 10 men, oh we are when Rose is on the squad …. what a waste of space the lad is a real lemon, even my dead nan is better.

  4. Lloris GK

    Walker, Dawson, Chrichies, Rose

    Lennon, Dembele, Hotlby, Erisken

    Soldado, Lamela, or Chaldi (Lamela, or Chaldi to play off Adebayor if given the start)


    (Defoe is good for a second half sub, think it might be a good idea to bring Soladado off the bench, usually when a player sits on the bench they come back firing once they are top class)

  5. Lloris, walker chiriches, kaboul, fryers, Lennon, Dembele, Capoue , Townsend then Eriksen playing just behind Ade up front. If Townsend still not fit llamla on. The left and if Kaboul not fit then of course Dawson

  6. Lloris, Naughton, Daws, Chiriches, Rose,
    Lennon, Capoue, Eriksen, Townsend,
    Defoe, Ade

    Walker and Dembele were poor last week. Defoe was better than Soldado.

  7. Lloris
    Walker Dawson Chiriches Rose (not exactly full of option here)
    Holtby Bentaleb
    Lamela Eriksen (Narrow)
    Soldado (enough supply with the 2 AMC hopefully, or supply them. Ade not as impt in this setup)

  8. anyone but Dawson, Kaboul and Vert are supposed to be coming back and Capoue or Fryers would be better than Dawson. if Dawson is playing need 2 defensive midfielders so that midfield above is very light. surely Bentaleb deserves a start after his performances

  9. townsend, naughton and rose are just not good enough, squad players at best.

    walker(if fit)
    chadli(have no options, but don`t wanna play rose)
    capoue(bantalab has potential, but is NOT at the same level as capoue)
    ade(or soldado)(no use of playing defoe, he`s sold, thank god)

  10. Lloris (walker inj) Naughton Kabul or Vert if fit Chiriches Rose, Lennon Holtby Erickson Townsend.Ade and Soldado.
    Sorry Daws is past his best sell Capoue Lamela and Chadli.

  11. Please could you tell me when a tottenham player is injured he goes missing for weeks and weeks"do aliens operate on them and take their skills away " where is vertonghan sandro siggy Townsend and pauliniho " Lloris walker. Dawson. Chi riches Cyril knowles. Dembele bantalub Capoue erikason soldado with greaves feet Kane with linekers goals Sorry being silly but we have lots of players on par

  12. lloris walker kabs {if fit} chiri verts{if fit} lennon{playing well now} capoue{better than bentaleb and with paulo and sandro not fit} erikson{he must always play a spurs legend already} dembele or lamela{needs confidence will be a star imo} ade soldier

  13. Based on the team news: Walker is not injured, just played a shocker against Palace and was at Fault against Arsenal by trying to be a center back instead of marking his man (Cazorla). So he needs to take a step back and stop blaming his team mates. Danny Rose is great at going forward but looks frail in defence. With the news that Vertonghen could be back and so too Townsend we could look to reshape the team. Swansea are still a great passing side and dominate possession. For this reason we need more men in midfield and attack to keep the ball from them and out number them. People are too afraid to drop players for matches that require a tactical approach and fir Swansea I propose: 3- 1-4-2 with no fullbacks, Townsend and Lennon can do enough damage along the attacking flanks leaving the center backs to guard Lloris without venturing forward and being caught out (cough Walker). Having Capoue in a defensive midfield role will help us defend and control the midfield, allowing Dembele to feed the wingers and the attacking midfielder Eriksen. Adebeyor behind Soldado will hold the ball deeper in their half also feeding the wingers and Soldado( Defoe when he comes on). As for Subs, depending on how effective the situation at half time, I suggest Lamela for Eriksen, Defoe for Soldado and Chadli for Townsend.

    Gk Lloris (obviously)

    RCB Dawson
    CB. Vertonghen ( declared full fitness 4 days ago)
    LCB Chiriches

    CDM Capoue

    RM. Lennon
    CM. Dembele
    LM. Townsend. (Chadli)

    ACM Eriksen ( Lamela)

    CF. Adebeyor
    ST. Soldado. (Defoe )

  14. So Glad TS is manager, some of the team selections posted on here are very strange. Same team as last week. Changes at halftime or when needed. Team spirit is not built by making changes as soon as someone has a bad game. COYS


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