Buy or Sell: Latest Tottenham rumours of the week

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Dom Le Roy

Hello fellow Spurs fans! You know me from my match reports and my “4 Lessons” articles and I wanted to try something new. So every Wednesday, I will try to give you my opinions about the latest Tottenham Hotspur rumours. I am going to either buy the rumour or sell it depending on its possibility and legitimacy. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

1)     Buy: Louis Van Gaal

I am going to buy this one because firstly, there is a huge possibility that it would happen. Louis Van Gaal is out of job after the World Cup and even though he is 62 years old, he doesn’t want to retire just yet. Since there are no big clubs that are looking for a new manager, Louis Van Gaal best possible destination for a new challenge will be Tottenham Hotspur. “I have said before that a challenge should be a club in the Premier League,” Van Gaal said, per Dominic Fifield at the Guardian. “Maybe Tottenham are coming.”

This deal makes sense for both parties as Tottenham will most likely replace Sherwood at the end of the season. Louis Van Gaal is an experienced coach who will bring his highly touted resume to the club which Daniel Levy would not turn down. For Van Gaal, this could be his biggest challenge yet as he won trophies with Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern Munich but all of those clubs are arguably the biggest clubs in their respective countries and Tottenham isn’t. Premier League has 6 candidates for championship at the start of every year and the Dutch could prove his worth if he brings important silverware to the club.

2)     Sell: Erik Lamela

Inter Milan are preparing a summer transfer bid for Erik Lamela, hoping Tottenham Hotspur cut their losses with the Argentine international, according to Gazzetta dello Sport. But this is a sell from me because even though Levy made some financial decisions that benefitted the club’s balance, they did not help the team on the field. This player is considered as one of the most talented players in the world. He was compared to Lionel Messi when he was just 14 years old and after just one year, Tottenham are giving up on him?! It just doesn’t make sense. Lamela could potentially be a superstar and if Tottenham can get the right coach to polish this diamond in the rough, he could carry Spurs to the next level.

Inter Milan know his value and they are smart to go after him but Levy should stand firm and not give up on him. He is just 21 years old and he will be a great player when he reaches his prime. Tottenham needs to be patient.

3)     Sell: Patrick Bamford

Tottenham Hotspur are targeting Chelsea prospect Patrick Bamford, per Jamie Sanderson at the Metro. This has to be a sell from me because Tottenham already made some bad decision by buying young players who showed potential for a lot of money but they crumbled under pressure except for Gareth Bale and Luka Modric who are playing at Real Madrid right now. Patrick Bamford could be good but after spending so much time in lower leagues, he could easily be a bust and end his career in Championship or League 1. It is not a risk that Tottenham needs to take, and it is not a risk that makes sense in any way. Chelsea will not want to give up a player for a cheap price to their rivals in the first place so this rumour should not be taken seriously.

And there you have it. Those were the week’s latest rumours. See you on another edition of Buy or Sell next Wednesday.

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