Champions League, where Away is the new Home

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Mostly tosh, with a sprinkling of tish and fair amount of an anagram of that last, made up, noun.

It’s no surprise that a team shorn of Alderweireld, Dembélé (for most of the game), Rose, Kane and Lamela isn’t good enough to face Europe’s, ahem, finest, but the performance, more than the defeat, left so so much to be desired. Mistakes at the back, no composure in the middle and huge lashings of anonymity up front. We looked slow (Sissoko), bereft of confidence (Son) and desperate (Dele).

Time, I salute you. You’ve sucked not only the joy, but also the ability to defend, pass and shoot from so many in a white shirt who only wish you well.

An extraordinary transformation has taken place to the team that saw off Barcelona whupping Man City exactly a month ago and it’s not a pretty one. At that time, Son was a world beater, Alli a mercurial genius and Sissoko more diamond than rough. No more. Sunday’s visit to South London may well be a game best watched through fingers, behind the sofa, out the corner of the eye on a TV with the sound and brightness down.

Wembley, the concrete monstrous creation that is the FA’s Godforsaken, atmosphereless, beerless, homage to the folly of Ken Bates is due to do another job on us in December and then probably another 19 times in 17/18. I hope it disappears into a sinkhole before then.


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  1. We're reaping what we sowed in the summer,.. The buying went downhill forom Wanyama onwards,. Yes, Wembley is not our home and is a bigger pitch (this is a fair reason for not feeling at home or at your best, due to the size of the pitch and terrible atmosphere) but the performance was terrible,… The back 4 along with both Wanyama and Dembele didn't want the ball enough, (scared) when they did get it they took too many touches to beat the bayer pressing game (poor ability/complacent/no confidence) …

    Very ugly stuff… Sissoko isn't worth 30 pence, Eriksen was like a 14 yr old playing for a man Sunday team & Jannsen is just not good enough :/

    Good job we spent 2 and a half months fucking about to sign a 3rd choice goalie, 2 shit wingers and an inadequate striker (bearing in mind we needed 2, as well as another midfielder to compete with Eriksen) it's gonna be a loooong disappointing season,..

  2. One of the problems in having a very young talented highly paid team is that when they're up they're flying but when they're down they stay down longer as they have no real experience of what's needed to dig them out of the hole so they just keep doing what they've always done.They need some old heads in there who have been there,seen it all and bought the T shirt – they know how to roll those sleeves up and dig you out of that hole ! Leadership eh? Poch & Mr Levy take note.


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