Chicarito: The missing piece?


Could Javier Hernandez be the missing piece from this Spurs team? Hernandez’s ability to score almost at will is something I think we desperately need, our inability to score goals in the Premier League has or will take its toll on its players, you can’t win without scoring goals. Simple as that.

If you put Hernandez and Soldado up the front I believe the could be a deadly combination, with both of them having excellent ability to find free space and openings in the area, they could play up front next to each other and run opposition defenses ragged. With Paulinho and Dembele feeding them and Lamela and Townsend out wide pushing themselves forward (In a 4-4-2 formation) we could tear teams apart.

The other great thing about Hernandez is how good he is off the bench, In my opinion he would come to Tottenham with the idea of more first team football, yet even having him on the bench in a draw during the Europa League Semi final could prove to be the decisive move we need to take the win. Hernandez has my backing more than 100% as I have watched a lot of him over the years I honestly cant express how much respect I have for the player and his ability.

Finally, Linking Hernandez up with Eriksen and playing him alone up front could also work, as I said above Hernandez has the same ability as Soldado to run defenses around with his ability to find space. Hernandez is the same, he will cause maybe even more headaches for our opponents and linking him up with our young playmaker could be another option for AVB to deploy. Across the board I approve this transfer and beg for it to go through, I honestly believe Hernandez touches off a very good squad already.

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