Collymore suggests Liverpool need to raid Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It is transfer window time, silly season if you will, and thus former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore has got in on the madness and has urged his former club to sign Tottenham trio Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld.

We kid you not.!!! The Reds’ season ended in heartbreak on Saturday night as they fell at the final hurdle and succumbed to a 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid in Kiev in the Champions League final.

Jürgen Klöpp’s men started on top but their attacking threat came crashing down after Mohamed Salah was forced off injured after just half an hour following an awkward clash with Sergio Ramos.

Former pro turned radio presenter Collymore pointed to a lack of strength in depth and wants Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group to back Klopp in the transfer market with an audacious triple swoop.

Writing in his column for the Daily Mirror Collymore said: “For all of their promise in the second half of this season, Liverpool do not have the strength in depth of their two great rivals.If the Reds are to close the gap, they need genuine A-listers as back-up. And I believe now is the time to strike.

He added: “By reaching two European finals in three seasons, Klopp has shown he can manage. And now FSG have to demonstrate their commitment too by using the £75m-plus generated by this run and back their man in the transfer market.I am not talking about signing the likes of Andy Robertson – as good as he has been.

He went on to say: “I am talking about wandering into White Hart Lane, plonking £150m on the table in front of Daniel Levy and saying: ‘I’ll give you that for Christian Eriksen, Toby Alderweireld and Dele Alli.I would still like the owners to give the green light for three or four marquee signings.”

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  1. Collymore, you are one big plonker. Liverpool will not get one Tottenham player let alone three. Carry on dreaming.

  2. Collymore is such a delusional idiot & you shouldn’t carry his ridiculous statements!! Why on earth would any of our players go to the bin dippers!!

  3. Does Stan think that Liverpool have the money to buy them 3 players or that he thinks Tottenham are a selling club and to Liverpool who let’s be honest would be a step backwards for them. We have landed higher then them for the last 3-4 seasons ??? Stan stick to beating up women and watch this space We are here to stay ??

  4. Collymore was an average player, a pathetic human being (beating up wemon) and an idiot pundit. Just creep back into your hole!

  5. Why would the Tottenham players want to play for Liverpool? Tottenham are going places Liverpool as got to be one of the worst places on earth to live. COYS

  6. Very odd remarks from our Stanley. Maybe he didn’t make them, or if he did, they were taken
    out of context. Who knows? If he DID suggest that Liverpool raid Tottenham and carry off 3
    world class players for just £150m, then he must have been either drunk or hopelessly deluded.
    And WHO, from Liverpool, would be brave enough anyway to ‘wander’ into Levy’s office and
    ‘plonk’ £150m on the table for 3 KEY players?? Because Levy would have his security staff throw them, and their suitcases full of cash, straight out into the side alley where the dustbins are.

  7. Why would any of our players want to move to a lesser club – not as if they have won anything this year and are always behind us in the league since we had Poch. I would suggest Liverpool look for a goalkeeper first. As for the price look at the combined valuations which are in excess of 350M quid! Collymore lives in a former age. Poor lad.

  8. Has be had a nervous breakdown??

    Wtf is he thinking saying it ?
    Ur looking at that for Dele you silly sack of shit

  9. OK Collymore here are three Spurs players who would improve Liverpool and you can have them cheapish
    Sissoko £50 mill
    Janssen £35 mill
    Aurier £50 mill
    That leaves you £15 million for a Goalkeeper but none of ours are available can I suggest Joe Hart he is so desperate he would even agree to live in Liverpool.

    Or else you can spend the residue on a piss up I believe Liverpool is a good place for a drunken party and a little wife beating which you Colly are familiar with I believe.

    Or else you can spend the residue on a piss up I believe Liverpool is a good place for a drunken party and a little wife beating which you Colly are familier with I believe.

  10. What world does this intergalactic mong live in? Last time I checked we were asking 75m for Alderweireld and Eriksen and Alli we’re both valued at over 100m. Plus the fact Liverpool haven’t finished above Spurs since goodness knows when?! Jog on you half-wit.

  11. £150 mil won’t even land you Alli, let alone 3. Why would Levy sell our main assets to our direct rivals? Levy may love money but he’s not stupid. Even if you offer double, the chance is we’ll be better off keeping them and winning something than selling and finish mediocrely.

  12. Why do these people always say Spurs. Go to Chelsea for Hazard, fannygas & Cahill. Or City for De Bruyne, Silva & Company.

  13. It was so difficult for studio guest or phone-callers to get a word in sideways on his radio show years ago as Collymore would go ranting and raving about things unremarkable and important alike for several minutes at a time. A listener had to sit back and listen to it as comedy as this earnest egomaniac held forth. Now with a printed column it seems nobody at all can question him. He lacks judgement, as this daft suggestion of his shows so well.


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