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Dele Alli should have been sent off against Manchester City on Saturday after trying to hurt Kevin De Bruyne, says former Premier League referee Graham Poll.

The youngster was booked for a vicious tackle on Manchester City star De Bruyne in the second half of our 4-1 defeat.It was one of a number of strong challenges in the game, with six players being booked in total.

However Poll says Alli’s was the worst of the lot and believes referee Craig Pawson got the decision wrong.
“This is the one that I think is the worst one of all,” Poll said on BT Sport.Dele Alli goes over the top of the ball and he catches him.

Poll added: “There’s some wait going through that challenge as well and I think he’s meaning to hurt him. I think Craig Pawson is checking their with the fourth official and he’s not sure so he goes for a yellow.But that one is the one of any that is definitely a red card.”

The article says striker Harry Kane also got booked for a tackle on Raheem Sterling with Poll saying Kane could have been sent off however he admits it lacked the intensity shown by Alli in his challenge.

“I’m looking at intensity and on another day the Kane one could have been a red card,”:Poll said.
“When you look at the challenge I just don’t see the intensity in it.
“It’s more of a dangled foot, he’s not driving through with force. But, on another day, it could easily have been a red card.”

So do we agree with Poll’s estimation, is Dele a lucky boy not to be staring a 3 game ban, another for violent conduct. Maybe he fancied Christmas off. Let us know your thoughts

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  1. Was Pawson taking a leaf out of Clattenbergs book. Funny how it was the same team, Spurs who got away with trying to hurt opposition players on both occasions. I hope the FA look at the replays & demote the clown

    • It’s funny how you (taking after the media) want to only focus on what Spurs players did in the second part of both these games – and not what their opponents of did, and got away with.

      Chelsea, for a start, having to play both Spurs and Leicester, were mouthing off for weeks before the game, that they would do “anything” to stop Spurs winning the title. And the footballing authorities in this country allowed them to do it! They started the game throwing themselves into challenges like they would be happy to end careers to achieve their goal. John Terry, Fabregas and Willian could all have seen red for violent conduct. Fabregas was constantly verbally abusing, both Spurs players and staff. When you add that the Chelsea players had clearly intimated that they would go so far as to throw their game against Leicester and that Clattenburg offered the Spurs players zero protection to begin with, is it any surprise that the young Spurs players reacted? Hell, even the Dembele “eye gouge” (that wasn’t an eye gouge at all) was very clearly in reaction to Costa grabbing and then twisting a large portion of his back – but neither the media nor the FA deemed that worthy of mention. If Clattenburg had done his job properly in the first half maybe the Spurs players wouldn’t have reacted as they wouldn’t have had so much to react to. It’s funny, Chelsea had been doing that – systematically committing niggly fouls, bullying, goading and outright violence and verbal abuse – to Spurs, and other clubs, for years. That is probably why there were tweets during the game, like the one by the Liverpool fan saying Spurs were only doing to Chelsea what everyone else had wanted their teams to do to them for years. But let’s just ignore all that because the media had (and obviously still has) an agenda were Tottenham are concerned. In this instance it was the implosion narrative, and not the cause of the implosion narrative.

      As for the City game, the Kane challenge was obviously just mistimed and the contact not severe, but the Dele one was poor. The problem is, again, that there is no discussion of anything that the City players did or got away with. De Bruyne, for instance, after a nothing of a tackle, sat in the centre circle waving an imaginary card. We were told that this was going to be treated as dissent and an automatic yellow. Why wasn’t he punished? A couple of minutes later he clearly fouled Vertonghen (I think) by the touchline, but when the free-kick was given against him he clearly abused the Assistan. Again , we were told that this was dissent and would be cracked down on with automatic yellow cards. Why was de Bruyne not penalised for? That is two yellow cards he should have had for dissent – by rights he should have been off. Right from the off, City players were surrounding the Spurs player on the ball and pushing, pulling and diving into tackles with impunity. But whenever the Spurs players did the same it was penalised! Otamendi toe-punted Kane in the face – and at a height where players are often red-carded even without making contact. But, apparently, that was only worthy of a yellow – and neither Mr Passive/Aggressive Guardiola nor the media want to talk about this! Now, unlike the Chelsea game, I’m not going to claim that Dele’s poor, poor challenge was as a result of death Bruyne being treated leniently over dissent – it was dirty, and sadly he does seem to have that in him, and I won’t stoop to the blind bias of the media. But there is a very clear agenda – City could have had two players sent off, one for violent conduct, long before the Kane and Dele incidents. But, following the lead of Guardiola (now there’s a surprise) no-one wants to talk about them!

      What I find funny (but not in a good way) is how any can do anything to the Spurs players with impunity – and the media reaction is to laugh at Spurs for having a soft centre and no fight. But if the Spurs players do react, usually because, y’know like, they have something to react to, there is this big trial by media ignoring what they are reacting to, focusing on the reaction, and treating them like the dirtiest team to ever play football. It is pathetic and agenda driven!

      • No no no..
        Agreed to what your saying, there's no talk about why spurs players react. But hey when you speak what is on your mind some people don't want to hear it. Then claim your being harsh!!!!
        BOLLOCKS.. we all have an opinion.
        The media in general are shit stirrers and they print and say what they want, knowing to well most people are like sheep ? and belive what is stated. They have their favourites. Listen to talksport and a REAL SHIT STARTER is JIM WHITE…..
        Then you have that cundy dick… Never impartial always Chelsea Chelsea.

    • I think your statement “got away with trying to hurt opposition players” is extremely harsh – I do believe that very few players intentionally hurt opposition players!

  2. Dele Alli shouldn’t have been playing in the first place. Apart from Sissoko, he has been our poorest player all season.

    He doesn’t deserve to get into the team, ahead of Son and Lamela. I would even play Llorente instead of him.

    He should have been sent off for that horrible challenge.


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