Son’s turn to shine?

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And it was all going so well.

And it still is of course, however if Erik Lamela’s poke towards goal after half time had gone a few inches to the left on Monday and the neurons bursting in Dele Alli’s head hadn’t exploded into a message that said “deliver weak punch to solar plexus”, things would be a tad better.

Here comes the…

We have to wait until Monday evening before we get the opportunity to discover how Poch will cover for Alli but I suspect Son will come in as a like-for-I-wish-he-was-like swap. The thing we’ll miss most about Alli are his goals and whilst we haven’t seen the best of Son as yet, his goal scoring record in the Bundesliga was no doubt one of the reasons we paid such good money for him thus the last three games of this season would be a good time for him to show some of that quality near goal. An excellent time in fact.  I’m backing Son with betway casino to be our top scorer next season.

Skunk Aguero? Tomas Rostinky?

By kick off, we may notice something malodorous in the air as there’s a better than even chance that our pursuers may be within sniffing distance. Both Citeh and Woolwich have winnable games to play before we even dig out our boots from under the stairs. But that’s what happens when you’re in front and Sky decide that you’re the weekend menu’s equivalent of cheese and biscuits week after week.

Get aht a my club!

Chelsea have had a funny old season. For the first few months off the pitch they were such a soap opera they might as well have been managed by Babs Windsor whilst on it their performances suggested that they probably were. Things settled down and they moved out of the relegation quagmire once Babs was shown the door but their long unbeaten run came to end a couple of weeks ago at Swansea and what with Aguero helping himself a week later, qualification for even the humble (in their eyes) Europa League seems out of the question.


They lie 9th and are likely to stay there given that Southampton are 7 points clear of them in 8th. They’ve lost 5 and won only 5 of their 17 homes games thus far this campaign, a shocking record for a side normally so imperious on their own patch.

Another record in Poch’s sights?

Their side still boasts names that make you hesitate about being too confident with any prediction (especially given our astonishingly abysmal record in this fixture) but they’ve clearly not been performing as a team and what with motivation lacking….. well, we’ll see.

Twattenburg is down to referee. Arse.


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