Dembele Looking To Improve

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29 year old midfield sensation Mousa Dembele has suggested he is still aiming to improve his form ahead of the new season next month.

Among the Spurs faithful, Mousa Dembele might just be regarded as one of the most popular and talented assets of the current first-team.

His ability to boss the midfield is masterful and Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino reflected the fans’ outlook on the Belgian international in April following another world-class performance from Dembele.

In his post-match interview, the Argentine said of Dembele:

“You all know my feelings – he’s a genius.”

“Mousa is capable of everything. He’s one of the most talented players in the world.”

In response to these comments and as well as a plethora of compliments from pundits and fans alike, Dembele remained uncommonly modest, replying with:

“That’s a big compliment.”

“People around me are very important. In this Club, players, the people who work here, it’s an important factor as well to have that healthy environment. I’m happy here in that environment. That’s good for me.”

Now approaching two major milestones, Dembele will soon become an esteemed member of Tottenham’s 200 club, as the Belgian is currently sitting on 197 appearances for Spurs.

In addition to this, Mousa Dembele’s 30th birthday is tomorrow and the nearly 30 year old talked about the coming season during an interview posted on Tottenham’s official club website. He said:

“It’s my birthday soon, I’m 30 and I feel good.”

“Last season I felt good and it was a great season. Now I want to improve my performances – we all do – and hopefully the team will improve as well.”

Following the conclusion of the previous Premier League season, Dembele underwent surgery on his foot and has subsequently worked tirelessly throughout the Summer to return to full fitness.

Over the last two years Dembele has blossomed into one of the Premier League’s, if not the world’s, best midfielders, but the 29 year old footballing machine refused to rest on his laurels.

“It’s a new season and you want to challenge yourself,” He added. “so for me, the last two seasons have been good, but I want to want to improve in certain areas, maybe scoring more goals.”

“To do that you have to believe in yourself and work hard. That’s not difficult in this team because you only have players who want to work hard. It’s just a matter of following what everyone does and hopefully I’ll get there.”

“What’s really important though isn’t me. All that really matters is that the team wins.”

For me, Dembele perfectly resembles what our team’s all about. A constant desire to be better and better. I’m a massive fan of Mousa Dembele and he might just be our most important player ahead of Hugo, Harry and Dele.

But that’s just my opinion, what do you think?

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