Has he Ad his day or is the best to come?


One topic that is on the tight and defensive lips of anxious Spurs fans is the striker situation. Will Soldado come good after his tidy finish at Villa? Will Defoe break into first team action in the Premier League and hit form? And one question that also remains unanswered is how will Emmanuel Adebayor return?

We all cannot deny that Adebayor was a great striker in his prime days at Arsenal, Manchester City, Real Madrid and even in his first season at White Hart Lane under Harry Redknapp but is this the Adebayor we are going to see grace White Hart Lane this season alongside a great threat of attacking options?

Or, in fact, will we see the Emmanuel Adebayor of last season who was lazy, sloppy and, quite frankly, poor which saw him scoring only 5 in 25 appearances for the Lilywhites. Last season the majority of him we saw was poor however the last 5 games of the season, mainly the games vs Chelsea and Stoke, he really demonstrated the potential he has and hopefully he can continue with that for this season and give Andre Villas-Boas even more to think about for his attacking options

So what do we think? Will we see the best or worst of Emmanuel Adebayor upon his return for Tottenham Hotspur?

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