A frank and honest interview from Tim Sherwood

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tim Sherwood rightly tore a strip off his Tottenham Hotspur players following the embarrasing 4-0 defeat at Chelsea.

In a frank and honest post-match interview, Sherwood cited the fact that his squad lacks ‘characters’ and cannot continue to come short against the top teams if we have any hope of playing in the Champions League.

Many Tottenham fans raised their eyebrows when they saw Sherwood’s team selection but in fairness we did well for the first 45 minutes.

“We aren’t going to finish top-four if you can’t beat the top teams. It ain’t going to happen, you’re miles away unless you beat the top teams,” he told Sky Sports after the loss at Stamford Bridge.

“You have to pick up some points. All right, we beat [Man] United and Everton around us, but you can’t rely on rolling over the smaller sides – it does not work out like that. We did all right in patches, but there are too many blips – you are talking about fourth, people at the club, but wake up.”

He said: “The first goal, anyone can slip and it is a bad error, the second one – the penalty and sending-off – it has gone against us unfortunately and the game has gone after that but it still doesn’t legislate for the capitulation. You can’t have that.”

Asked what he put the “capitulation” down to, he answered: “Lack of characters.

“Too many of them are too nice to each other. You need to show a bit more gut and not want to be someone’s mate all the time and it can’t always be me having a pop – they have to drag it out of each other. It hurts me.

“I’m not going to forget this by the time we hit the motorway. Some might – but on to the next match. That is the nature of the game.”

He insists that despite the penalty that should not have been given, the Spurs fans deserved more from what they were given.

“It is not a penalty, and then it is not a sending-off,” added Sherwood, “but the game has gone after that.

“We have a game Thursday in the Europa League (v Benfica) and we have to get out there and show a performance. We owe it to the fans – they were fantastic for us today – but we let them down again on the big occasion.”

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  1. A disgrace poor team selection no guts no guile players with no backbone it can happen once but not five times in one season.
    God we are clueless not only on the field but also in the boardroom I am going to watch the kids in the park next week at least they care

    • Can’t blame Sherwood for team selection it’s purely down to the players they could not care less and us fans are getting mugged off by the board and the players .
      I thought TS was refreshingly honest frank in post match interview and was visibly very upset unlike that shower of shit who were wearing our beloved Spurs shirt they are a complete and utter disgrace .
      I for one will now give up on my season ticket as I’m fed up with being mugged off its time to use stub hub again which is another bloody monster in itself !!

      • Can't blame #Deadwood? So why did he pick Sigg n his love child Bentaleb? Why play Verts out of position n Walker RM? He struggles at RB and that's his real position!! Yes the players are to blame but TS you've shown consistently you're not ready for a job like Spurs!!

        • Why play Verts out of position? Because Rose is injured and Fryers is poor. Why Siggy? Eriksen is injured. Why Bentaleb? Because he was our best passer.

          • I disagree with the Siggy thing. I mean, OK, Eriksen is injured, but why on earth he decided to play Siggy out of position and put him on the left wing while there were two left wingers (Townsend, Chadli) on the bench? They are fast and can dribble which Siggy can not. I will never understand Tottenham's managers' love for Siggy – AVB and Sherwood played him almost every time when he was fit and every time he was poor!

      • Agree that you can't really blame Sherwood for the result due to team selection… I was at the game and although we rode our luck a little, but mostly stifled them and had a few good chances on the counter. The longer that game had stayed 0-0 the more it seemed spurs were going to take something from the game, then a silly mistake by Verts handing them a goal… Have to see the penalty again, but being down to 10 ended the game… but up to that point we were really in the game.. 2 goals in the last 2 mins against 10 men really flattered them. They weren't great today and we weren't awful. Just a number of avoidable errors that really cost us.

  2. Geoff mate what team would you have picked ?? and in my view with the attitude of most of those pkayers iit would not of made a blind bit of difference to the result !! so there us NO WAY !! you can blame the manager it's the bloody pkayers mate who are mugging you off and if you know anything about what goes on behind the club re training attitude that determines the set up of the team .its nothing to do with bloody manager !!!

    • Sherwood just needs to adopt a round pegs in round holes managerial style!!! My team for today would have been.. Lloris.. Walker.. Verts… Kaboul.. Fryers.. DM.. Sandro n Paulinho… AM.. Lennon.. Chadli.. Townsend… CF.. Adebayor. Everyone here KNOWS there jobs and there's no confusion. You're asking Lennon to play behind the no.10 role away to Chelsea n Walker in midfield? This is not FIFA mate!! Yes we have too many average players but don't complicate things!! FFS

      • Fryers are you kidding me. He couldn’t be worse, we would have definitely been hammered with him.

        What are you all talking about? Sherwood had us competing against a side much better than us until Vertonghen tried a turn under pressure that BAE would have been proud of. Levy is nuts if he thinks any manager could get this team into the top 4.

  3. change the manager bollocks we dont have the stadium or the cash to chalenge the likes of chelsea or city we got left behind years ago were no better than everton

  4. Spot on Ringo nothing to do with the manager and all the bollocks about the buck stops here what crap indeed it's down to the board and levy that's where the buck stops and all this talk about he should play here and Tim Sherwood's love child utter bollocks it's all about attitude and character bollocks to formation it's a bloody simple game end of

  5. People are saying you can't blame the manager, but yet he's the one picking the team and the position they play. He sticks players out of position, he picks players constantly who I can't remember when they last had a good game and leaves players out who constantly play well (or nearly always). Yes, you also have to look at the players themselves. Chelsea scored 4 today, how many of them did we hand them on a plate? Oh look, all 4, although in my book Kaboul was very unlucky to be given a red.
    Look at the way we are playing. We have lots of possession but it's all around the middle of the pitch. We ain't gonna score a goal doing that and the multiple back passes instead of going forward.
    End of the day it's half the managers fault and half the players.

  6. Stop bickering!! The facts are the same as the whole season has been, basically we haven’t had a formation or plan a or b that is any good, avb was on a different planet, and Sherwood is naive and just…he’s just generally poor and well out of his depth. Levy to blame, and Lewis….yes they are, but that’s a much deeper issue. We aren’t a top four team, and never have been….we’ve just been a little better than the other 15/16 teams in the league over the past years. Sorry but that’s what it is, unless the club is sold to a multi billionaire then every season will mean at best finishing somewhere between 5th and 9th…..I gave up on spurs many months ago

  7. Sherwood picked a strong and forceful team that shrugged off a nervous start to look composed and in the control until half time.
    Vertongen's ridiculous error completely changed the game. We lost our composure and they sensed it immediately.
    The 'Penalty' was a ridiculous decision, just like the Man City game we were down to 10 men and 2 goals down through incompetent officiating.
    Then we wilted pathetically, there is no depth to our shallowness!
    We are a joke! A weak miserable excuse for a club. We make all the right noises, New Stadium, ambition, money to spend, talk talk talk.
    The only one I don't blame is Sherwood, at least he had the guts to pick his own team and say what was on his mind afterwards.

  8. Lack of character bollocks , the case of the carpenter blaming his tools, we have seen avb do playing playing out of position and we see it frm tim,bentaleb omw yes he seen a lot of ball but poor of position , he is no modric ,on the counter we pass the ball back, wtf goes on in training ?? Lennon behind the ade , jst we did well in first 45 but we could have done beta if the selection was beta , bring on van gaal, tried and tested mnge , hopefully he come with new and improved training methods.I’m done watching tim frustration delux, levy please with van gaal its stays on the pitch and the manager should majority control with players in terms of who gets bawt or sold. Farewell my beloved spurs till next season iz when we meet again.

  9. We are all hurt and understandably so, the fact is we simply are not good enough against the top teams, our defence especially so. TS is right to have a pop at the players for showing a lack of guts – they don't show enough fight and there are no leaders out there. You can't simply blame the manager all the time, did he make the awful decisions to gift Chelski three of their goals?

  10. 26 million pound striker on the bench. Clearly he doesn't rate Townsend. What shite this bloke talks about. Seriously, if you want to beat a team at the top of the league you have to pick a better team than that. Bentaleb & siggy.. Not good enough, the back 4 is ever changing! We're fucking pony, shit manager to go with it

    • You mean you would have started Soldado? Instead of who? Ade? I don't think so, he's our best player ATM. Instead of one of midfielders? That would have seen us outnumbered in midfield. Soldado had to be benched and we had to play 5 man midfield, but god damn I will never understand Sherwood persistance to play players out of their positions. Lennon as no. 10? Walker as a winger/holding midfileder? Siggy on the wing? Verts on left back? Some time ago Dembele on the wing? Paulinho as no. 10? It's not FIFA. It's not going to happen.

  11. can't expect consistency from players if there's constant upheavel at the club. how many managers, coaches, backroom staff etc have we had over the last 10 stretch? how many key players have come and gone?

  12. Yet again such hope for a new season. Levy and his boss take a chance on a bargain? AVB who survives last season thanks to Bale and then continues to dismiss any player that does not fall into line. We let Caulker go, although not the greatest Centre half and loan out Benni. From that point on we have never had a stable defence and have played almost anyone as left back who can lace up their boots.
    Yet again we are hit with injuries to key players, but why do we always have a manager who insist on playing players out of position ?
    Tim had the option of bringing back Benni from loan in January, but did not see it as an option, despite struggling to fill that void all season. Continuing to play such a high line, with defenders who lack pace and awareness, seems shear folly and evidence that its not working can be seen from the many goals we concede.
    Yesterday we held on for 50 mins or so, but it was just that, there was no tempo and very little threat.
    I could go on about our problems, however having been watching Spurs for 50 years, we rarely win consistently, but now we don't seem to be able to entertain. Balance sheet good, football shite.

  13. What a lot of crap most of you sprout. Sherwood's selection was wrong, it's down to ENIC etc etc. Bollocks, Sherwood got it absolutely right, apart from the first few minutes, we had Chelsea in our back pockets, they never looked like scoring. Sherwood picked a team to not get beaten and one that might nick one from a set piece. He selected a team from those that were available. Had we gone toe to toe with Chelsea we would have been spanked, which ultimately we were, but not because of how Sherwood picked and set up the side. He put in grafters to nullify the space. Smart move to push Walker up into midfield, it meant the Kyle's could double up on Hazard, which they did and he had a quiet 1st half. Fryer's was not 100% fit, didn't play for the under 21's midweek thus Vertongen playing there. He came on because we had no other option after Dawson was injured. Trying Lennon in the hole wasn't a bad idea, as he's lively defensively and would drop back into midfield when we didn't have the ball. Gylfi on the left, because he offers more defensively than either Chadli or the waste of space that is Townsend. Also good for a goal. How can the manager legislate for the Keystone Cops defending and the cheating prick Etoo, who from the first minute set out his stool, rolling around feigning injury. What's worse is the ref bought it. FIFA have played into the hands of the cheats by making football a non contact sport. When pundits comment that the defender touched his shoulder, there was contact therefore a penalty, you know football is dead as a fair spectacle. Sherwood on this occasion was not at fault. All those in the past who complained that tactically he's naive, should give him credit for setting the team up to combat the team we were playing, sadly he was let down by individual errors by three international's and an incompetent ref.

    • Agree with you 100%. The manager can not account for the vert assist or the cheat diving. If that was a fair red card, I'll eat my pants! They should use that and the man city penalty as training for refs, how to f a game up.

  14. What a bunch of s##t. Tim is the genius when Spurs win, but takes no responsibility when they lose. As for gutless, the starting XI that Tim picked was all but admitting defeat. Did anyone think that we had any chance of winning after the starting XI was announced yesterday? Tim picked that team hoping for a 0-0 tie; not to win, and then rips the team as gutless. Lets look at the facts before we blame all the players and give Tim a pass on his tactics and team selection ability.

    Fact: We lost to the team with the best record in the BPL and the best record at home. Did we think we were going to beat Chelsea at home yesterday?

    Fact: We are not MU with a history of winning titles every year. Spur fans have unrealistic expectations if they think we should be at the top of the league. Fifth place is still a very respectable position. Most teams would kill for fifth.

    Fact: Tim did not start one of our summer transfers yesterday. Now ask yourself why? Is Tim using team selection to make a point.

    Fact: Tim played Lennon behind Ade, Walker as a midfielder, Siggy as a midfielder (who hasn’t been on the field in a month), Vert at left back, Naughton at right back, and Sandro and golden boy at DM. Did he try to play as many players out of there normal position as possible? If you put Messi as center back, I’m sure he would be rubbish. Is that the players fault or the genius that put him there?

    Fact: We have excellent players that need a Manager that can put players in position to be successful. That is the managers job. Evaluate talent and put them where they are going to be the most beneficial in a team. Tim doesn’t have a clue.

  15. Let's play five at the back who can all pump the ball up into the area, and then the five at the front all dive as it comes into the area, see how many penalties we can get and get Bobby to slot them home (he's very good at penalties). What is the game coming to?

  16. As a club,our football philosophy is wrong. We have become accustomed to mediocrity, a group with little mental stamina if any. We are no where near being a top 4 side side until we fully address issues around the board, player and staff composition in line with our ambitions/objectives as the club.
    Its no use in dreaming when the right building blocks to help you achieve your dream are not in place.


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