Growing pains


This is our year. And we all know it. Let’s face it, a year ago we had a tiny fraction of the class we have now. The days of William Gallas being, well, William Gallas are over, Tom Huddlestone and all of his lethargic afro-wearing is gone, and JD and Ade aren’t playing a game of hide and seek on the pitch any longer. Whether you enjoyed the absolute reliance on Gareth and watching “Bale out” football week after week is unrelated. Because for even all of his pure majesty on the pitch, we came up short. Again. This new side looks magnificent, but they are exactly that. New. Growing pains are always going to happen, and quite frankly we’ve largely avoided them up to this point. Each of our new signings has shown glimpses, if not more, of the reasons why we bought them. Eriksen has shown brilliance linking up with Gylfi, Soldado’s movement is clever and witty, and Lamela on the ball is a downright sexy prospect. Not to mention Andros and Danny really flying out of the gates. So why is our home defeat to West Ham so concerning? The answer is that it shouldn’t be.

For all of the criticism that this West Ham travesty has caused, we must not take it out of proportion. The scoreline does inspire the sense of a proper shlacking, fine, but anyone who watched the match would say 1-0 would’ve been a more fair result. Hell, we could’ve even won the game had JD been able to be finish his chance at the start of the 2nd half. At some point during the year, we were bound to lose a game we shouldn’t have. Arsenal has already done it to Villa, United has done it against West Brom, and City has done it against Cardiff. Lets not forget how last year we took 1 point from a possible 6 against Wigan.

A relegated team beat us at home 1-0 and we still ended up with a record point total. If this West Ham game has anything to show it’s that we missed Danny and his crucial work ethic and width on the left, Soldado should’ve started, and most of all, that the way we played against a brutally compact Hammers side is not even close to our potential. AVB could’ve maybe spruced the game up by bringing on Lamela, Holtby, or Soldado earlier, but after unluckily falling 1-0 down, it was never going to be easy to get a result facing a side that deployed essentially a 4-6-0. But even after our loss it still comes naturally to say I like this team. In fact, I’m head over heels in love with this team, and I’d be mighty surprised if you weren’t. Our depth is probably the best in the league and we finally have quality in every position, especially the manager.

Slip ups happen, and if this year has shown us anything in its first 7 games, its that the race for Champions League qualification is going to be tight. But despair we should not, because this year is going to be different. Tottenham look through and through a classy contender, brimming with talent and young potential. But challenging for trophies doesn’t happen overnight. And that’s where we come in, as Spurs supporters. To get behind our lads through the inevitable growing pains they must face and to cheer them onto greatness, the greatness we all know they’re capable of. COYS

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  1. not really true any of this, spurs fans became like the scum ones in that they needed whipping boys, i saw gallas put in some great displays especially at san siro v milan, ade had a prob it was cvalled avb and the way he expected him to play. Soldado has more or less the same goal tally as Ade . AVB will be gone before the end of the season. A nice make up does not make a great manager

  2. The worry is that: the first half vs Chelsea was as great and the first half vs West Ham was terrible. A week apart, and such a contrast. Off days happen, but this was not an off day. We had no need to change a line up that dominated Chelsea for a half…yet we changed it. If we had kept the same team, and the same thing happened, then ok… But now we will never know. Then at half time, we had an opportunity to be proactive, but we kept it the same, and it got worse – barring a great chance for Defoe. Fine lines. The most disappointing thing was that we had no answer for West Ham's tactics, and others may follow suit. We still are not utilising Holtby – who seems to have more untapped enthusiasm than any of our attacking players. Chadli and Lamela still are unknown quantities… Soldado still needs to bed in, and he should keep starting until he does. Defoe can come on as sub. Lots of work to do.

    • The only change we made from the Chelsea first half to the West Ham game was Soldado for Defoe! Which could be argued was justified at the time and considering Soldado had no service in the Chelsea game, we effectively did have the same team out. We changed near enough nothing for that game, so therefore was an off day.

      • Were you there? I was. It was NOT an off day. We were beaten tactically. Defoe needs different service from Soldado, so it was bigger that just a solitary change. Move Defoe in, and he needs other changes that come with him. Defoe had the fewest touches out of all players. The tactics did not work. We did not have any answer to West Ham's tactics… This is why it is not an off day for me. If Stoke come here and try the same, we will struggle to score. Soldado had no service vs Chelsea? Barring the goal that Soldado assisted perhaps?

  3. This is a long take on the game. The result is in one word – disastrous!
    The lead-up to the game and final result reminds me so much of the home game v Fulham match last year. A not quite meaningless match followed by a very poor performance in an important game.

    To assess our very poor result must include the understanding that we flogged the team through that shi**y looking pitch in Russia and then played most of the same players 3 days later. Was the WHU mob under estimated? I think so! Otherwise both matches would have been handled much differently,

    On the question of individual performances, which I have asked myself, most blame sits squarely with the management and selection of EL and EPL teams.

    • What a load of rubbish! Paulinho and Verthongen, two of the worst performers in the West Ham game didn't even travel for the Europa game! And a good majority of the team were rested!

  4. Jim. What a load of rubbish. Vertonghen. And Paulinho didn’t travel and were terrible. Naughton, Townsend didn’t play. Dawson, eriksen, Sigurdsson played 20 mins. Lloris wouldn’t need a rest so only three players played on the Thursday. Look at the facts before you post rubbish.


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