Hard Grounds


Our next game away to Everton is one that promises to be an exciting clash between two very astute teams. Everton on the road many times fail to flatter but the same cannot be said when they play at home, especially against the more elite teams in the division.

Now based on Spurs’ last two games against Hull City, the Lilywhites were not as convincing as they should have been and logic would say, if you struggled against a less established team like Hull, then what will you do against a strong Everton team at home? You will lose. At least that is what BBC pundit Mark Lawrence thinks based on those assumptions. That’s the voice of logic. But you and I know football is too rebellious to follow logic and does things as it sees fit.

With that said, the recent form of Everton at Goodison Park has got some heads turning. Notable victories over Newcastle and Chelsea is a testament to their strong resolve and belief when they play in front of their own fans. They have yet to lose at home in the Premier League at Goodison but maybe Spurs may have a say in how that record evolves in the next 24 hours.

Much has been documented about our lack of craft and imagination in the final third of our opponents half. Spurs legend Glenn Hoddle was reported to have said,”I think it’s just top four for Spurs…they have to show a lot more creativity at the moment.” He has got a point. We have struggled to break teams down. Won many games this season courtesy of a single goal and often through a penalty. We have even improved our possession stats but not enough in danger areas to actually make a difference. The list goes on.

However, through all our seemingly negative press, we are picking up victories, shoring up our defence and have made the best ever start in our history in a Premier League campaign. If we have been able to attain such achievements so far through not playing particularly well, then what could we really achieve when our new players bed in and the team becomes a more stable cohesive unit? So as it appears it’s not all doom and gloom.

Ultimately, this match can easily go either way. We were winning last season into stoppage time before conceding twice to bitterly lose at the death. One reason to be optimistic would be the fact that Everton are at home and will be expected to attack. This strategy plays into our hands and should in theory give our offensive players space to exploit. Man for man I believe we honestly have the better players and therefore deserve to win. But life doesn’t give us what we deserve, it will only give us what we fight for! Let’s fight for the victory!


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  1. I'm afraid we do not have an attacking team good enough to beat Everton. Hell, we have struggled to even draw against strugglers; got a hiding against West Ham and Arsenal. How do you pretend to beat Everton with our present selection. Unless our naive manager gets rid of his dread of losing, and fields fast,attacking players instead of slow and error-prone ones such as Sandro and Dembele. He should give players such as Holtby, Eriksen and Lamela a start ahead of these. Plus, drop other inadequate defenders such as Dawson and Walker. Unless and until we replace all these we will go nowhere.

  2. @dagober. Is this the same manager who will take us to 2nd if we win. If we play holtby, eriksen and lamela with say soldado and Townsend, we will be so lightweight Everton will murder us. Sandro overall is fabulous. He is human and will have bad days

  3. this will be our best performance of the season sf……pauli & sal to score………however they still have their own beast in la'cracker and baby face baine……..we will defo give kicks……so there ye have it……go to the book man now……2-2 with all the hitters……my gift to you….lets make some money for xmas……..


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