Kane disappointed at reaction to goal claim and award


Harry Kane is ‘disappointed’ with the reaction from Mohamed Salah and Jamie Vardy over his Stoke City goal appeal, according to Mauricio Pochettino.

Christian Eriksen was initially credited for Tottenham’s second goal against Stoke last Saturday, however Kane was adamant that he had the final touch even though subsequent replays were inconclusive and Spurs and Kane launched an appeal to the Premier League for the goal to be awarded to the England striker.

The Premier League then confirmed that their appeal had been successful, meaning that Kane is now on 25 goals for the season and only four behind Liverpool’s Salah. Following the news, Salah posted on Twitter: ‘woooooow really’, while other Liverpool players joined their teammate in mocking the decision.

And then Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, who has scored 16 goals in the Premier League this term, also appeared to deride the decision with his post on Twitter.

“Of course he [Kane] never thought that this situation was going to go on to such big things when he was so, so, so, so certain that he touched the ball,’:said Pochettino. ‘It’s normal that he was a little bit disappointed [with the reaction] because of course Harry Kane and all of our players have Twitter, Instagram, everything.

Pochettino added: “Tottenham fans will back Harry Kane but other fans will kill him. ‘[He is] disappointed because he never wanted to create this. ‘For you, sometimes, it is a small or simple thing and they become bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and you cannot stop it. ‘That was what happened. He is going to learn a lot from this.’

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  1. I suspect that Harry could really care less about what some of the fan idiots from other clubs posted. Salah, understandably, is disappointed but didn’t really say anything but “wow…really”. All I saw of Vardy comments were a bunch of emoticons (it seems that the English language is going into the toilet) when Vardy cannot even use words.


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