Liverpool v Spurs: Survival of the fittest


Stats gathered from ESPN highlight fitness could be a key factor in the exciting game between the two teams tonight.

Both Spurs and Liverpool have progressed in several cup competitions meaning they have played 38 and 42 games respectively
But the figures below show Spurs looked to have used their squad more effecttivley.

5 Liverpool players – many key have already played over 30 games this season.

Only 1 Spurs player so far has played 30 games – Jan Verthongen

Liverpool also face a tricky cup tie this week away to Crystal Palace, a game they will want to win. Spurs who are out of the competiton have 9 days after tonight until they play again.

Some key players for Liverpool may not feature tonight. Sterling is rumoured to be out and questions have to be asked about how many games Gerrard can play over the season and in a short period of time

The result, expect Spurs to go all out tonight. They will believe they are the fittest team in the League and this evidence shows they face a Liverpool team that may start to have issues with fatigue.

Liverpool’s 10 highest player appearances in all competitions Season 2014/15


Spurs 10 highest player appearances in all competitions Season 2014/15


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