Louis Van Gaal – Perfect Fit for Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Poor performance, average players, negative tactics. Every forum raises the same points:

Dawson, Rose, Naughton not good enough!!

Is Bentaleb related to Sherwood?

Has Eriksen and Sherwood fallen out?

But realistically that puts us 6 points behind Liverpool and we have to go to Anfield so barring a miracle, we will not be playing Champions League Football next season.

So where do we go from here…

1. We offer Van Gaal the job and he takes over after the World Cup because I don’t think Tim is ready and without Champions League football, we won’t be able to attract any major signings. Van Gaal is respected worldwide so players will want to play under him.

2. Try and tie down Lloris and Vertonghen to longer deals. We all know what Levy is like at the negotiating table so getting away Spurs is never straightforward. I’m hoping the appointment of Van Gaal may persuade them to stay another year and form the spine of our team.

3. Transfer negotiations always begin unofficially and behind the scenes before official contact between the clubs is made. So why can’t Baldini work with our future manager and start sounding out potential  new players because after the World Cup, transfer fees always inflate.

This appointment of Tim has worked out better than I initially expected because taking Adebayor off when we were 1 up in the Carling Cup Quarter Final raised some serious doubts. Games against City, Arsenal and now Norwich have shown more naivety tactically which is bound to happen being a young manager. The players do seem to be playing with much more freedom However, Champions League football is what we ALL want so can anyone really see Sherwood taking us into the Top 4 next season?

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  1. Van Gaal is all we need. Great manager with great european experience willing to manage Spurs? Tie him down before he changes his mind!

    (But damn he's ugly!)

  2. Jeez give the bloke a chance,van Gaal didnt want the job when it was going to be hard,he 's happy for Sherwood to have to try and sort out the shit,and then move in like a saviour,which I doubt he would be ,we are Spurs afterall.No until Tim gets it seriously wrong,if he does ,I'm not Harry Hatetim,he's our manager get behind him and the team.COYS

  3. If we do get Van Gaal that is another manager without premiership experience who will take at least a season to get used to our players and the pace of the league. Hopefully if we do get him, Sherwood will remain with the club and learn under him, and that will add continuity for the bright exciting youngsters who excelled under his tutelage. Unfortunately I think that if someone like Blackburn comes calling he will be off.

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for LVG… please football gods… do us this favour…

    He is the man to unleash Lamela's and Soldado's full potential..

  5. Baldini probably is working with Van Gaal at the moment, we have no evidence to suggest otherwise, it is also highly likely Levy sat Sherwood down and told him "we will tell the world you are on an 18 month contract but Van Gaal is in next season and you will be required to work alongside him in a new role" how do we know this has not been discussed with Tim ? the wage structure is a massive issue it doesn't matter what way you like your eggs people work for money and fans all think Footballers should play for a club and ignore the fact that a team 35 minutes away is willing to pay you 3 times what Spurs will, hence why we have players running out of medicals with their pants around their ankles hot footing it up the Bridge, I am afraid we need some good old fashioned Harry methods without going over board like he did, we need to bring in a 'Drogba Like' player who is looking for a few twilight years and a salary to match to bring 'names' into the club, we nearly had it under Harry but he took it to extremes and started signing people like Saha and Neilsen and we ended up with a squad of players worth £2.50 with Bale and Modric worth £120 million between them. so I am not entirely against our methods of signing 200 players last summer, Get Van Gaal in and we will see some positive moves but only if that spectacled twat at the top of the tree allows Van Gaal to be the star name and that will mean Levy shining the spotlight on someone else rather than himself for a few years.

  6. Bentaleb is definitely related to TS. Or has photos of him fucking Levy. Zero excuse to play him, or indeed the dreadfully out of form Dembele, when Eriksen and Sandro would be vastly superior.


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