Media Fighting Dirty Over Dier

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According to the Manchester Evening News, 23 year old Spurs midfielder Eric Dier is desperate for a move away from Tottenham this Summer.

In a quite laughable report written by the outlet, it is claimed that Dier’s desire to leave Tottenham is born out of the reported transfer interest from Manchester United.

The Manchester Evening News also went on to cite previous deals over the transfers of Michael Carrick, Dimitar Berbatov and Teddy Sheringham as evidence of the fact that Tottenham are likely to sell the young midfielder.

The report additionally labels Dier a ‘boyhood United fan’, Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy as ‘more painful than a hip replacement’ and Dier’s new £70,000 weekly wage as a ‘modest salary’.

I’m quite frankly embarrassed by this article. I’m utterly astonished someone actually wrote this and then made the decision to put it on the internet.

I’ve never read a more unintelligent and hateful article about Sport. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to earn that ‘modest’ 70 grand over two years, let alone 7 days.

Let’s put Mr. Samuel Luckhurst’s article into perspective here. SkySports have very recently revealed to us that Spurs have no interest in selling Eric Dier. In fact, they haven’t even received a bid.

According to SkySources, Mauricio Pochettino is only willing to sell players he doesn’t need and Dier does not fall into that category. Therefore, no first team, or even bench warmers, will be leaving Spurs this Summer.

The article released by the Manchester Evening News simply brings shame to journalism, football and sportsmanship and is a hopelessly desperate attempt to stir up some chaos in our camp.

I know I said last time that I wouldn’t be reporting on anymore of the Dier nonsense, but I feel as though this one had to be named and shamed. Plus, I suppose, SkySports did us a favour and put an official end to it too.

Does anyone else feel as though the media’s against us? Are there any transfer rumours you trust this Summer?

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  1. A very different situation to Walker and I trust that we resist this media tapping up. In a world where news from whatever source get’s regurgitated without much scrutiny by so called journalists with trite phrases like “Bracing” or “test our resolve”, guys like this do the bidding of their clubs. But judging from mixed messages from elsewhere this story is already wishful thinking. Remember Morgan Schneiderlin, playing a similar role at Southampton, who opted for Man U? Where did that get him? Jose is a mercurial character with a short term outlook. Compare and contrast with Poch!

  2. Yes we are being targeted as it is the best interest of the MAN clubs to destabilise our team. Be that as it may, we have just sold Walker for a world record fee. He had tremendous pace and is a decent defender but his final ball was more often than not useless. Trippier doesn’t have the pace but still gets upfield and has a great delivery. His problem will be playing against pacey LWers.

  3. Spot on! Reading all these articles suggesting Dier wants to leave has been laughable. It is just outrageous and completely made up. You covered all aspects. I have been going to as many of those articles as I can see to leave critical comments and basically make sure everyone understands that he doesn’t now and never did want to move to Man U. That idea is completely the brainchild of some Man U fanboy and wrote the first article thereby creating an avalanche within the english press, who for some reason can never do their own investigating and take clickbait for its word. I guess the Mancy Fanboys are desperate though considering they are no longer a top team and Spurs have surpassed them. Get F’d Mourinho. Dier isn’t going anywhere. Oh, and Spurs completely fleeced that other Mancy team from the City. Kyle walker for 50 mil! Next they’l be saying Siggy really is worth 40 mil and going to RM.

  4. I complained to the FA in writing about Mourinho and Man U using the media to tap up Eric Dier. Response was that they can only investigate complaints made by the club. So I guess us fans don’t count…


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