Opinion: Looking at whether Spurs are better off out of the Conference League

UEFA Europa Conference League
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As we await our fate in the Conference League, the question is, are we better off out of the competition? 

This article could also be titled ‘a trophy or top four: what would Spurs fans prefer?’ And that is a question which often results in split opinion across the fan base.

It is no secret that when Tottenham qualified for the inaugural UEFA Conference League, fans were not exactly thrilled. The prospect of an even poorer version of the dreaded Europa League seemed dire.

However, some fans saw it as a great chance to win a trophy, something which Tottenham are desperate for as a club. Fans thought it would be almost a guarantee.

It has been far from that. So far in fact, we might be knocked out in the group stages of the competition, pending review from UEFA.

Struggling in the competition

Due to the struggles we have faced in the competition, being eliminated in this way may prove to be a saving grace. It would help us save face, as we wouldn’t be knocked out on the pitch, and allow us to focus on the league.

Tottenham need to get back to the top four and having only domestic competitions to focus on would give us a great chance. Whilst our rivals must travel during the week, Spurs will be well-rested and avoid injuries.

Looking at it this way, getting knocked out of the Conference League might be the best outcome. However, some fans would take the opposite approach.

Tottenham are so starved of a trophy that winning this one would be a great feeling. No matter the little significance it has.

It could be suggested it would be the equivalent of a European version of the league cup. Not the biggest prize, but still a nice boost.

It would also give the players that winning feeling and the fans a reason to cheer.

However, ultimately, there is no guarantee we would even win the trophy, as we have seen in the group stages. With the likes of Leicester, Rennes, and Roma in the competition, it is still no sure thing, despite what fans may think.

I do not believe we have the squad to win this competition and finish in the top four, with the teams around us. Therefore, I think it goes back to the question at the top of the article.

My opinion

And what I believe is that the top four is far more important for the growth and future of the club.

Sure, a trophy would be fun. But it would be so insignificant that it is not worth sacrificing our chances in the league.

Top four would allow Conte to build a team and attract top players. A conference league win would not necessarily do this.

I think we are therefore better off outside the competition. Spurs will need fresh legs towards the end of the season.

If it is an FA cup versus the top four, the choice would be tougher, but I just don’t think this trophy is big enough.

Whatever happens with this UEFA review, I hope Tottenham capitalise on the situation.


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