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Image: SpursWeb

What better way to spend Sunday afternoon than seeing what’s going on in N17?

Since the Finale the footprint of the building site has oozed hugely. To the east Worcester Avenue is now shut off completely from what I could tell. There is no pavement on the High Road side, the works go right up to the road edge, and Park Lane has only pedestrian access as the works have spread to take over the road.

The only part of the old ground still remaining is a virtually unrecognisable stump that would have been the south east corner of the Park Lane and that was being slowly eaten away by an orange mechanical dinosaur whilst we watched. Some bright yellow of a twisted staircase handrail was visible within, the only hint at its previous purpose.

As can be seen from the pictures the occasional gap in the hoarding allowed a view of the new north stand over the rubble and it’s an awe inspiring sight especially if one lets one’s mind wander to imagining what it will be like playing in front of it in a year’s time.

The extra layer added on top since May, eventually I presume to support the roof, adds to the dominating effect the works now have on the whole area. As can be seen the ground already looms above the large house fronts on the High Road at the bottom of White Hart Lane. Everything is dwarfed by it.

Like a dust sheet covered armchair the listed Warmington House sits incongruously amid the redecorating chaos, Eriksen and Kane stare sternly down from the walls as though keeping an eye on progress. “Watch Us Rise”. Hm.

The sheer size of the thing means that there is juxtaposition everywhere. The old ground was here before most of the shops and houses grew around it (I suspect) but this new neighbour will impose itself in a way the old WHL did not. I bet at the moment the locals cannot wait for it to be finished, to get rid of the cranes, noise, dust and lorries and find out what the new normal will be.

Us once a fortnight visitors also want it to be done, so that we can return, somewhat perversely, ‘home’.

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