Rose says sorry – Were Spurs actually in the wrong?

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Tottenham left-back Danny Rose has apologised for the ill-feeling which led to many a set of handbags, nine yellow cards and a brawl after the match against Chelsea.

It was frustrating to see our title hopes end at Stamford Bridge and fans seem torn between those who view it was “fighting spirit” and those who view it as frustration.

Rose clashed with Chelsea midfielder Willian in the second half which led to the spotlight being placed on Mousa Dembele for his part in appearing to touch the eye of Diego “I look 65” Costa.
Many now expect Dembele to face retrospective action from the Football Association and be handed a three-match ban which would see him miss the rest of this campaign and the first match of next season.

“It is not nice to see for kids here or kids watching on TV. I apologise if it looked bad on TV,” Rose said.

“It is a London derby. It is to be expected. We wanted to win and they wanted to stop us having any more say in the title race.

“There are no bad words to say about Chelsea. These are the games you want to be part of. It was a great game.”

The action continued after the game where players and officials from both sides continued to push each other with sub keeper Michel Vorm ready to open a can of whoop-ass on someone. Apparently Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink hit the deck.

“I couldn’t tell you what happened, it was just handbags being thrown,” Rose said.

“I saw the Chelsea manager fell on the floor. I hope he is alright. People were saying from the bench that he conducted himself like a true gentleman throughout the whole game.

“He did not want any trouble to be started.”

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  1. Clearly there is a new found steel about Spurs which means teams like Chelsea can no longer bully them, however they did cross a line and Rose is right to apologize. Dembele acted stupidly, and that could affect our chances of finishing second. (Also looking further ahead if he is banned for the first game of next season as seems likely, who's to say he will automatically get his place back if Spurs sign someone like Wanyama?)

      • just an example, who would have thought Mason would have lost his place to Ali when he had been our best player against sunderland. My point is that i believe Poch wants two players for each position of equal/similar ability, which will meant pressure on the incumbent to perform.

    • All I can say is well done to the lads. We might have lost the title but we won the Battle of the Bridge. Fabregas cried like a little girl.

      • I wish Fabergas gets done if you look closely he out stretch his left arm so that Lam trread on it then he threw a wobbler at the linesmen he looked liked he was shot rolling on the floor just too get a spurs player sent of I hate him

  2. I admire the fight and spirit in Spurs but I want that coupled with an iron discipline.Chelsea had spent all week winding up with Their comments.People like Fabregas should be ignored for the prostitute he is.I want Pochettino to add to the squad and teach them discipline.The anti- Semitic comments from Chelsea are as always done with ignorance and are an attempt to wind up Spurs.So next season we go on field give it 100 percent and ignore the Fabregas journeymen type players.Steel in side with iron discipline and ignore the idiotic fools who mean little in the game.

    • Spot on Col. Unfortunately Tottenham are a young side and I have felt for some time that they need an old hand in the team to steady the ship, when tempers and plans go astray. Fabregas has been for a long time a " wind up merchant" and you're right, needs to be ignored, again our young players fell into the trap and reacted. Fabregas will have a great future when he gets out of football, Hollywood are always looking for actors. COYS

  3. Wanyama is not a good football player just an athelete, Poch knows that…the only reason his comes up is down to his agent….

  4. A record 9 yellows! The team were indisciplined true but where was plan B to see the victory through. Chasing a third goal against Chelsea was a huge gamble that eventually failed. An embarrassing and undignified evening!

    • That's where Poch falls down John, he never appears to have a plan B. Several games this season Tottenham needed to change the shape of the team, but it never happened. Maybe it was because we don't have a great deal of strength in depth within the squad, but we had the Jan transfer window to solve part of that problem, but we failed miserably. We need 6 quality players in and Mason, Bentaleb, Carrol, Fazio and Son, need to move on. Son Might be given a 2nd chance, but the others need to go. Hopefully Tottenham will have a list of players they want to sign and start the process to get them on board, as soon as the transfer window opens and not wait until the last couple of days, COYS

    • I'm not at all embarrassed. I'm proud of our lads and 100 percent behind them. Chelsea injected the heat into the game with their reckless, disrespectful and ill-considered comments before the match. I've never heard any team say of an upcoming rival the things they did. All we did was teach them some respect. I don't care if it means something pathetic like we will finish below Arsenal or some players get lengthy bans or whatever. If they had failed here they would have thrown their game to Leicester anyway. Their manager called up Hiddink to thank him, for God's sake. We are Tottenham Hotspur, and we're proud of it!


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