For a season riddled with negativity, we are in a very strong position

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy
So far, the 2013/2014 season has been a roller coaster of emotion being a Spurs fan. It’s fair to say we’ve suffered a fair few lows this season than we’ve been used to but we have had a few highs.   I think before the season got underway we all got a little carried away with the signings we made and myself included, thought that this season could be “the one”
However the harsh truth is anything but! I’ve experienced the lows of flirting with relegation in the past, which is never nice, but I can honestly say that this season has felt one of the worst. We never seem to have a substantial happy period. The negativity around the club and more importantly amongst it’s supporters is quite alarming for me.
I get really frustrated at the negativity surrounding the club, the players and the management. I consider myself a very passionate fan and absolutely detest when we lose. But I don’t see a point in being negative to every defeat, you just move on and look forward to a game. But there seems to be a trend for a lot of people carrying their anger through from game to game, regardless of whether we win or not. I know Tim Sherwood is not everyone’s cup of tea and whilst I fully support him in the job, I can honestly say I can’t see it being full time. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love if he did make it a success and go on to have some wonderful years with us, but such is the culture of the club, I can’t see him being given much more than this season.
Now I fully appreciate there is a LOT of anger towards the club’s board itself and the points that are raised in a sensible fashion are spot on, including the lack of clarity, communication etc. We do seem to be kept in the dark about most things and it’s fair to say that most fans can quite reasonably feel disconnected to the club. I can understand how supporters would want to vent their frustration at the board and in some parts I believe rightly so. But there’s a time and a place and there is a right and wrong way to go about it.
We HAVE to stop this air of negativity surrounding the club, affecting match days, it’s no secret that our away form is by far better than our home form and the atmosphere is far more enjoyable away from White Hart Lane.
I see so many people who are so caught up in the negative aspects of the club, that they have forgotten what it’s like to support the team.  I, as like most fans, will not agree with every decision that club makes both on the field and off the field. We may have a little moan in the pub after games or at work. But at this point in time it has become too much, it’s filtering into the stands and it’s affecting the atmosphere which I strongly in turn believe is affecting the performances.
Not agreeing with a decision, does not mean it’s the wrong decision. That example can be used for Tim Sherwood, just because you do not agree with his selection as manager, it does not mean it is the wrong choice. None of us know what he can really do and genuinely the only way to find out is to give him time to build a team and learn from mistakes.
However, the one thing that really does frustrate me most is that we are now in February and we are still in contention of a champions league position!!! Despite all the turmoil and change of manager and a vast change in the playing staff from last season. It would be criminal if we didn’t all just bite our lips for 4 months and just back Tim Sherwood and ALL his players to the hilt. Believe me, the players will become far more relaxed and grow in confidence knowing they have fan support. I genuinely believe people under-estimate fan support and the effect is can have. I just wish everyone could put their own personal views aside and just say, you know what, we are still in a great position, we can still get this top 4 yet. We’ve many key players coming back into the side that could really feel like new signings if we allow them to. A good run of games in this league can really put you right amongst it and it would be a travesty for us fans, if we didn’t do our best, our bit, to try and help towards that.
I sense some people hope Tim Sherwood doesn’t get top 4 and hence be seen as a failure so he his replaced. That attitude is not going to help. If you love your club, then it’s so important we just back them until May. Because that’s the situation we are in now until May.
As I stated earlier I genuinely understand the frustrations towards the board and there have been some very valid points made that the board have to answer, but this can be done away from match days, and can be separate from our support of the team.
For a season that’s felt one of the most disruptive for a long while, we are in such a strong position, so can’t we all just think of that and come kick off, show our un-dying support to the badge. We may not be able to use the Y word at the moment, but we’ve got lots more chants… So let’s hear them! Let’s make this season a success so we can look forward and not back!

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  1. I agree totally- I often think "if this is the position when we are playing badly where will we be when we start playing well as I am sure we can!" There a re mistakes being made by management all the time that cause the negativity – if the club were to be stable in management/coaching it would make a difference. I am convinced in my own mind that we will be seeing Van Gaal come in in the summer. I think putting Tim in charge was a stopgap move that wont cost the club too much – hence the very low activity in the tansfer market. Van Gaal will produce his own team.

  2. spot on. The anger is disproportionate to the reality.

    Some folk seem to get angry when they read a rumour about a player going on loan for example. When this doesnt happen( because it was just rumours or whatever) they seem to maintain that level of anger at an event that never happened, then the same thing happens again and they go to a new level of angry, just getting angrier and angrier without any REAL reason for the anger.

    I sit behind the goal, adebayoor's reaction the the first goal against palace spoke volumes to me. he didnt celebrate, he just gesticulated and shouted at US, to try in instal some energy or passion i guess. The atmosphere at home is, without a douby in my opinion, effecting the players.

  3. There is a big difference between being negative and realistic. The truth of the current situation is that 5 of the 7 new players have been poor and were a waste of money. The current first team is lacking cohesion and creativity.

    Spurs lost three top players in Modric, Van der Vaart and Bale, who were never replaced.

    Spurs played far more attractive football under Harry Redknapp.

    The days of competing with Real Madrid in the champions league are gone and Spurs have gone backwards since then.

    • Don't think it's very easy to replace Bale, Modric and VdV! Actually, Modric has been replaced – Eriksen is doing at least as well as Luka in the same amount of time since joining the club. The others are mostly all potential, but nobody could say they are not good players. There was a time when we would buy Jason Cundy and Kevin Scott!! Time to get real Spurs fans, support the team at home – you need to look at yourselves

  4. I have been a Spurs supporter for many years I have seen managers come and go, some good some bad but there is one thing that stands out all managers needs support from the club this never happens with spurs. We all no that Tim Sherwood will be gone at the end of the season. So where do you lay the blame, you can point fingers at highly paid footballers who seem to be more interested in there looks, the owner the board at spurs are all to blame. The club has gone from being a football club to a money making machine with very little interest in what we the fans think .One other thing is transfer fees paid for player and wages paid to players is ridicules. So where do we go from here nowhere we will muddle on football needs to stop and have a good look at where the game is going in my humble option down the swanney river why in one word GREED.

  5. @steve – Modric and Bale were “flops” in the first 6 months . So to say that 5 of the 7 players are flops is unfair. Spurs went out of their way to get replacements like Lamela and Soldado – for which they invested heavily, and you cannot have guarantees about they will be successful, and when.

  6. I disagree, Levy put Dim in charge, Dim had 10 days to do a job on City but he got it massively wrong. Thats highlighted even more now by the Chavs beating them last night.

    Why when you say that we have many key players coming back would he not play them?? Two games running he could’ve played Capoue but he didn’t. Bentaleb looked like a little boy lost against Toure, who in turn looked ordinary when it was put on him last night.

    The Best team on the planet he said, was that not taking the shine away from how poor we were in the first 30 mins… We’ve got 50 mil of players sitting in the stand with psychological problems (one that can’t be helped due to family problems admittedly). He doesn’t play them?? He picked the team, Levy Picked him. Another poor decision from the board. The football weren’t spectacular and you definitely cant excuse the two mauling’s we had against city and Liverpool but the stats last year and this before he was stacked can’t lie. AVB should’ve stayed without interference.

    The Best team on the planet he said (what does that make the Chavs now???), was that not taking the shine away from how poor we were in the first 30 mins… We’ve got 50 mil of players sitting in the stand with pyscological problems (one that cant be helped due to family problems admittedly). He doesnt play them?? He picked the team, Levy Picked him. Another poor decision from the board. The football werent spectacular and you definitely cant excuse the two maulings we had against city and Liverpool but the stats last year and this before he was stacked cant lie. AVB shouldve stayed without interferance.

    Expect Europa League again at best this year we may rely on the Cup Winners for that as well. What pulling power will Van Gaal have then on big names next summer if we dont get European Football

    Levy Out!! Sherwood Out!! Enic Out!!

  7. Right on, Lee. I totally agree. All this constant speculation and offering opinion is grindingly oppressive. Fans must be much more vocally supportive.

  8. I really agree with the article. Football is about what happens on the pitch. The fans at Spurs are too concerned with other stuff – they have ignored the fact that relative to most teams, Spurs have an excellent side which may yet improve. They need to take a trip to Palace and see what real support is like. As for Enic and Levy – they've made Spurs top 5 contenders, though it took a few years. Since 2005 we've been a top side. What's wrong with that?

    • If we are were we are playing none to well just wait till we start playing well with the top class players we 've got once the piss poor influence of avb has worn off.Stick with Tim ,he's London, he's done the rounds,theres an awful lot of sorting out to do.With the exception of Jol what other Euro coaches have been ant good,van Gaal I doubt it.

  9. That might be the case Steve, although I believe the opposite, but do we have to bring that negativity into WHL. It’s a brutal atmosphere the majority of the time and I agree totally with the Lee that it must be somewhat of a relief for the players to be playing away from home some of the time. COYS!!!

  10. The issue is simply expectation, I am 53 years old and remember being in the park lane end crying after we had been relegated to the old 2nd division, some might say get a life but the truth is Spurs are a big part of my life its not something you choose it just happens, so onto expectation Redknapp had good players no doubt but he knew exactly how to set them up or use them, he seemed to see what we the fans see. on the other hand AVB seemed to do the complete opposite but in fairness results were not that bad, we are punching above our weight because in truth the teams around us have got bigger stadiums with bigger gates and hence more finance we have had false storm after false storm
    but the fans of Spurs are amongst the very best in the world even with a bit of moaning and so what we expect the best and one day Rodney who knows we might just might get it

  11. A really good article and raises valid points. I have read more negative comments from Spurs fans about Spurs this season than ever before, we don't need rival supporters to trash the team we do it ourselves. Please just go to the game and enjoy it for 90 minutes, support the team, it's not a lot to ask. If going to the game or supporting Spurs is so bad – give up, let someone else use your ticket.

  12. Absolutely detest the 'fans' who hate on their own team, you know the ones, the WHINERS AND THE WHINGERS AND THE MOANERS. For God Sake we are a TOP 6 TEAM, a lot of our 'fans' think it is our RIGHT to be 'Top 4', we aren't as good as Chelsea, Arsenal, City, WAKE UP, we have a small stadium, tight budget, be REALISTIC.

  13. Every Spurs fan wants Tim to succeed.By taking on the job solo (without an assistant) has proven his lack of managerial experience. Nevertheless, nothing has been lost and he needs to listen from fans and the other sub coaches if he wants to "learn"

  14. Well said but her is another version why our ground is full of tension with every point being vital and every dropped point causing blog and twitter meltdown and condemnation. I want Tim to succeed because i can see our success being a low budget one with some of our kids coming through if not now next season, We have some exciting youngsters coming through namely Pritchard McVoy Carroll Fredricks under 18 Oduwa Onomah Sonupe Kyle Walker Peters to name a few two stand outs Oduwa Onomah. Why are our new players finding it hard to cope with the fast pace and pressing in the Premiership something no manager can possible set is team up to beat. This is the problem the FA and football in General had a major problem nation wide Footballers where collapsing and some dying in record numbers. I no here and abroad players where failing drug tests for supplements where Sports science was pushing fitness levels to the limits legally and in some cases illegally . So to stop the more dangerous supplements being used Paddy Kenny Kolo Toure three Russian Players against Utd in Champs league. This is why they introduced Caffeine once banned in 2005 hoping the killer Ephedrine would stop, The problem is old habits die hard and i no some teams are mixing the deadly Ephedrine Caffeine Aspirin is to stop strokes with high blood pressure from overheating.with all the extra running and pressing the ball. When you look at some teams the players look ill and gaunt faced you can spot ephedrine with blood red faces neck in some case.when shirts come of red blotches if they don't have under vest on i studied a team i knew was taking this supplement and this why i can spot it. So when you see Spurs or other teams pressed from the off think like i have to do is it normal swallowed and lastly is it legal because after a lady drug tester telling me its rife and in samples but not enough to catch them her words they are under the radar After that conversation 12 months later Kolo Toure at City failed drug test i though yes they stopping it but i later found out he was unused sub either Mancini never knewt that one if you believe him was using is wife's slimming aids because he was overweight. This is why i will not moan at our players if i see this manic pressing we all no cant last for 90 mins but because of half time and subs it is. We can still get top four if more fans question thei pressing shown so masterfully by Chelsea last Night also City West Ham Liverpool against us .I have no doubt Everton will chase us like terriers we need to be ready. One last thought on the subject the biggest offenders and the club i reported four seasons ago are above us now i live in North West this is why no game is easy because even if all the teams are taking just Caffeine supplements and drinks to much can cause burn out illness Borin on loan from Liverpool and Liverpool's Johnson both been taken ill one before game and one at half time.who collapsed ?.


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