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Well that was disappointing to say the least. More accurately the result was disappointing, the performance for the most part was good. Leicester were rubbish a lot of the time and cynical most of it. Proper cynical. Time wasting, diving and fouling from the off helped by no attempt from Mr Mason to curtail it. No ambition and no style.

Madras breath

I’m going to eat the remains of a two day old curry when I get home and tomorrow morning my exhalations will still smell far sweeter than the so called fresh air this bunch of Wimbledon wannabes have supposedly brought to the Premier League this season.

We lost though

And we lost probably in the only way it was likely to happen. We knew they’d sit back, we knew it would be close and we knew that we had to take our chances. We didn’t do the latter and that’s why the concession by Dele Alli of a corner that should never have happened and then the criminal allowance a totally free header (what happened there?) hurt so much. So much. What a great position we’d have been in if any of Kane, Lamela or Alli had put away their chances in the second half. It wasn’t to be though.

Analysis of Pochettino’s team selection and use of subs will be in depth but us in the stands, we know little of Dembélé’s fitness or what’s going on between Bentaleb and the management team or why two full backs were put on the bench instead of Chadli. Poch does though.

The morning after the night before

The above was written on the train straight after the game ie when the raw shock of the undeserved and disappointing defeat was still new but in the cold light of the following cold morning I still stand by it especially having now read one of what I suspect are dozens of fawning and patronising newspaper reports praising plucky and brave little Leicester. Man Utd are pilloried for being ‘boring’ whereas the time-wasting and off the ball tactics of last night’s victors are left unmentioned.

Jermain Defoe, he’s a yiddo

Still at least, having fallen, we get the chance get back on the horse quickly. A confident Sunderland come visiting on Saturday. COYS.

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  1. Chadli is shite thats probaly why he was not on the bench. lamella is getting better but his fianl touch always lets him down, he needs to learn.

  2. Wow…a lot of sour grapes there.

    You do realise most teams time waste, but it only hurts when your team are the ones chasing the game. I've been there plenty of times.

    I also think you are forgetting that football is a very simple game. The object is to put the ball in the back of the net. Nothing more. There are no extra points for pretty passing and possession. Being clinical in front of goal is what counts, and LCFC were better at that than Spurs.

    It appears that Spurs played right into LCFC's hands if they knew they would sit back and soak up the pressure. So isn't it weak management to not consider how to overcome this? Where was Spurs' Plan B?

  3. Leicester have scored more goals than Spurs and very few from corners but against Spurs two in two, you need to improve your defending. And that's the first game in six against Leicester over last season and this that you have not had the benefit of a referee's decision, either giving Spurs one that shouldn't have been or denying Leicester one that should have been!
    Yes on the night Leicester were lucky to take all three points but we were due some luck against Spurs.


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