Spurs 0 Villa 1 – Match report

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Arguably an end of season performance but with still seven games to go it’s more likely a game in which tiredness and lack of tactical nous exposed our shortcomings.

Mason and Bentaleb have looked done in for the last few games but were sent out once again whilst Stambouli and Dembélé chatted about their summer holidays on the bench (beach?). Chadli’s consistently lightweight and peripheral displays were salvaged by his goals pre January but it’s been hard to see what he adds to the side for a while now – and that’s putting it very kindly. Chiriches’s extra touches and misplaced passes resemble a player throwing a game in a bad film whilst Townsend continues to frustrate with his decision making and apparent nervousness. Tactically, by forcing everything down the middle – the bored subs could’ve sunbathed undisturbed in the acres of space free on the left hand side – we blunted our most potent weapon; in what is becoming a familiar sight Kane was crowded out whenever the ball was anywhere close to him.

No goals in two games against Burnley and Villa? I think we may have been found out.

The display bore a strong resemblance to the early season games against Stoke and West Brom when we were narrow and slow and there was more chat than singing in the crowd. Villa’s support was loud initially but had joined in the general slumbering until Benteke reacted quicker than Fazio to a speculative cross and flicked a header off the inside of the post and in. This was the away team’s first attack and they very nearly doubled their lead from their second shortly afterwards when Agbonlahor hit the post after Benteke had nodded on a hoof forward. We huffed and puffed with Rose making using of the space in the top left probably our best chance of creating something. Villa sat and feigned and time wasted but who can blame them? Harry wriggled free at one point and grazed the bar but it was Delph who had the best chance to add to the scoreline, his comedy miss summed up a poor quality game.

As at Burnley there was too much incompetence, too much ordinariness and too much trying the same thing again and again with no reason to think it would work this time. Oh for some pace and invention. At Turf Moor we had the excuse of injuries and a cobbled together back four, here it was just dull and disappointing. There are too many passengers.

It was nice to see that Yedlin actually exists, apart from that though….

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  1. Cannot understand these team selections at all. Come the end of the season and an 8th place with our lowest pts total for a while, management will no doubt point to the fact that our 'up and coming youngsters' ran out of puff and that they'll be all the better for that experience next season. Load of b—s. There is absolutely no reason for Mason, Benteleb or even Kane to be playing every game especially against the lower teams. Stambouli, Dembele and Soldudo, should have been in 2 weeks ago. As we definitely have no answer to the wide left situation, Davies should have been in at LB and Rose pushed forward. What is there to lose ?? and now we're supposedly looking at more crap foreign strikers who wouldn't know the Premiership from a tube train, when the likes of Austin and Ings will def be available this summer, players we should bust a gut for. And whilst I don't condone Fazios poor performance on Sat, this is the same player that was effectively forming a sound partnership with Vertonghen not so long ago before being sent to the sin bin and not to be seen for 4 months until Sat. Is it no wonder he was all over the place ! But then we are have a knock kneed centre half playing right back with a right back sitting on the bench. Am I the only one who will be glad when June is here ??

  2. I see there are mutterings of us going for Juan Mata, what a laugh. These are the sort of players we should have been going for before spending vast amounts on nondescript players who haven't got a clue. They have certainly done nothing for my team. One or two named players who give their all for whoever they are playing for is what we needed. We bought expensive lightweights who now need to be offloaded.


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