Spurs 1 Newcastle 0 – Match report

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

There wasn’t much that was unpredictable about this game, perhaps the mistake from Dubravka that led to our winning goal being the biggest surprise.

We deserved our three points, match statistics aside we were the only side that looked to score and win, Newcastle were, surprise, surprise, unambitious and average.

Was there no hope of an away goal against a defence that hadn’t kept a clean sheet since January 1st? Apparently not if you’re Benitez. Five at the back at the best of times, nine mostly though with Rondon contactable via the occasional telegram.

I’m not sure what the point is, be honest about it and pick defenders all over the pitch from the off, don’t pretend you’re the arch counter attackers who make a trade by picking off top six sides on the break, it’s bollocks.

Anyway… Llorente’s reward for his last minute winner against Watford was a place on the bench. Lucas started down the middle but swapped with Son regularly. Newcastle forced us wide, Vertonghen at left back saw an extraordinary amount of the ball, but with no-one in the middle of any physical consequence to cross to, it was all very ho-hum, except that there were chances for Lucas, Lamela and Sanchez before half-time.

The second half was more of the same except that the Bonny Geordies actually dared to construct a couple of attacks, one of which came off the threepenny bit head of Rondon on to the post.

That moment was uncharacteristic of the tone of the match as we continued to push and look for a way to upset the balance of the nine-man back line. We had more opportunities, with Llorente’s header into the sun, being the best one. Knowing looks were exchanged but… Ignore the bums Fernando.

Alderweireld forward, Llorente knocks down, Snake Hips Sonny sends three or four defenders the wrong way before smacking a shot sooooo hard, Dubravka couldn’t cope with it.

Thank you very much.

Perhaps the reason why Benitez doesn’t bother to attack was revealed in the remaining ten minutes as the away side failed to threaten. They were comedy rubbish in fact. Useless.

Three points and temporarily up to second. It’s not news but Blimey O’Reilly, what a job Pochettino is doing. He’s completely reinvented what conventionally is assumed to be the resources needed and necessary to be a success. No summer signings, no home ground, no pre season training, all (and I mean all) players injured at some point, most in form player allowed to fly off to Asia regularly, no winter signings… It’s madness that we’re second. Madness.

Leicester next week. A tougher game as they will try and score against us.

Well done chaps.


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