Spurs players laugh at Wembley hypocrisy

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Eric Dier smiled at the Wembley question as did Jan Vertonghen and Mauricio Pochettino and his players know full well that they will have it thrown at them quite a bit between now and the FA Cup semi-finals in mid-April.

It is of course the idea that We will have an unfair advantage at the national stadium — the temporary home we have gradually made a fortress over the past eight months and Funnily enough, the critics were not quite so concerned at the start of the season.

Back then our detractors were convinced Pochettino’s players would struggle at a venue where we had lost on seven of 10 visits and Wembley would cost us our place in the top four — won on the back of an unbeaten home campaign in the final year of the old White Hart Lane.

That the famous “hoodoo” would allow rival players to raise their game instead of being overawed.
Fast forward a few months , we are odds-on for another top-four finish and we come up against Manchester United — who we beat 2-0 at Wembley in January — in that semi-final.

The irony was not lost on Eric Dier. He said “One minute Wembley is bad for us and next it is good for us.Lots of teams have good records at Wembley in general as well, so it depends who we get”

He adds: “The fact that we played our home games there this season you would think it would be a benefit for us – but it is the FA Cup semi-final, so it will be hard no matter what.That’s why I was laughing. That’s football, I guess.”

Jan Vertonghen added: “At the beginning of the season, everyone was talking about it (Spurs’ poor Wembley form) – after the Chelsea, Burnley and West Brom games (which earned the home side only two points).There were a couple of games which we should have won and we didn’t. But after the Champions League games things turned around and we felt we could beat everyone there. I like playing at Wembley”

Our consistency in front of their own fans bodes well for the move to their new stadium next season. Wherever we lay our footballing hats, we are able to make home.
Dier added: “If you think about it, if you move house for a couple of weeks it feels different. It was exactly the same thing. If anyone moves anywhere, a different country or city or anything, it takes time to adjust to your new surroundings.Wembley is no different. After that period where we didn’t completely feel at home there it got a lot better for us.

He added: “But the FA Cup is a completely different competition, a one-off game, the fans are split down the middle, the atmosphere will be different to a league game.”

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  1. They want it all don’t they? ..our critics!
    For anyone’s information we have not played even ONE game at home this season.
    We have played ALL our games ‘away’.
    Of course we’ve done our best to make Wembley as big a ‘home’ factor as
    possible, but it’s not the old WHL or even the new one. Every team that has gone
    to Wembley to play us sees it as an independent venue, and more. It’s simply
    a privilege and inspiration for them to play at the Home of Football (not the Home of Spurs).
    The fact that we’re chasing down a Top Four spot, and should have beaten Juve to get
    to the QF of the CL, and that we’re in the SF of the FA Cup, is enormous credit to
    us. Indeed, how much better it might all have been if WHL had been ‘home’ for the
    Spurs this season.
    Oh, but now come the moans from the football fraternity.
    We’re playing Man U at ‘home’ in the SF ..not at an independent venue.
    What rubbish!!! If Man U can’t be up for a SF at Wembley, even though
    we’ve played there more times this season, then they have no excuses.
    Also, the FA will make this a completely independent day in the oldest
    competition in World Football. No extra Tottenham fans, plus we’ll be in
    the ‘away’ dressing room. No extra Spurs flags or slogans as everything
    will be equal for both teams. A Home match?? You must be joking!
    The only advantage is that we’ve played on that particular pitch more than
    them this season ..and the pitch is probably no better than Old Trafford’s,
    or their training ground pitch.
    No home advantage ..and even if there IS the tiniest advantage, why decry
    it or moan about Spurs having that advantage?? in a season where we’ve
    played EVERY match AWAY, anyway!!

  2. You know your club has come a very long way,when Manchester United fans are shi*ting themselves and already making excuses in preparation for being done up by Tottenham Hotspur!
    They went out and bought what they thought was the best available manager in club football,who in turn bought what was meant to be one of the best midfeilders in club football,the most expensive at least! According to their fans,they also bought the best striker in the world! lol …the most expensive available option maybe? But Even after spending a couple of months per season out with injury,Harry Kane is consistently proving that the likes of Lukaku are still quite a bit beneath him.
    Yes,with a bench that probably cost more than our entire squad…and then some…plus the copious amounts of money they throw at anyone who will pull on a red top! …with the amount of Wembley finals and semi’s they’ve ‘BOUGHT’ over the years (exactly the way their neighbours do,and to Jose’s disgust!! disgustingly ironic? No? lol) how the fuff can anyone connected to Man Utd raise an unfair advantage issue with a straight face?! Always have been Glory Hunters for fans,spoiled as fuff,expecting them to win everything,and worst still,feeling as tho they have the right to win it all! Absolutely ZERO in dignity.
    I think Spurs will win,because we are a better team/squad.If we lose it’ll more likely be due to inexperience on our part.But the way we play,I dnt expect to.I DO HOWEVER…expect Jose to totally park the bus.Just like Chelsea will IF US and THEM get that far.CFC and Man Utd,both have the same-‘Buy all success and ‘play’ boring,ugly anti-football’ doing it! Even Man City have more class than them whilst they have Pep.They may spend ridiculously but he has a philosophy that he wont flex which is very entertaining to watch…until his team is playing against yours! lol :D


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