A Step Forward or Two Steps Back? Where are Tottenham Hotspur heading?


Tottenham Hotspur – a club with great success during their first Champions League campaign, a couple of seasons back. Looking to do it yet again since they got defeated against Real Madrid, they are willing to make a stronger, better squad each season.

A new manager, André Villas-Boas, appointed before the start of the last season who has experienced under Jose Mourinho and has won a treble at Porto F.C. He stays yet for another season for the first time in his career with the intention that Tottenham look  prosperous.

Well it is infact true, they do look prosperous. They do know what is to be done but always get themselves to blame towards the second half of each season. Losing crucial points when and where it really matters does make you pay a hard price at the end.

Although, Spurs have had to sell their main target man Gareth Bale, this season, they have reinvested in a very clever manner. But this is the right move forward? Yes it is. And is this their strongest team?

Well lets look at the players Spurs have had over the last few season. Dimitar Berbatov, Luka Modric, Rafael Van Der Vaart, Gareth Bale, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Robbie Keane, Michael Carrick. These are just some of the top names of back then and boy, what brilliant players have they turned out to be. EXACTLY MY POINT.

Spurs are a transition club. Every player who joins the team and has a great season, leaves in the very next. Each one of those players has had the capability to be at a top class team, and they did. They all/were playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world. Well, what would happen if they stayed? They scenario for the team would be completely different. The team would develop together and over the years, they would all have a better understanding between each other. Each of these players would probably be in their top form which meant consistence in performances and results going their way. Moreover, if new players joined, whether being top class or upcoming talents, they would improve the competition, motivating these players to increase their performances day by day.

Let’s take a look at the current team that has been brought in for this season. Erik Lamela, Vlad Chiriches, Lewis Holtby, Christian Eriksen, Hugo Lloris, Jan Vertonghen. Most of these players are upcoming talents or players who are just about to reach their prime. If even one of them has an outstanding season, they will receive offers which would be irresistible and if Spurs follow their same policy, they will never be able to achieve their targets. You always have to keep hold of your main players.

Daniel Levy tried his best, but failed to do so with Gareth Bale. He needs to lure the player out, showing how determinant he is and make the player stay loyal to the club. If he starts selling key players, Spurs will always be in the transitional period and will never be consistent. United and Arsenal for instance tend to do that. Although their players are not on top of the charts, it’s the understanding between the players that develops over time that gets you results.

Tottenham have it all to be a top club in England and could even probably prove themselves in Europe. But there needs to be a chance in their functioning. I hate to admit it but they are a selling club, just like Arsenal. Both the North London teams are similar but Arsenal have a head start this time around. If they are able to keep hold of the key players of this team for the next two to three seasons, they will be able to achieve at least a fix spot for Champions League.

Now tell me Tottenham fans, which team would you prefer perform together for few years, past (with a mix of the new players) or future?


  Walker          King           Vertonghen         Bale

Carrick      Boateng

 Lennon                                               Modric

   Van Der Vaart




 Walker           Kaboul        Vertonghen        Rose



  Lamela                                            Townsend



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  1. Your an idiot, everyone of those players (Dimitar Berbatov, Luka Modric, Rafael Van Der Vaart, Gareth Bale, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Robbie Keane, Michael Carrick.) were at the club for longer than a year (ok some were loaned out but still Spurs players), and arguably we got more out of most of them than the club they went to.

    • They were at a period where we were just able to maintain ourselves at the top half of the league. Had they stayed longer, we could have probably turned into a constant top 4/title contenders team

  2. Lots of doom and gloom after West Ham game but truth be told, West Ham never looked like scoring until they got the first and second goal which was the killer was very unlucky.

    When you are battling on so many fronts and your team has had to travel to Russia and back, sides can be affected and results like this can and do happen to all clubs that have to cope with this.

    You are right in that once again our best player has left and we never seem to get the rewards in terms of success before players leave but for once, I think Levy got it absolutely right and the message out there is that Spurs are a hugely ambitious club.

    With the number of new players it was always going to be a difficult start. The one bad decision from AVB has to be letting BAE go out on loan. All the W.Ham pressure came down that left side and Kyle Naughton is not quite there as a top full back …

    • I wrote this article on my blog thefootballersblog.wordpress.com almost a month back. So these are my pre-West Ham game thoughts. Moreover, Levy's ambitious with this club but the inability to achieve targets is whats causing players to leave, i.e, we lack consistency


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