The business end for Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

De Ja Vu?

How many times have Spurs fans witnessed their season go up in smoke towards the end of the season? Watching the team’s sweat and hard work evaporate into groans and despair as the coveted Champions League spot evades us. Detrimental dramatic endings have hurt us on more than one occasion. Die hard supporters could be forgiven for not getting carried away with our recent glow of sparkling form. For it is usually towards the finish line that the Spurs dreams of Europe implodes and it’s getting to the business end again. Let’s hope history does not repeat itself.

The problem is choice

I have heard some fans slate AVB for utilising senior players in the Europa League last season. They somehow believe we would have easily finished in a Champions League spot had we concentrated our resources on just the league. I’m not implying they are correct. I’m just asking how can they be sure that their assertions are true? If you fast-forward a year, you will come to realise that we are more or less in a very similar position. In a very identical problem that leads to a repetitive situation. The dilemma is not the Europa League. The problem is choice. Do you bank on success investing in both of these competitions or do you sacrifice one to try and win the other? It is easy to be wise after an event and we won’t know unfortunately what the right choice was until we have made it.

Made in March

Before the season began we were credited to stage a massive title push. This was largely based on our appetite shown in the transfer market that saw industrious names added to our roster. AVB flattered to deceive and his fears were compounded when we got flattened by any top 4 team we faced. City and Liverpool spring into mind here. Our so called title credentials aforementioned during pre-season seemed embarrassingly premature. The resurgence of Arsenal and their dominant displays pounded further nails into our coffin. Then the novice Tim was appointed. This was a fine example of an apprentice becoming a master. He has made the best start a Tottenham manager has ever made. That is some statement.

It’s one that all Sherwood haters should sit back and think about. Some say Tim’s encouraging start has been meddled with large strokes of luck. That is true but what successful team doesn’t need luck every now and then? What matters most is how we fare with our big games in March. A fixture list of Cardiff, Chelsea, Arsenal, Southampton and Liverpool is what we have to look forward to. The points we amass over these games will define how the chapter to this season will ultimately end. Do we really have what it takes? Of course we do. Are we actually going to beat most of these teams in March? Only time can tell. The club has always been made of steel. You would not have been able to live and tell about some of the dark experiences the Yid Army has endured over the years if you were made of anything less. This is our moment to achieve an exceedingly daunting objective, if we can pip our rivals into forth or even third place. Despite our conspicuous flaws, it’s time fans stood together to embrace many of our teams strengths. We need to be made without fear. The club needs to be made of more. For without doubt, our season will be made in March.

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