The final word on Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The final word is about January and two things in particular about January.

Firstly the game against Citeh, and for once I will rely on two people whose words and utterances I do not take with a pinch of salt – I normally take them with the white mountains that appear every year around our neighbouring Torrevieja before being transported to the UK and beyond.

Those two people are none other than Arsene Wenger (for so long I have referred to him as Le Arse Whinger – but no more for we are in agreement) whilst the other is none other than the chosen one, or is he the special one? Maybe just “The One” – move over Neo (aka Keano Reeves)

So over to their exact words – taken totally out of context of course – on various decisions lately about Manchester City and their footballing pedigree –

Arsene Wenger – “Everybody speaks of course that they had an impressive win, and a great quality game as well at Tottenham, but if you analyse it well this game could have turned. All the turning points went in their favour. If they had not, then you are not sure they would have won the game.”

Mourinho – “The players are obviously very good. Even with very good players, if the manager is not good, you don’t do it. On top of that – and I want to make it very clear that, for me, it’s just a coincidence and nothing else – the reality is they have many crucial decisions in their favour.

“City are lucky. Against Liverpool, the Sterling ‘goal’. The penalty on Suárez. Against Newcastle, the goal that is a clear goal. Against Tottenham, Dawson’s goal, the penalty and the red card. They are having everything. I repeat: just pure coincidence? But at the moment they have everything in their favour.”

So, for once – and quite possibly the only ever time in the history of me writing about football – I am in agreement with messrs Wenger and Mourinho. Weird I know but three great minds thinking alike cannot be wrong.

Citeh are a great team, but they are getting lucky, the decisions are going their way – on the pitch at least. Danny Rose has been vindicated in that he did not commit the foul and his red card has been rescinded.

It is just a shame the penalty and everything else cannot be taken back so easily. All very well for the FA to say the sending off was wrong. Where is the apology, the three points we could have had, the goal difference we now have to make up?

Yet again, poor decisions by officials are costing us – just as they cost other teams week in week out – why no video referencing?

But enough of the musings following one match – what of the great and the glorious, the January Transfer Window? That time when teams buy important players ready to improve the squad and provide the final push for end of season glory. What is the final word on that

Manure smashed their transfer record in buying Mata, while Chelski used the money and more to buy in no less than four players – Bertrand Traore, Nemanja Matic, Mohamed Saleh and Kurt Zouma. Meanwhile Le Arse seem to have been done – they appear to have purchased an injured female Finnish tennis player by the name of Kim Kallstrom.

Citeh, to be fair, didn´t need anyone so simply did not bother, while Liverpool were their usual selves – huffing and puffing and showing interest in all and sundry and ended up with no-one.

What did we do?

Sherwood insisted he would not buy so instead we released Dawkins, Obika, Coulthirst, Adams, Fredericks, Holtby and Defoe (some on loan, some on permanent deals) and who did we get in to replace them? No-one. Absolutely no-one.

It leaves us with two senior strikers – Soldado and Adebayor – and no cover (does anyone think that Kane can do any type of job for us up front?) in case either or both get injured – and do not even go down the line of anyone being out of form!

We were short of goals before the transfer window – and unless someone somewhere seriously gets their act together we are still going to be short of goals for the rest of the season.

With spaces available in the 25 man squad, why not take a punt on any one of a number of aging players currently plying their trade across Europe – even if only for a five month loan – just to put a rocket up the backside of the two current incumbents?

The list of possibles is way too long even to contemplate – one, just one, would have made the majority of us content, if not totally happy, but yet again we are left wondering whether there is a transfer policy in force at White Hart Lane or whether it is a scattergun approach.

Buy loads in one window. See how that works.

And when that fails do exactly the extreme – nothing.

The final word has to be from the fantastic, if slightly flawed, “Dad´s Army” where Private James Frazer, played by John Laurie, always seemed to come up with the phrase – “We´re all doomed! Doomed”

Maybe a little overdramatic – but poignant nonetheless.

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  1. For the reasons listed the Citeh game was nothing like the defeat at the Eithiad or Liverpool and West Ham at home. I completely agree about the window. At a minimum 1 striker and a LB were needed

  2. "It is just a shame the penalty and everything else cannot be taken back so easily. All very well for the FA to say the sending off was wrong. Where is the apology, the three points we could have had, the goal difference we now have to make up?"

    Are you being serious? Take off your blinkers, buddy. It didn't matter whether we had 10, 11 or 12 players on the pitch. Man City played us off the park.

    • They did, but games can change quite radically on little details. If we'd gone in at HT level on 1-1 (which would've been harsh on them, given that Ade WAS offside and DID interfere, but unfair things happen – look at the 2nd half!) they'd have been feeling aggrieved and would have tried to hit us with everything – as indeed they did when it was still only 0-1. But if Dzeko had been booked for diving, they might have started losing a bit of confidence and if we had grown into the game, as we tend to do in the 2nd half, we might have got at least a point out of it. Fact is, the best team DOESN'T always win!

  3. Just want to say that the weekends results didnt turn out too bad for us after all. Liverpool dropped two points as did we also Man U
    lost. Everton won unfortunately but we can put that right as we play them next at home. Fourth spot is still in our hands and not
    dependent on others because we have to play Liverpool at Anfield and a draw wouldnt be the worst thing in the world but our away
    record is good so we can be hopeful of a result providing Sherwood picks the right team. Its quite clear that 4th spot is between
    the four of us (Liverpool, Everton, Man U and ourselves) Newcastles indifferent form puts them out of the reckoning. My only concern
    is that the Europa cup is coming up soon and our PL performances following the Thursday games havent been brilliant. Hopefully by then everyone will be fit so we will have a large squad to pick from so rotation will help. It depends if Sherwood believes on a
    rotation system or not.

    • 1 -1 draw West Brom ,Liverpool just like us, can you hear the shouts for Rogers out !!

      Probobaly not,their not Spurs fans.I use the word fan in the very loosist sense of the word.

  4. Gary Player was once considered a 'lucky' golfer ..but he simply said 'yeah, it's funny really ..the harder I practice, the luckier I get!'
    If Spurs were practicing playing great football, we'd be creating a lot of luck that would go our way too!
    Yes, they were big decisions and that damned linesman got them both horribly wrong (or at least couldn't give us the benefit of huge doubts) but it's awful at the moment ..we're hardly better than we were last year, but with one big difference. Now we haven't got a game changer like Bale to dig us out of holes, and, apart from Eriksen (a talented but developing player) we have got any creativity in the side.

  5. City may have played us off the park, but the score was still only 1-0 Dawsons goal 1-1,Rose still on the pitch, Aguero off injured, maybe just maybe. Don't forget we played Newcastle off the park and still lost. But to win games you have to score and I cant see where enough will come from, big mistake, as was last year not buying in Jan.

    • I agree with with the points you've made bobs, but there's no point in buying for the sake of buying, and if the right guys aren't available at a sensible price (look at how much they were asking for Draxler – same as Mata!) what can you do?

  6. Any manager of Tottenham who picks Dawson as a first choice CB and who has confidence that Rose will become become a solid first team full back while playing in a back four that includes Walker and aspiring to take Tottenham to a higher Premiership level, is utterly delusional!

    Whatever about that, what about this? Does our man Sherwood and his acolytes Les and company, feel secure with Friedel as a replacement for Lloris, should that need arise?

    The sooner Sherwood is well remembered through his learning curve the better. Only our ex-Harry could have managed to have out done our Tim in the media friendly fallacies he entertains while a significant number of professed Tottenham supporters online are often worse and more delusional still!

  7. get a grip
    why do you think levy got in 4 or 5 international players last summer?
    most of these players are decent individually for their respective countries and if most or all of them have a good world cup then levy knows he could sell them on at a profit (that';s why holtby hasn't been sold – he'd be worth more in the summer after the world cup)
    so expect a busy transfer period next summer ( especially as spurs won't make the top 4 or maybe even miss out alltogether on europe) and wave goodbye to most of last summers newcomers with probably lloris & vertonghan also departing…. well it is about making money… isn't it??

    • No, it isn't, but unfortunately, because of obsessive 'fans', it IS all about the CL, and it is FAR more difficult to qualify from the EPL than from ANY other European League. So if the club isn't looking like qualifying then the 'fans' get on the backs of the players and management, which kicks off a vicious circle as results deteriorate, along with player morale, and come summer the players who could walk into most CL teams will want to leave. People criticise DL but he has done wonders to build the squad he has without being able to offer CL or the same salaries as our rich rivals. The only way a club in Spurs' position can compete is for everybody to be united in backing the team and lifting them to outperform stronger, wealthier rivals. Only then will we be able to break into that privileged group ourselves.

  8. agree with Lbano on Dawson, going absolutely nowhere with him, walker has been our best player, after all he is covering like Lloris for the missing Dawson. We were not unlucky against City, we were trashed, same against Llivepool, City again and West Ham. Dawson started all those while others took the blame by being dropped, Chiriches, Kaboul, Capoue and Naughton. frighteningly he has been awarded a new 3 year contract. we should be alright by 2018 then but Lloris, Walker, Rose, Chiriches, and Naughton and Vert will leave.

  9. i have moaned on here recently about ts and cronies and their decisions on team selections im sorry but bentaleb is just not experienced enough [send him on loan ] to gain that . he played him v city and failed so he picked him v hull another failure y coups wasnt chosen again to start crazy , and what was daws doing on when chiriches should have partnered verts we cant do anything ref rosie unless he plays chiri at lb verts and kabs cbs walker rb with sandrocoups along side paulo erikson [ must play every game if poss with lennon dembelelamela and adesoldado we would then have a team that can win . come summer daws siggy rose livermore chadli[complete waiste of 7m] kane friedel gomes fryers naughton sell just not spurs or cl standard , feed back and opinions welcome coys

  10. Just got to get this off my chest that scum bag Theo walcot winds spurs fans up withhis 2_0 gesture and gets a slap on the wrist now just cos afew coins were thrown there going right over the top next time boys throw them harder


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