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We as Spurs fan always expect quite a lot of our team and this season you could say we’ve even raised the bar on expectations based on the sum of money spent in the squad. Have we over looked the fact that we are still Spurs and not to dwell on the past but the result against West Ham? It doesn’t really do our squad justice. We are a much better squad than what we saw last weekend and I believe we will continue to be disappointed as the season goes on. We have this uncanny ability to lose to teams we shouldn’t and that really drives me up the wall. It’s as if our players become complacent and forget how competitive the Premier League really is.

I hate to say it but I have doubts about our ability to qualify for the Champions League this season yet alone the title itself, Our squad is amazing yet they are still new to each other, once they all have a season together I will be more confident along with hopefully some more signings in January. Also Arsenal, Chelsea and both Manchester’s have strengthen their teams significantly, maybe with not as many signings but I think that will help them in the long run, as they all already have a squad of players who know how to work with each other, and a new player here and there will pick it up very quickly.

There is no doubt we have created a force for the future with our signings and I believe that has been promised to most of the new guys. This season though, our work is cut out for us, and as it is still early its hard to predict, yet my spidey-sense says that our inability to put down less impressive sides could prove decisive. If we can only establish a 1 or 2 goal advantage over teams lower than us and then give it up to concede a draw or loss, how can we hope to beat the top dogs? I hope I am wrong and this next game at Aston Villa could sum up exactly what I’m saying or prove me wrong, I hope it’s the latter.


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  1. The Villa game will do nothing but give our new sigings a run around in a chance to get to know each other on the pitch. The loss against West Ham was exactly what we needed in order for us to progress, we were starting to become complacent and it showed with the lackluster performances from all but a couple. It was a massive, yet, needed shock to the system.

    If we had have stayed on cloud 9 without being let down like a balloon then we'd have slipped up for longer, now that we have been grounded our performances will be better defensively and, hopefully, have made AVB more responsive to what is going on in the match in order to win with what is up against us.

  2. Man Utd lost to West Brom, Arsenal lost to Aston Villa, Man City lost to Cardiff and Chelsea lost to Everton. So there was always going to be ‘that little team’ that gets the better of us. But bounce back we will. COYS!!!


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