Tottenham Hotspur meets the Alice in Wonderland

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

“Curiouser and curiouser!” (from Alice in Wonderland)

Tim Sherwood said “the greatest team in the world,” but he wasn’t talking about Spurs, oh, no! but the team that put 11 goals past Spurs under two different managers. At the same time Sherwood rejected an offer from Levy to strength his team. So where does Sherwood think we stand in the greater scheme of things?

We certainly can’t compete with the likes of Arsenal, City or Chelsea at the moment (and probably for the foreseeable future), which leaves us with Liverpool, an improved team under Brendan Rodgers (who put 5 past Spurs under AVB), Everton, another improved team under Roberto Martínez (who don’t have the resources as Spurs have) and a very poor (this season) Manchester United (who we beat at Old Trafford and drew at White Hart Lane; again under two different managers).

We are certainly better than the likes of Palace, Fulham, Stoke, Southampton, Aston Villa, Sunderland and Cardiff but suspect against teams like Hull, West Ham, Newcastle United and WBA. So where does that leave Spurs? Going by those statistics probably mid-table. There are about four teams fighting for 4th place; United, Everton, Liverpool and us. Our next game is at White Hart Lane against Everton. We need a victory against Everton to be considered a credible challenger for a 4th spot. It all sounds like a crazy ride on an intoxicated night. At this point in time we are in a very good position (which we keep telling ourselves). If we beat Everton and then beat Liverpool in March, at Anfield (sounds easy) we might stand a chance. That doesn’t, of course, get us totally out of that maze yet. A trip to Newcastle on their own ground and a few other mid and bottom placed teams and Bob’s your uncle and aunt Fanny is your estranged sister; easy! That should secure Sherwood management for at least another season… or will it? Rednapp got sacked for 4th and AVB was given the job to take Spurs to the next level.

AVB’s first season he broke some records but finished 5th (but he had a plan). That plan concluded with his dismissal after a 5 nil defeat at the hands of Liverpool at White Hart Lane. Oh, we mustn’t forget those £100 million buys that was supposed to put us on the next level (which level I hear you say? Quite!). So again I repeat my question; where do we stand? Does Sherwood have the ability and experience to take us to the next level or will he turn us into a laughing stock? Daniel Levy hasn’t had a great record in picking THAT manager to bring us back our Glory, Glory days. But we steadfast Spurs fans always believe the next manager will be that knight in shining armour. At the moment we look back to those nights when Bill Nicholson and Arthur Rowe brought the title to White Hart Lane; 63 years ago the first time and the last time 53 years ago. We look back while the likes of United, Arsenal, City and Chelsea look forward. It will be one of them that will win the title this season and it will be one of them who will win the title for the foreseeable future. Remember what Alice (from Wonderland) said? We can’t go back to yesterday as we were a different team then (paraphrasing); yes we are a different team, we are all different teams, and playing in a different world. We should have took the bull by the horns and did what the top 4 teams did; built a powerful and commercial enterprise for our ever changing times, instead Spurs keep knocking on the door to economical football eliteness.

One hundred bloody million should have at least saw us kicking that bloody mythical door in, but instead it has been slammed in our faces with only the possibility of a 4th spot on the horizon; and sod’s law is that we finish above Everton, Liverpool and United (who then go on and  win the European Championship). Oh, the joys and tribulations of a loyal Spurs supporters and our troublesome team. Oh, why, oh why does it have to be so confusing? Hundred million should have wiped away our tears and put a sparkle back in our eyes… and on top of that we sold Gareth Bale (but then again we didn’t need him; no, we had all that talent… all that lovely lolly converted into an invincible team). But next season will be different. A new manager, new prospect and another fortune to throw at the wind.

So which way does Daniel Levy go now? He reminds me of Alice’s conversation with the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland: “Alice came to a fork in the road. ‘Which road do I take?’ she asked. ‘Where do you want to go?’ responded the Cheshire Cats’ don’t know,’ Alice answered. ‘Then,’ said the Cat, ‘it doesn’t matter.”


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  1. Hi – We are improving almost inspite of ourselves, but our biggest problem is that the teams we like to compare ourselves too are improving too. In addition to the players coming in we have to look at those going out. Levy didn't ever need or want to sell them, but off they went. Our competitors have on the whole kept their core team together and added significantly year on year. Even Arsenal has now overtaken us in net transfer spend. Why? Well we need a stadium that's why and we don't have a Billionaire throwing money at us, so we have to do it ourselves. That's not the end of the world, we need to be patient, but we also need our chairman to be patient too. Levy has to appoint a manager and stick with them.

  2. What is the point of this article? All I'm reading is how things did not work out in hindsight. Whining about problems, without providing any suggestions on how to improve or correct them. And as a response to Adam, "Levy has to appoint a manager and stick with them", I was happy when we appointed AVB, and I was expecting great things from him. I was upset when we mutually decided to go our separate ways, but after reflection, the stubbornness, apparent inability to learn from mistakes and apparent poor man management (and AVB's subsequent own comments), have helped me to not only accept the decision, but to approve it. Putting Dim Sherwood in charge is a stopgap solution, until we can hire a proper manager after the world cup, and I'm happy with us not sticking with him.

    I cannot imagine who we should have hired to manage Tottenham, that could guarantee success. I expect us to start next season with Van Gaal in charge, but even if he has won a trophy every year, he has done so with Ajax in Holland, Bayern in Germany and Barcelona in Spain, with these teams, and in those leagues, a manager is only achieving the minimum requirement by winning trophies. Spurs are not the dominant force in EPL as those other teams are in their respective leagues, and I can only see Mr. Van Gaal as a gamble, albeit a lesser one than many other managers. I cannot criticize the actions of Levy or ENIC without the help of hindsight, and cannot imagine what they could have done so differently.


  3. Hi VegaMatiz,

    There is always a point my friend, whether we see it or not. By putting something negative up (or as you say "whining") or even positive it gives people a chance to respond; agree of disagree. My comments forced you to put pen to paper and voice your concerns. Which is welcome. And of course I've done my job.

    You are welcome my friend; if there is anything else I can do then please ask. I am only here to serve and put a smile on Spurs fans faces (in your case maybe not a smile; but at least enthusiasm to comment).


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