Tottenham’s Season So Far: 5 Talking Points


We at Tottenham have started reasonably well this season. Despite the obvious set back of losing Gareth Bale, I believe Levy, AVB and Baldini have done a brilliant job at replacing Gareth with an even stronger force. Which gave me the idea of our 5 Biggest Ups and Downs so far this Season.

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  1. Look, JD missed 2 sitters and cost us the game.He's been missing 1on1 in the PL too often.Yes, he's been scoring in Europa and Carling Cup, but most of the opposition is weak. Despite being a loyal servant to spurs, he's not a quality striker anymore!

  2. What about moving Townsend into a central strikers position, he's big and strong will plenty of pace.It's what AVB did with GB late in last season.Because Saldalo is lost as the lone striker, have him playing in behind Andros, who he could play off.

  3. Up until last sunday I with the majority of spurs fans were reasonably happy with our play/position. But the poor finishing continues, so many chances in most of our PL games and hardly any goals.Once we get that sorted I believe we will be up there in the top 4 no probs.

  4. I see K.Naughton as a real 'weak-link' and he needs to be sidelined. K.Walker seems to 'fly-close-to -the-wind' during most games, and despite his England call-up, could become a liability, by being caught on the counter and also he gets wound-up to easily.I predict he will get at least 1 red this season, poss more.

  5. Well done! good observations from a seventeen year old and I only hope we can do enough to justify your optimism and faith in our team. I'm sure we will!

  6. Not very well thought out. You want a 4 3 3, with Capoue holding, Dembele and Paulinho playing in front of him. then you go on to say you also think Ericsson should be in as well. 4 doesn't go into 3. To play Ericsson on one side of the pitch, or as the main striker would be wasteful in the extreme. One of Capoue or Sandro should always start. As was proven by West Ham. AVB is not confident enough to allow our 3 topmost players to switch at will, thus causing much more damage to opposition defences. Because of this predictability we are easy to stop. Be prepared to be disappointed this season. our plan A as played so far, will not beat the top teams, and will struggle for goals against the weaker ones.

  7. Spurs goal scoring record is appalling . they simply don't get enough bodies around the box.
    They are unable to lift the pace of the game in the last third of the park .were will the goals from midfield come from

  8. Think the dembele paulinho partnership is overhyped.Don't think they are very good together typical english outlook big strong athletes but against teams that park the bus at home they lack the intelligence and creativity to open up a defense hence the lack of goals.We need players like holtby in the middle intelligent can battle get his head up pick a pass open up a defense and create for a striker which is what soldado needs.


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