Veteran Pundit:Spiralling stadium costs could see Spurs lose major stars and Pochettino

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

According to The Express former Sky Sports pundit Richard Keys has revealed some bombshell Tottenham news he believes will stun the White Hart Lane faithful.

Keys claims he has heard Spurs have ‘crashed through the billion pound barrier’ while rebuilding our new stadium and he says that could now mean the club’s biggest stars could be sold – and that Mauricio Pochettino could go too.

Keys wrote in his personal blog: “I’m hearing that Spurs have crashed through the billion pound barrier whilst building the new arena.If that’s correct – the selling will start as early as this summer. What happens after that will be fascinating.

“Pochettino certainly won’t stick around to be part of it.”

The article goes on to describe how Pochettino has guided the club to a third successive top-three finish in the Premier League and has done so spending far less than the teams around them and having to play their home games at Wembley this season.

It Agfa however with the clamour for trophies growing stronger all the time, Pochettino, in an alarming change of tone, suggested that Spurs might have to ditch their current policy of frugality and “take risks” to start delivering silverware.

The rumours persist and won’t go away until Pochettino commits himself to the club. Whether Pochettino’s words have been misinterpreted or there is cause for genuine concern remains to be seen.

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  1. I though that hairy ape Richard Keys was dead? As he’s still alive, I wonder why anyone would bother with what that has been has to say, he’s obviously attempting to get some kind of attention for himself. The guy was a wrong un from the start.

  2. Hi Shane. Richard Keys whoever he is attached to is scaremongering pure n simple. Do you honestly think DL took on this Northumb project with eyes closed? He knows and always knew this size project was always going to balloon and bet yr bottom dollar he has plans ready to absorb costs and put Spurs in a position to spend on transfers. DL will devise a buyout from Joe Lewis to a consortium made up of stadium financing banks, NFL franchise and the new stadium naming rights sponsor. DL is not going down same road of re-paying stadium Arsenal style (sell best players and non-replacement).
    You heard it from me first ok.

  3. Richard keys, of course, he knows and hears everything from quantum physics to abusing female colleagues. Thanks for the heads up mate, much appreciated, now go boil your head.

  4. Keys has been coating us off for years. Don’t worry, not one negative thing he has had to say about us has come true. What a dickhead.

  5. Keys hasn’t a clue. There has been no significant delays and the costs are agreed on a lump sum with penalties payable by the contractors if there is any time overrun unless due to spec changes and additions or unforseen conditions. Unforeseen conditions which could add to the costs of most concern is wind and particularly in the March-July window when the roof was being lifted and the cassettes and glass panels fitted. As it happens so far and touch wood the spring weather has been better than average.

    Sky sports and the Express says it all as a CV. His comments do appear to be that of a dickhead but I would refrain from saying that this is the case. He may have made a mistake indeed a dickhead of a mistake. We are all vulnerable to demented comments occasionally and he is as one commentator pointed out getting on a bit. Poor Mr Keys

  6. Dear Mr Keys

    Please stick to what your good at which apparently is derogatory comments you neanderthall.

    Why did anyone even bother to write this article oh yeah to get comments like this damm i fell for it again


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