We is Us


‘We is us. We are everybody at the club. Don’t you agree? Why do you think there is any intention to separate myself from it?’

That was the response from AVB to Neil Ashton the hack that portrays himself as a journalist while he earns his living spearheading the anti-Spurs movement at the Daily Mail. Am I being overprotective about my club with that assessment, maybe? However when I look back over the last few years it always seems to be the Mail heaping the negativity toward the Lane. They were horrific with the Modric reporting, from the first offer from Cheatski through to his eventual transfer to Madrid and then again with the Bale saga. They rarely seem to give us credit for anything positive and there is a real and apparent disparity with the treatment of AVB compared to other PL managers.

What I loved about AVB’s response was not just the calling out of Ashton and Martin Samuel but the statement of unity and the reiteration of accepting responsibility for that unacceptable defeat. The zinger about the fans not trading their passion for money unlike Alan Sugar was also excellent.

Don’t get me wrong there have been issues this season, and we should never be on the end of a loss like that but we have already seen a positive reaction with an away win and a draw against the reigning champions which so easily could have been 3 points with a little more luck.

We continue to create chances (as much if not more than any other PL team), and when we start converting them we can push on from our not so disastrous position. That is the challenge for AVB now and unlike the Daily Mail I think he will figure it out. We all have our own opinions and mine would be to keep faith with Soldado, use Lennon and Townsend on the correct wings to put crosses in and come January, sell Defoe and Ade. Then we could buy another big name striker and let Harry Kane be third choice.

The AVB out press has been backed by a minority of our fans and they are entitled to their opinion much more than Ashton and Samuel. While I share their concerns I think this would be very harmful to the club at this stage. AVB has received public backing of the squad this week notably Sandro, Vertonghen, Dembele, Siggy and Friedel, so he has not lost the dressing room. He has a team of new players and right now we sit in a position to be competitive on all fronts. I love his passion for the team which is obvious when you watch him on the sidelines and analyze his comments. I still firmly believe that when he commented about the fans after Hull he did so to protect the players after they complained to him, although that is me just speculating I have no factual basis for that opinion.

A win against Fulham is a must, the need to convert chances is a must but the unity of our support for the club we love is a must also after all “WE IS US”

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