Does White Hart Lane still have the X-factor?


The news this week revolves around AVB’s comments that the Spurs faithful aren’t generating enough atmosphere at home games and that the players are starting to become affected by the apparent ‘lack’ of support. Is this statement fair, or is AVB pushing his luck by criticising the fans? A bit of both, if you ask me.

Whilst i think AVB’s comments have come out stronger than he means them to be, he has a valid point. White Hart Lane, in my experience, can produce a wonderful atmosphere when the fans are in full voice and it could easily rival any stadium for this in the league. However, I think it’s fair to say that the fans do take their foot of the pedal when we face the ‘smaller’ teams as there is a level of expectancy that flows through the terraces. When Chelsea, Arsenal, City and Utd come to town, the fans know they will have to be at their best in order to create a 12th man and hugely influence our beloved team’s motivation on the pitch. This isn’t the case with teams like Hull City. The crowd become almost lazy in a way that they become relaxed about getting a result, regardless of the vocal support they can bring. AVB is simply saying that we should back the team vocally against ALL teams, EVERY game, and throughout the WHOLE game. And frankly, i agree. We often seem to struggle against the lesser teams in the league as they consistently set up to defend when we are at home, so it is logical to suggest we provide the team with extra enthusiasm in order to break through and drive the team on. It could be the subtle difference between drawing and winning, with every result of huge importance.

Whilst i understand some fans to be questioning AVB’s comments on Sunday, you have got to admire his honesty. He knew that he might face some negativity but you got to remember he is looking out for the best interests of the team. Yes, we haven’t been playing out best football, and yes we are scraping through games at the moment, but it is results that count and we are getting them. We have only lost two games in total this season (Arsenal away and West Ham at home) and we are consistently picking up clean sheets with our wins so you can’t really argue with our start to the season. We have a completely new-look side and it’s going to take time for the squad to properly gel so keep the faith people and back the team at whatever cost. AVB is doing a brilliant job and i’m certain our play will ‘click’ sooner-rather than-later, leading onto bigger and better things. COYS!!

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  1. Who truthfully thought we were playing fantastic football against hull last night, in the first half we had one shot at goal, and that was a great goal, but that was it, gradually got a little better 2nd half, and then extra time, bloodey hell guys we were playing grafters hull city, we should not have needed extra time, we should have been 5-0 up, they like west ham, are grafters working like mad , parking the bus, and then catching teams on the break, we let hull score 2 goals, so the defensive record isnt that great is it, 3 against west ham , and now 2 against hull, avb was being criticised by fans on sunday, not the players as he said, he was being heckled by the fans, and knew if he did not deflect the fans wrath, he might be looking at headlines like spurs fans boo avb, and then they would get bolder with their stories, unrest in spurs camp, avb feeling the pressure etc etc, you know how it goes, and then our chairman will have to react, which i really hope he does and soon, avb is a fraud, he cant organise players into a functioning well drilled team, he has no rappore with players, and fails to inspire the players into their best football, he has no charisma, is boring like his football tactics, he is a jose wannabe, he is not a manager, there are managers out there in the lower leagues, who know more about football, than this fraud, he is being paid a fortune by us, and it has to stop, chelsea saw through him, and we will too eventually, but it may just be too late for top 4 regretfully.

  2. John, you really do not have a clue do you…….

    AVB is a fraud!!!
    He can't organise players into a functioning well drilled team!!!!

    We have played 16 competative games so far this season, we have W 13 (including last night on pens) D 1 and L 2. That as I make it is around 82% win ratio. Now I am not saying anything about the standard of team we have played but from what you are saying you make it sound as though he has lost the majority of those.

    I am echoing what a lot of people have been saying but you are saying all of this after 9 league games. It is a brand new team!!!!! It takes time for everybody to settle, playing with new team mates. I think he has done an unbelievable job intergrating a lot of new players with the established and we are winning games. Why can't people remember where we used to be and give the guy a chance, get behind your team instead of whinging.

    As for your coments of he has no rappore with the players, who cares he is the manager who has to make tough calls on who plays every week, he doesn't need to be there best mate. And as it happens in every interview I hear from all the players when it comes to speaking of AVB they all say the same thing, he has been brilliant!!

    He has introduced some tactics into our game instead of "go on lads do your best and run around". Give the guy a break and get behind our team and see what happens.

    You may actually be surprised at what happens!!


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