Old or Young: Which holds the key to success?


Many clubs are turning against spending the big bucks on the world class players that could have passed their best before date. Instead they are investing in young players who are yet to flourish in the hope they will bag themselves a word class player for a bargain.

Both of these transfer methods are very effective for example Eto’o (aged 32) has scored 6 goals in 14 games for Chelsea where as Soldado has 6 in 15 and he cost almost 3 times the price. Young players have their benefits also as no one expected us to make a to make an £78 million profit on Gareth Bale after reaping the profits of his thunderbolt strike. So which of these methods is best suited for us?

I believe we should be aiming to sign players around the 23-24 age mark. This is my view because there is and extremely large risk factor in buying young teenagers, making them change league and then piling on immense pressure by saying we want to win silverware. Let’s face it – Daniel Levy isn’t really famed for taking risks. There is also a large risk in buying players aged 29+ because they may be set in their ways and will not be able to adapt to a new team, league and style of play. This may make them loose confidence and it’s a lose lose situation for the club and player.

That’s why a 24 year old has matured enough to now how to cope with press and another troubles they may come across, they will also be experienced to know what a club’s heritage is like and respect other teammates’ legacy. They will have time to blossom into a world class player but have the youth to adapt their style of play why they still can – it worked for Madrid, Barca and City so it should work for us

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