A “Real” disgrace


At last, the football’s “BACK”

Yet because the last couple of months have been crazy to say the least, what with every man and his dog trying their upper most to export Gareth Bale to Spain, my first article is about that very subject.

I mean c’mon we all know and knew that at some point in the future Bale would be moving on to the so called Mecca of World football that is Real Madrid, but I can’t help but think two things about it all.

1, is how undignified Madrid truly are, I mean the way they’ve gone about publicly tapping him up is nothing other than a disgrace, from the constant comments of Perez,Zidane and even Ancelotti to pictures of Bales name on the back of a Real shirt are just the half of it, yet all in all their actions have been nothing other than despicable, cheap and dirty, the kind of behaviour you’d expect more from the Chavs “not” from one of the biggest and most glamorous football Clubs in the world football. Yet because of it any thoughts I may have had about the so called galacticos have changed from being kind of dreamy and mythical to utter disgust and even hate.

Madrid this is “NOT” the way to do business!

The other point is how bad our own UK press have been acting during this too, I mean they’ve made it perfectly clear they will not be happy until Gareth leaves these shores, and that confuse’s the hell out of me? Why would the media want him gone when during the season it’s his performances and wonder goals that provide them with the articles they need to write? Surely it’s better to have the best players playing in our Premier League than playing hundreds of miles away in a division that only has 2 teams capable of wining. It seems to me they’re all so disparate to be the one to break the transfer news, to be the first to the story that they can’t even see the what they’ll lose when he’s gone, and that for me is utter stupidity and even “cheap” journalism.

Surely the story someone needs to write and wants to write is why the hell have UEFA yet again kept quiet whilst the most “blatant” form of tapping up has been going on? Surely there’s a jurno out there dieing to get their teeth into yet more UEFA disrespect shown to a British based club? After all we all know we get treated like shit by them and the time has come for someone to be asking “why” rather than try to unsettle a top UK player so they can write a story that lets face it they can only ever write once, yet by doing so helps push him into what is nothing other than a glorified SPL!

Here’s hoping there’s a reporter out there that might one day try to get to the bottom of UEFA’s hatred towards British clubs.

As I write there’s currently 13 days until the transfer window slams firmly shut, and i for one hope Gareth will be pulling on that famous white shirt, not the white of the newly self confessed chavs of Spanish football, but the white, the Lilly white of Spurs. I’ve not even mentioned our new exciting signings, yet with them alongside last season’s quadruple Player of the a year I’m convinced for the first time in my 40 years we could finally make a serious challenge!


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  1. The reason that teh media want Bale gone from Tottenham is because of an inbred dislike of the club. Most Fleet Street sporting hacks are either Chavski, Gooner or Spammers fans, so a hatred of Spurs is inbred in them. I too cannot understand why they would rather see Bale ply his trade in Spain though, which is really the only place he could ever go as Levy would never sell directly to another Premiership club. Anyway if todays runours are true – Bale gone for £93m plus Contrao, and also Lamela and Willn coming in, I think us Spurs fanse have some interestinf times ahead this season…….

  2. what i find so sick of all this is, the epl trying to build it's self into won of the best in the world by tempting the best players in the world but instead the uk press are doing it's best to get rid of them in the case of bale, absolutely pathetic and sick minded people, shame on them all.

  3. What a good passionate article. I cannot understand either why Real can publicly tap up a player (day after day after day) and not get sanctioned by UEFA. There's something wrong here. Surely Tottenham will lodge an official complaint when the window closes. They absolutely must or they are just as bad as Real Madrid and don't care about humiliation of their club or their fans as long as they get the money.
    I actually Mr Levy is extremely shrewd and he's not letting Bale go and when he has a settled squad (on the 3rd September), he will report Real M to UEFA.
    He would be standing up for the Premiership if he did that and the stupid British media (broadsheets and all) should know better than to lick up to these cowboys, because that's all they are.

  4. Hey!! Where have you been the last 60 yrs?__This ALWAYS how the RM scum do business.__When the CL started in 1955 they pinched PUSKAS from Hungary and di Stefano from Argentina and became the first non national team in any league thanks to the money thrown at them by their best supporter:Franco._Not only that but the above two also played for Sapin which shows you how much power RM have and how little FIFA/UEA have.__They threw money at the worlds best players and won everything until Eusebio and the referee stopped THFC in 1962 and Benfica won the CL. Then the three Italian whores caught on and the four of them dominated the CL. But clubs like Ajax, Celtic, MU still had a chance as RM couldn't

  5. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with your comments, but the question I have been asking myself is why hasn't GB come out and said what HE wants to do? Surely his fans at Tottenham deserve an answer to all the hype and speculation?

  6. There's nothing anyone can do about the tapping up, because it's not coming from Real Madrid themselves, by using a 3rd party like Marca they have 'plausible deniability'.

    • Bull. Pérez and Zidane both publicly tapped him up. Pérez offering him the No. 11 shirt and Zidane saying he was too good for Tottenham and should hand in a transfer request. If any Premiership Club did that UEFA would place sanctions on them and ban them from signing players for three transfer windows as they did with Chelsea a couple of years ago.

  7. the UK sporting press are a very strange mob. At the best of times they are repetitive and at worst scandalous and massively counter-productive.

    At least the crappy media outlets abroad actually encourage world class players to join their respective leagues. Our f*ckin lot do the exact opposite!!

  8. We were actually serious challengers in 84-5 and topped the league on New Year's Day after winning 2-1 at Arsenal. Eventually finished 3rd, level on points with Liverpool in 2nd, but in the same season we went out of the UEFA Cup to Madrid after our first ever European home defeat (0-1 Perryman o.g.) and a 0-0 in the return with a Spurs 'goal' disallowed for no reason.
    Coincidence? Mugged by Madrid but title challengers and way ahead of Arsenal.

  9. Thanks for all your comments thus far on my article, love the feedback that gets generated.
    As for Madrid acting through a 3rd party in Marca, we ALL know that paper is driven by Madrid, however all the 3 names i have mentioned have in fact gone public themselves about Bale.

    Yes we all know it goes on, and no doubt we ourselves have also done it, BUT the constent talk of it day in day out in PUBLIC is so flouting the rules its a joke..
    Like you all i want to see an end to it 1 way or another but what i also want is a public complaint made by Levy to UEFA about both Madrid and UEFA's own lack of action, then for Levy to also inform Madrid to POKE the so called friendship agreement right up their A++…

    • would love to see us make a complaint to UEFA but for that to hold any weight we need to reject the bid. Complaining after taking the money means F**k all

    Ironic your spelling errors actually point out your main points of the article though!
    Good article and good points overall.

  11. Want Bale to stay,and part of me still believes he will, BUT no one player is bigger than the club .
    If Willian and Lemela come in he's gone and I'll be surprised if he stays BUT if only Willian comes in I reckon he'll stay for another year.

  12. If Willian and Lamela are in Bale is out,however if only Willian is in Bale will stay for another year.
    COYS,we've everyone to prove wrong!

  13. Spot on with this write-up!!! One can never the British press… So lets just like them, hate them and ignore them in the same manner… COYS!!!

  14. translate ,please, it's very important , thank you very much .

    à messieurs daniel levy , andré villas-boas ,gareth bale.

    je tient à vous rappeler , que toute équipe de premier league anglaise , je dis bien toute équipe de premier league , est au service avant tout ,au plus prestigieux des pays l' angleterre , du plus prestigieux des drapeaux l' union jack ,et de la reine ….toute les équipes doivent faire tout ce qui est en leur pouvoir : pour que le plus prestigieux des trophées ,la ligue des champions ,revienne au pays
    qui a inventé le football ….etc:"vous etes tous dans le meme bateau ".

    si vous le permettez ,j' aimerai vous donner un conseil avisé concernant cette affaire : il est que si le joueur veut quitter le club à tout prix , ( je dis bien si …),pour à mon avis : avoir la possibilité de jouer ,
    dès cette année , la ligue des champions et avoir de grandes chances de la gagner …..
    de votre coté ,messieurs daniel levy et andré villas-boas votre intéret ,puisque le joueur veut à tout prix quitter le club ,est trouver un club qui satisfasse les désirs de votre joueur et l' obligation de paiement du transfert du joueur à la hauteur de son talent , qui vous permettent de ne pas etre perdant
    et de pouvoir entrevoir l' avenir avec sérénité.
    surtout que ce soit , impérativement un club anglais ,surtout pas un club étranger ( real de madrid, psg ,as monaco ,ou autre ….etc).

    les clubs de football :répondant à ces critères et qui satisfasse les deux parties :
    le joueur gareth bale et messieurs daniel levy et andré villas-boas :sont manchester united fc et chelsea fc , deux club prestigieux ,qui ont déja gagné la ligue des champions ,qui ont toutes les chances de la gagner de nouveau ,qui sont respectueux avec les dirigeants et les joueurs avec lesquels
    ils travaillent .la situation financière des deux clubs est bonne ,et ils disposent des fonds nécessaires
    pour effectuer le transfert et payer le salaire du joueur .

    à vous de faire le choix entre ses deux club .

    un ami .

    ps : stopper transaction avec real de madrid .

  15. translate , please , thank you very much .

    à messieurs lewis , daniel levy , et andré villas-boas ,respectivements propriétaire ,président,manager ,du

    messieurs ,stopper le transfert de gareth bale au real de madrid : cela amoindri les chances de
    chelsea fc et manchester united fc de gagner la ligue des champions qui doit revenir de droit
    à l'angleterre et cela amoindri les chances de manchester city à accéder à la demi-finale
    de la ligue des champions :par conséquent ( d'après les règles de l' UFEA) s' amoindri les chances d'avoir un ou deux équipes anglaises supplémentaires qualifiées d' office pour la ligue des champions :donc cela réduit vos chances d'étre qualifiées pour la ligue des champions ,ce qui est un de vos objectifs prioritaires , je crois….

    vendez-le à manchester united fc ou chelsea fc (ils lui dérouleront le tapis rouge, et ses deux club meilleurs pour la carrière du joueur ) et à aucun autres clubs.

    ps : de plus on est loin des 120 millions d'euros minimum ,payable impérativement en une seule fois ….c' est une très mauvaise affaire que vous faites la , à tout point de vue , arréter
    la transaction avec le real de madrid de suite .

    un ami .

  16. translate ,please ,it's very important , thank you very much .

    à messieurs joe lewis ,daniel levy ,et andré villas-boas,respectivements propriétaire,président,manager,
    du club.

    transactions en cours ,selon presse , :
    transfert du joyau gareth bale au real de madrid !!!!

    pour salaire du joueur compris entre 5 à 10 millions d'euros ???

    prix du transfert 99 millions d' euros payable en trois fois ?????

    prix du transfert 90 millions d'euros payable en une fois ????

    c' est une plaisanterie , une véritable catastrophe …..arreter tout absolument .

  17. translate ,please ,it 's very important ,thank you very much .

    à messieurs joe lewis , daniel levy , et andré villas-boas , respectivements propriétaire , président ,
    manager du club .

    le prix du transfert de votre joyau gareth bale , était fixé à juste titre à 120 millions d'euros,
    payable à une seule fois cash, le salaire du joueur fixé à 10 millions d'euros par ans .

    – le real de madrid vous ,propose comme dernière offre :
    de payer le prix du transfert du joueur de 90 à 99 millions d'euros ,payable en plusieurs fois ,
    étalé sur plusieurs années ?????quelles garanties vous avez : connaissant la crise économique
    terrible qui sévit en espagne ???ils veulent " vous roulez dans la farine ".

    -concernant le salaire du joueur ,ils proposent un salaire compris entre 5 et 9 millions d'euros ???

    -c 'est une plaisanterie , une véritable catastrophe …arreter tout absolument .

    -de plus le joueur ,gareth bale risque d'avoir de gros problème avec cristiano ronaldo ,(connaissant le caractère du joueur ,et son ego ) ,il lui voler la vedette ….., il a meme façon
    de jouer , il joue au meme poste que cristiano ronaldo :aillier ,il fort probable que ça se
    passe pas bien avec le joueur .

    -si l'affaire se fait ???!!!!!!, ça serait une très mauvaise affaire pour le club et pour le joueur.

    -en vérité ,la seule solution , le seul club qui serait parfait pour le club et le joueur :
    est le paris saint germain et surtout pas le real de madrid ou manchester united fc ( un concurrent direct pour le titre de champions d'angleterre et la qualification de fait en ligue des
    champions :qui est à votre porté ) .

    – le paris saint germain , un club plein d'avenir (à l'image de son championnat : as monaco ,om…etc ) , qui joue la ligue des champions pour la gagner .

    -le paris saint germain , qui est respectueux et généreux avec les dirigeants et les joueurs avec
    lesquels ils travaillent , ou le joueur gareth bale aura un environnement ideal pour s' épanouir
    et progresser.

    -le paris saint germain ,qui dispose des fonds nécessaires pour payer le transfert du joueur et le
    salaire du joueur ,à sa juste valeur .

    enfin la ville paris qui n'a pas d' équivalent dans le monde ….


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