Adebayor – Season of Sink or Swim


He infuriates fans at the best of times and this has lead to recent speculation linking Emmanuel Adebayor with a move away. His most likely destination seems to be a move to Turkish side Besiktas, and he has even been linked with a return to Real Madrid as part of the Bale deal. It is almost certain that he doesn’t feature in Andre Villas-Boas’ plans, however I still believe that he can play a crucial part in the coming season.

There’s no doubt that the player has quality and has showcased this in a few great seasons, e.g. his loan season with us scoring 17 goals and his unbelievable season with that lot from down the road which subsequently earned him a move to Manchester City. He also has the reputation of being a money-grabber who only plays for a big money contact, but if he tried a little harder in matches and showed some work rate he may well be worth the £100,000 pounds he earns.

I was listening to the radio the other day when I came across a Spanish expert who was explaining everything a spurs fan needed to know about new signing Roberto Soldado. He said that Soldado works best when working up top playing off of someone. And thinking about who that could be, the only player who could fit the role would be old Manuel himself, although this would reduce Bale (if he stays) to a wider or slightly deeper role. Therefore, Adebayor could fit into the formation by winning long balls and bringing Soldado into the game, where Soldado can use his fox-in-the-box trait to finish off a well-worked move. This passage of play could be scrutinised as a long ball move, however if effective many fans wouldn’t criticise as I believe sometimes we needed to mix up our play last season when we run out of ideas towards the end of matches.

Adebayor also posses a talent for passes, believe it or not. Therefore, if he was to use his ariel threat and maybe use his strength, which sometimes eludes him, he could win the ball and use his flair and wide range of passing to add an extra dimension to our play. He can also weigh in with a goal or two of his own, and during his two seasons at the club we’ve seen him score a wide variety of goals, so he does have the capability to get the fans on the edge of their seats occasionally, but he needs to do it more often.

Although, even if he doesn’t feature in AVB’s first XI plans, he could also become a vital squad member, coming off the bench and scoring/setting up goal scoring opportunities in the latter minutes of a match. One thing is for certain, at this moment in time Tottenham are a much stronger outfit with Adebayor in the squad rather than out of it.


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  1. Technically you are right he could do a job. The sad thing is he doesn't seem to give a cr*p now he has his long term deal. The numbe of abject displays last year got me to thinking he should be docked wages for not trying.
    Get rid as soon as if possible !

  2. Completely dependeny upon him. I am still of the opinion that he should be shipped out. The problem is that you're right, he has absolutely shed loads of ability and pace, but ..

    Last year, he was strolling around like a petulant child and had the touch of an 8 year old girl, that does not qualify for £100K per week. – If he was the player he should be he would probably be signing a new contract at a 'bigger' club, (someone other than us that could afford him)

    We all know the reason he is with us is becuase no-one else wanted to take a punt on him. He is an absolute liability with a terrible work ethic and sulky personality. I actually can't believe Levy signed him on a deal, I thought, well, we've somehow managed to blag 17 goals out of him, now move on to Damaio,. But alas,.. Anyway, we're making up for it this window!! ;() COYS

  3. Completely agree. He is just an attitude away from being an immense player for us, and I am really hoping AVB doesn't freeze him out but coaxes him back to his best. On his day, he will trample any defence. But first he needs to want to for us.

  4. He didn't have a great loan season with us. He may have scored 17 goals but how many were penalties or scoring against nine men when we were already 2-0 up? His wastefulness, lack of ball control, total lack of interest has probably cost us a CL place the last two seasons, so his overall cost to us has been astronomical.
    I would ship him out to Bilic at Besiktas and even agree to pay his wages, just to get rid of him, or preferably, stick him on the first one-way mars shuttle.

  5. What if Ade was struggling for fitness most of last season? He came good in the last 10 games or so and we saw the real Ade. If, and I know it's a big 'if', he can continue with that form, yes he's a top top striker.

    • Agreed..he was awesome in that game against arsenal until that stupid challenge..we would have fared better if he was on for full 90. Eventhough he makes most of us cry for his display and wishing he go sooner, he has shit load of talent..AVB needs to get that from him if he is staying.

  6. Agree he would do a lot of good to Soldado. But how to get him to work and pay attention? Sometimes I thought he forgot where the goal posts were. Perhaps AVB should give him a threat, "Perform, or you are going to China."

  7. Sounds like your recommending an old skool 4-4-2? Adebayor is no attack midfielder. In fact he cannot be bothered to be anything in a spurs shirt, that is the problem.

  8. was he struggling with fitness?


    so why be so hush with the guy?

    is he having the worst statistics last season? surely not.

    his form is due to lack of preseason action and we are heading towards the same situation.we give him no time to prepare and we want him to

    ade is a great striker and we all know give him the opportunity and he will prove it…

  9. Personally I think we hang on to him, if not we need to g and buy again. He does frustrate me as we all know he is capable of scoring consistently and providing assists. I think last season was disrupted with injury, African Cup of Nations and periods on the bench, none of which provided him with a decent run until the end of the season. Remember the away goal at Chelsea, that's what he is capable of and he does hold the ball up well. I say-keep him!


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