Townsend: I must stop diving


Andros Townsend has apologised to referee Mike Dean for diving during Tottenham’s draw with Chelsea.

Townsend was shown the yellow card during the clash at White Hart Lane on Saturday when he went to ground in close quarters with Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard.

The winger admits that it’s something which he needs to rid from him game and also from a Tottenham fan perspective, we never want to see any of our players try and cheat and dive. It just isn’t the Tottenham way.

Earlier in the season the 22-year-old was under the spotlight for the penalty he won against Swansea City, but he feels that he did not dive on that occasion.

“It was definitely a yellow card. I deserved it,” the Tottenham winger told the press.

“You make mistakes and that dive was a mistake. I apologised to the ref. I said to him at half-time that I thoroughly deserved it and hopefully I won’t do that again.

“I have got to kick it out of my game.”

“It goes so fast, I came inside and I saw (Lampard’s) leg and I went over and he pulled (his leg) out at the last minute.

“I didn’t have time to react to that. It’s sort of instinct. People said I dived against Swansea, but if you are running that fast, with any little touch you are going to go over.”

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  1. Great that he's been honest and open about this as he really needs to nip this in the bud. There are so many players who just make themselves look foolish when we are all at home watching the all revealing slow motion replays. A fantastic young talent who doesn't need to do this. As he says, It's not the Tottenham way . . .

  2. It's easy to get rid of out of your game stop throwing yourself to the floor when you haven't been touched.Top quality player but if you dive again all this talk is just pointless and is just stuff you say to the media to stop critisism coming your way.CUT IT OUT!!!


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