Are Tottenham an attractive team to play for?


In this, and the last few summers, there have been a number of players Tottenham have been connected to but failed to make their own, such as Daimao, and this brings up a question…Are Tottenham a team players want to move to?

There is a lot of initial interest from both sides but as soon as the prospective player has another team interested in him, his interest magically fades away.

So, here is my 5 reasons for and against a player moving to Tottenham (don’t worry, it’s short!);


1) Despite Bale most likely staying this summer there seems to be a general concensus that he will be off sooner rather than later. A club losing a player such as Bale must do some damage to other players interest in the club…at least ones of the profile to take us forward.

2) The wages we can offer are relatively small when compared to the other local teams and teams in Europe that we are aiming to compete with. I realise this is linked with the size of the stadium we have but in the short term we are unable to finance the very best players.

3) We have no Champions League Football for next season. It’s gutting to all of us but it’s a fact.

4) There are no trophies, of a good quality, that we can win next season realistically. All the top players want to compete to win the best prizes…just look at Sol Campbell for example,I’d personally rather not but it’s a good starting point, he left to win, RVP also left to win. Unless you are offering the player a step up he is very unlikely to want to come.

5) Size of stadium is also, in my personal opinion, a slight problem, and one that I appreciate will be fixed.


1)Bale will, barring some horrific Daniel Levy based incident, be at Spurs next year. The chance just to play with a player like this for one year is highly appealing to most players, he also sells the club fantastically well by the fact that he hasn’t gone to Madrid. Other players must look at this and appreciate that we have something special!

2)AVB is still at spurs! This would have been the greatest loss to us by far if he had gone, and despite reports ( that he wants to become a rally driver within the next 10 years he can still do very good by us before such a time!

3)Baldini…well, what can you really say about this man. Director / director of football at Roma (twice), Real Madrid and, not forgetting, assistant manager of England. He is incredibly well respected within football and can only help our reputation and should help to attract players. For example look how long it was taking to get Paulinho, within a few weeks of Baldini coming it’s almost done, hopefully the same will be the case with David Villa!

4)Young and aspiring people attract other with the same personalities. AVB has injected a freshness into the team, and, combine that with new ideas and you get this buzz that all the players seem to have talked about. Our recruitment policy of buying young gives an energy to the squad, which other players want to be in.

5) Finally, the stadium is in the pipeline. This one isn’t just about the fact of having a bigger and better stadium, it’s about the message that it sends, one that says we are a team trying to build something special and not just stick with what we have and be happy with it!

The conclusion to this mini-article would have to be that Spurs is a very attractive team to play for at the moment. The only players that I could see Tottenham not being attractive to would be those who are criminally short sighted, or, players who are old and yet to achieve anything and therefore cannot wait for success.

I think right now is a very exciting time for Tottenham but next season really could be the make or break one, with a hell of a lot to lose and quite a fair bit to gain.


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  1. "Losing avb a greater loss than losing Bale", sorry don't agree with that, Bale is a once in a generation player and whilst avb has done alright he's certainly not irreplaceable..

    • I understand what you're saying, and why you are saying it, but if Gareth Bale left us we'd have a transfer kitty of 80m+ & good managers don't come around too often, and it's too risky getting a manager from a lesser club and asking him to build something. AVB has done a great job, this is backed up by Gareth Bales record last season, AVB gave him what he needed, and he flourished. I just hope Levy backs AVB as much as he backed Redknapp.

      I like the article, though, I don't agree with the stadium being a reason against playing for us, it's a great stadium, great atmosphere, good pitch, and we have an attractive style of football, we might not pay the wages that Chelsea or Arsenal are willing to pay, but I'm glad about that. Chelsea have spent more money on flops & flops wages then we have spent on transfers & wages in the last 20 years. We have a system that works for us, if we get the right players in, especially a new left back & an out & out goal scorer, we will get Champions League. The future is bright, and we have the systems in place to keep it bright for the next 20 years.

  2. The thing with avb is that if he left bale would have walked aswell. So it was important that he stayed. Players also want to play for him. Who would you replace avb with?

    Im with the publisher on this one.

  3. I think all the comments are spot on. AVB would have been a bigger loss than Bale. After all who's out there now of real quality management to take us to the next level. The stadium is an issue but as a share holder I know that it's only a matter of time, a year or 2, before we start to build the new WHL

  4. Its all about attitudes and ambition. Tottenham hotspur should aim to win the premier league every season. If you do that all problems are solved in ene stroke.

    If don’t win the title and you come 2, 3, or 4 hey guess what ? You still qaulify for the Champions Leaue. And all the status prestiege income , players you attract. etc etc etc.

    Spurs think small midtable possibly get European football and the worse one is ” were heading in the right direction” bollocks I keep hear for the last 15 years.

    If man u don’t win the league its a disaster to come second. When will start have that winning attitude. ? Transmit that mentally thru the club and everything falls into place. Players train harder, quality footballers want to part of the team, competition becomes fierce winners only abound etc.. its a knock on effect.

    No more were a cup team bollocks. We should aim to a title winning club starting this season.

  5. Am sure AVB will make spurs win a TITLE..he is a fantastic manager who support his players in all the way. see Bale"s miracle in last season. Its a miracle from AVB who transformed Bale into a value added superstar. Next superstar will be Paulincho..Am sure about that..


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