It’s a big season for… Sandro and Jake Livermore


A look at a couple more players for whom the current season might be of extra significance.

It’s a big season for….. Sandro.

Everyone loves the non-stop source of fun that is Sandro. The archetypal box-to-box player, he plays like he wishes he could be box-to-box-to-box-to-box-to-box if possible, why stop at two? His energy and dynamism aren’t in doubt; if he could add some composure in the last third we’d have a truly formidable player on our hands. The mouth waters at the partnerships he’ll form with Paulinho and Dembélé.

What’s the point of all that oomph though if it’s stuck on the physio’s couch all season? Whilst he may not be drinking in the same last chance saloon as Younes Kaboul he’s surely having a swift half in the one up the road. Sandro has started just 64 league games since he joined in 2010 which is very por. He’s got to prove that he’s reliable not least because there’s a World Cup coming in his own country.

At 24 he still has time on his side but were he to spend another large part of the season watching from the sidelines, he might find some people’s patience starting to wear thin.

It’s a big season for….. Jake Livermore.

Our Jake appears to have been around for ages but this is only his third season in the first team squad. A child of Redknapp, one gets the impression that he’s more the product of hard work than raw talent, there must be some in there though for him to have got this far. Hard work shouldn’t be scoffed at but how much further it’ll get him at the club with the likes of Dembélé, Sandro, Paulinho, Parker and possibly Capoue ahead of him is another thing even though he seems to be always fit, which is a huge bonus it has to be said.

Having spent his time in the south of France a couple of weekends ago alongside Fryers battling with Falcao he may feel that reinventing himself as a defender might be a painful prospect no matter how many more doors it might open up, so what’s he to do? Do what he has been doing, i.e. keeping his head down, following orders and doing his best is probably the right answer. If the players ahead of him do well and stay fit then it’ll be the Europa League for him. It’s only if things aren’t going so well that he’ll get some meaningful domestic action.

It’s up to him whether he thinks this is enough, one gets the feeling though that it’s unlikely he’ll be here this time next year.

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  1. Why is Livermore being given so much time , whenever he plays , makes mistakes and doesn't have a creative bone in his body. I would be far happier if AVB invested his time in Tom Carroll more as he has the ability to unlock defences as he has demonstrated quite a few times

  2. To be fair on Sandro, when he first came to the club 'Arry didn't start him when he was fit to begin with. Sure last season's injury was a big one, but other than that his record is OK.

  3. I've never understood the hate on Jake. He may not be our best player, but he's working his ass off everytime, and he's one of our own – even a Spurs-fan. While I'm afraid he'll never be anything but a squad player, I don't see why people keep putting him down.

  4. Its hardly putting him down, I bumped into him after the WBA game at home last year and thanked him for all his work and said keep plugging away etc, but the fact is he's not particularly good!! :(

  5. Couldn't agree less with the author. Sandro he is the best defensive midfielder in Europe! Before he got injured last season he had more tackles and more interceptions than ANY player in ANY league in Europe. He did his cruciate which can happen to any player, his all action style will lead to more injuries than a Modric type who only ever makes token gesture challenges.

    Kaboul is one of the best central defenders in the league and definitely the best at the club he isn't in last chance saloon you idiot.

    Never seen much of Jake as he never gets a regular game and usually features when we play a team that has had about 6 changes to it so can't see how he can be judged. He is already a better player than Parker who should be sold as soon as possible as all he did last season when fit was a couple of 360 turns then pass it 5 yds or give it away.

    Pretty much an epic fail article good thing for you is you will be back to school in Sept. Mug.

  6. I just dont rate Liversausage, wish Harry would take him off our hands he brings nothing to the table he was awful against Monaco i forget his on the pitch when he plays! I know he is young and a local lad but Carroll, Fryers and Rose are shining examples of how to step up to the plate.

    Cant wait for Palace the thought of facing Paulinho, Dembele, Sandro, Kaboul and Soldado is terrifying.

  7. Looks like Livermore is off to Hull along with the Hudd ! Never rated Livermore and when you see the midfielders we have bought , they are in a whole different class . I liked Parkers workrate and tackling , but in a similar way to Palacios , you need more than that in a top midfielder if you have serious ambitions , plus he is now getting on a bit , worked well when he had VDV and Luka to pass to , but last season without any creative players his game looked dated.

  8. Disappointing thing with Jake is he just has not improved,and that is unforgiveable considering hes in a privileged position being with the club so long so had ample opportunity to do so. Bale is perfect example of how good you can be if you put in extra training, practice, good diet etc.I don't think there is any excuse (bar injury) for any young pro to be the best he can be with such fantastic opportunities handed to them. Far too many youngsters think they've made it as soon as a contract is put in front of them.


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