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Why PSG’s interest in AVB will benefit us in the long run.

Daniel Levy is an enigma.

There is no doubt that his shrewd negotiating and eye for a bargain has served Tottenham very well at times over the past few seasons in helping to secure cracking signings and provide us all with our fair share of deadline day drama, particularly in the case of Rafa van der Vaart.

However there is no denying that his brinksmanship and sometimes unwavering reluctance to budge from what he perceives as “the right price” has hurt our cause to consistently claim a seat at Europe’s top table. For the last few seasons, we as spurs fans have been waiting for our side to push on and become one of the big boys. And for us do that, Levy must be prepared to pay the big boy money.

This is where PSG and their ridiculous transfer fund come in. I don’t think any of us take their advances for the services of our manager seriously and I think we’re all convinced that AVB’s head remains well and truly unturned.

But. It would be good to see the Portuguese use this PSG approach as a way of forcing Levy’s hand.

Levy loves Villas-Boas. He gave AVB another chance at a top club despite his short-lived and much maligned tenure at Chavski and for that Daniel Levy was rewarded with our highest ever points total (a total that would usually see us finish 3rd) and a clear showing of AVBs ability to turn good players into great ones despite inheriting a squad that had just been gutted.
AVB would get the money to launch an assault on Europe if he were to take the PSG job. He needs to make it clear to Levy that if he is to stay as Tottenham boss then Levy needs to back him in the transfer market.

Appointing Baldini into the role of sporting director is a positive move. It brings to the forefront a system of management that AVB is far more used to and one that the Portuguese had been clamouring for throughout the previous season.

Baldini should give us an extra “oomph!” in the transfer market and should kick-start our dealings this summer but this is only the beginning. Levy still has work to do to convert this “promising intent” into results.

The key step/demand is short, simple and obvious: Keep hold of Bale irrespective of offer. We’ll never be able to secure a player of his calibre again.

Secondly, no more holding out. Levy needs to bite the bullet and get the cheque book out before Villas-Boas gets even more frustrated (particularly after missing on Moutinho.)

The persistent rumours of imminent bids for Brazilians Paulinho and Bernard bode well, but on top of this Levy needs a consistent goal and should look to make this his first priority.

The threat of losing his beloved manager should SPUR (see what I did there) the chairman into making a move for at least one of (and hopefully two of) Leandro Damiao, Erik Lamela, David Villa and Roberto Soldado and convince him from doing the Levy-esque thing i.e. a deadline day, panic-induced, smacking-of-desperation splurge for Gareth Barry.

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  1. "bids for Paulinho and Bernard" ; Paulinho is as good as a Spurs player as he and his old club frequently keep saying (please keep up) but there has NEVER been a bid for Bernard from us and he's probably out of our league right now. If Levy/avb/Baldini were to splash £25m it WOULDN'T be on another midfielder when we're desperate for a striker..

    • Although you're right about Paulinho, it's not official so the writer is allowed to not be presumptuous! Not sure I get your point on Bernard… "the writer stated he persistent rumours of imminent bids for"… "Bernard " – there have been rumours of imminent bids, the fact you don't think we can get him is besides the point and goes against the logic of your original objection to his comment about Paulinho – not just looking for a disagreement so you can feel all smug are we?

  2. Hi, I wrote this about two weeks ago when it was a bit more relevant! I just sent it in for a trial and they posted it up. JUST TO CLARIFY: I'm not a moron, I realise that Paulinho is on his way, AVB isn't going to PSG and that Villa is looking likely!

  3. I NEVER understand why these type of articles CONTINUE to be recycled amongst these forums. The authors of these type of posts usually tend to be people who are more accustomed to the mechanics of Football Manager, rather than people who have any REAL grasp of football or what it takes to run a club. And for me, the author of the featured article, above, definitely falls into the 'football manager' category.

    After dabbing Levy with faint praise in the opening paragraph, the article above goes on to claim that our chairman has 'consistently hurt the clubs cause to claim a seat a Europe's top table'…. Seriously?

    Well, I am not sure which world you are inhabiting, Sir, but I think you would do well to remember that we are a club that is steadily building/developing, not only in terms of the clubs of the playing staff and facilities, but also the clubs infrastructure.
    You might also want to consider the progress we have made under Levy's stewardship with regards to 'on the field' results AND the restoring our battered reputation, both, domestically and across the globe.

    And whilst you advocate 'spending big' and 'paying big boy money', it might also serve you well to remember that we are a club with a 36,000 stadium cap and without the kind of revenue that REGULAR CL football brings!

    I would say considering those FACTS, we have done pretty well with Levy at the helm.

    I mean, how many clubs with those handicaps (i.e. stadium capacity and only ONE, ever, year in the CL) has ever spent the kind of money Spurs have on the likes of: Berbatov, Modric, Bent, Bentley, Pavlychenko, Palacios, Dembele and Crouch (remind me if I've left anyone out) who all cost upwards of £10m?

    The last couple of clubs to try were Leeds and Portmouths, and we ALL know what happened there!!!

    Do people think that clubs only have to budget for transfers or something? Or perhaps new state-of-the art training facilities (and stadiums) manifest themselves from out the ground? Because if you do, then I want some of what your on!!!

    So we haven't ALWAYS had/got the big-money signing we have all craved at different times in recent history, GET OVER IT!!!
    If quality acquisitions, who offer great value for money and make excellent business sense, such as Sandro, Holtby, Lloris and Vertonghen (just to name a few) AREN'T enough for you, do us a favour, quit your moaning, and, go and support Man City or Chelsea.

    In Daniel Levy, we have a chairman who is ruthlessly ambitious, which is why I know he wouldn't think twice about pulling the trigger on 'his beloved' AVB should results fall below expectations. The only thing/person Levy 'loves' at Spurs, is the club itself. Make no mistake about that!!! AVB knows 'that', as well as I do!

    In Levy, we also have a Chairman who will always put long-term success OVER short-term gain, and as a result, will put the clubs needs before the supporters desires. And I, for one, wouldn't have it any other way! Because the desires of the supporters will always change, whereas the needs of the club MUST BE SUSTAINED.

    And In Levy, we have a chairmen who will continue to ensure the progression/development of this club, whilst we can relax in the knowledge that he will NEVER put it at risk, financially or otherwise. His vision/business model for Tottenham Hotspur has HELPED get us this far, why change it now?

    … Finally, as ALL of you that have continued to read this post up until this point will be able to tell,without a show of a doubt, is that: IN LEVY I TRUST!!!

    P.s. Can I suggest some of you change the record about buying a striker. It was a boring topic during the course of the season and it's a boring one now.I know, ideally we would have had 3 recognised frontmen in the last campaign but Chelsea had only had 2, too. And it didn't stop them from finishing 3rd as the 2nd highest scorers in the EPL, reaching the Carling and FA Cup semi finals, playing in the WCC and winning the Europa League. Strikers or a lack of strikers wasn't the REAL reason we failed to qualify for the CL, it's just the lazy, boring and predictable one!

    • Failing to qualify for the champions league in the last two years cannot be seen as continued progress, I believe that we are a club that should be qualifying for the CL on a regular basis and I understand that to do that we need to improve upon a few key components of our squad, something that would be a lot easier if our chairman wasn't so frugal. How many times have we seen "unwilling to meet asking price" and "issues over valuation" attributed to lack of movement in the transfer market?

      Levy has done a superb job as our chairman and is the big reason as to why we've improved so much over the last eight years, however more could be done.

      I appreciate the comment though and you clearly know your stuff, thanks for reading the article mate.

      P.S. I don't play Football Manager

      • How can you possibly claim the club has FAILED to progress in recent times, when the season before last we missed out on CL football due to a technicality (with Chelsea, somehow, managing to win the trophy) and last season we amassed a record number of points?…The fact don't lie, and neither do I.

        We would all like to see our club spend fortunes in every transfer window, but realistically, for a club like Tottenham, that's not always possible!
        Blaming a failure to spend more on new players, for the reason we missed out on the CL is, like I said, PREDICTABLE and SIMPLISTIC.

        Very few people ( if any) were talking about signing a new striker when the team embarked upon a 12/13 game unbeaten streak during the course of the last campaign. And extra funds being made available, I would argue, were NOT the reason we conspired to shoot ourselves in the foot, when producing arguably our BEST performance of the season, up at Anfield, either (bringing that impressive unbeaten run to an end)!
        Nor can/should we blame a lack of investment for the team, and the manager, nearly blowing a COMFORTABLE 1st leg lead, in the grand surroundings of the San Siro, in the reverse fixture!…I could go on.

        We can all talk about hypothetical's now with the benefit of hindsight, but who's to say any signing/s we may of made, in the Jan window or before, would have settled in quickly enough to significantly improve the teams fortunes anyway.

        I, for one, would much rather see the club spend it's finances on quality players, who add REAL value for money to the squad in the long AND short-term, rather than just spend for spendings sake.

        Has anyone even considered:

        1. Whether the players we wanted were actually available.
        2. Whether the players we wanted, actually wanted to join Spurs (at the time).
        3. The money that any potential selling club were even asking for our targets.
        (Believe me, the list of possibilities/scenarios/potential obstacles goes on)

        And all of that is without even factoring in the FACT that we have just built a new training base, are trying to raise funds for a new stadium and the club does NOT have regular CL revenue etc.

        The truth is, my friend, Tottenham simply CANNOT AFFORD to throw money around on expensive short-term fixes. Unfortunately, only a few clubs in the world can…

    • Simply because some supporters like to show us their limited capacity for understanding the business side of football.

  4. I do beileve in the past Levy has only spent where he has abosultly had to, or if a great opportunity arrises (Van Der Vaart). He has no found a manager he truely beileves in, not just somebody to fill a void(Santini / Pleat) or somebody for a short term goal (Harry, saving us from religation). AVB is planned to be here for the long term and I think we will see much more proactivty in the transfer market as a result.

  5. There is no doubt Levy has done a good job for the club financially but his transfer dealings – trying to sign whoever happens to be available on the last day of the transfer window on the cheap – have cost us (eg Rasiak, Frasier Campbell & Dempsey). We have always been a key player or two short under ENIC and tend to start seasons slowly while Levy drags out every transfer, which is why we keep falling short in qualifying for the champions league. Starting last season with just one senior striker was ridiculous. Hopefully this will now change with Baldina as technical director. The club must back AVB.

  6. Have a look at Zambian international centre back Stophira Sunzu from 4 time African club champions TP Mazembe. Arsenal have made enquiries on the towering defender but he is not interested in joining them.

  7. When you see that we have signed someone on the Spurs website you know it is true, until then give these media
    reports the elbow.

  8. If we keep going at this rate we wil have a Brazilian full midfield with Sandro back aswell.I must also agree STRIKERS are a must and a top priority .


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