Charlie Adam – A coward of a player


I donk know what you all think, but let’s hope the Club do make an official complaint about Charlie Adam.

Adam, who thinks himself as a ‘hard man’ is nothing but a coward of a player.

As you are all aware, this is not the first time that Charlie Adam has been involved in a bad tackle against us. In fact, this is his ‘fourth’ bad tackle on our players that have left them nursing injuries for 4 weeks or more.

On two occasions, he has stamped on Gareth Bale’s ankle, once on Scott Parker’s ankle, and on Sunday on Paulinho’s ankle. I don’t know if it’s coincidence – but let’s be honest it’s not – but every single incident has been on the ‘ankle’. In each case, it has damaged ankle ligaments. It is a cowards tackle which the FA should put a stop to and take retribution.

It’s not as if Charlie Adam is a good player. As I have said, he is really a coward as he goes in on the ankle after the ball has gone, and picks on the skilful players such as Bale and Paulinho who are in no way able to protect themselves from such thuggery.

Can you imagine what would have happened to Charlie Adam if he had tried that on players such as Graham Roberts, Paul Miller or dare I say it Dave Mackay. If he’d have tried that on the great man, Charlie Adam would probably never have played football again.

I doubt if many – if any – would disagree with me that the FA should look into the matter, and that THFC should make an official complaint to the FA.

We don’t need, or want, filth like Charlie Adam in our game and the sooner the FA take steps to eradicate these tackles the better.

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