Clive Allen on Bale’s future and the need for a striker


Former Tottenham player and coach Clive Allen has urged the club to bring in a quality striker to ease the pressure on Gareth Bale.

Allen was part of the backroom staff during Harry Redknapp’s time in charge at White Hart Lane and wants to see AVB and Baldini bring in a striker who can offer something similar as to what Dimitar Berbatov did during his time in N17.

Bale took the Premier League by storm last season and Allen doubts whether the Welshman can hit the same heights again.

He told the Daily Star: “Perhaps the biggest problem for Gareth will be to reproduce the same sort of form that he did last season.

“In particular, all those spectacular goals he scored. I am not sure he will be able to score as many spectacular ones next time, purely because people will now have ideas on to how to stop him.

“Getting a finisher, someone in the mould of their former striker Dimitar Berbatov, is something Tottenham have to address.

“They need to take some of that weight away from Gareth’s shoulders. If they don’t do it then the pressure on him will be massive.”

He added: “I think he will stick it out for one more year.

“But the lure of the Champions League is so massive to players.

“It might end up being similar to what happened with Luka Modric.”

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  1. everybody already knows this except for Daniel Levy. He would rather keep the money in his pocket, lose out on more players, keep going after midfielders or defenders in fact everyone except bloody strikers. He hasn't bought in a top quality striker since Berbatov. How many windows have gone by since he left?

    • Absolutely spot on. If we had brought In a top striker in either of the last two winter windows when we were sitting in third we would almost certainly now have CL football IMO. Why, oh why do we keep buying midfielders?

  2. Fuckn greedy levy will cost spurs again. They say he’s wise but if he Doesn’t understand the value of buying a world class striker, then he’s clearly not intelligent at all. Greedy idiot

  3. Boring!! What the hell does Allen know about the workings of Tottenham Hotspur now? NUFINK! Adebeyor will get sold and then we will be able to go for a GOOD striker who will know that they will be Number one in the pecking order.Makes me laugh how they all know what's going on with Bale! Last season after Chelsea nicked our place they were like " Bale will leave" and he signed a new 4 year contract.This year we miss out on the last day to Arsenal and it's like " Bale will leave for Madrid,Spurs have no Champions League" and now we are a week into July and Madrid have all but given up PUBLICLY and Bale hasn't said anything at all about wanting to go or stay (why should he,he's just one year into a four year contract) and both Levy and AVB have declared Bale is going NOWHERE! They're all saying "I think he'll stay another year" It's ridiculous,they just make out they know what's going on and just declare the obvious! I KNOW AS MUCH AS THEY DO AND I KNOW FU*K ALL! After AVB just knocked back PSG do you think we will shut the window without buying a striker? Of course not.And it's not like we haven't had a striker since Berba-rat went we had about four of the fuc*ers at one point.I think Levy was just seeing how AVB panned out,I mean he was a risk at first and now he's sort of proven his self and showed some loyalty Levy will back him and you can't blame him.We couldn't afford to for fill an AVB shopping list last year when he's only ever done one year in a job! and now I think that if Levy buys AVB players,AVB will be even less likely to walk out next year as it will feel like his own project.Clive Allen,I liked your goals in the old days mate but seriously STFU you know nothing so stop making like you do.I have a prediction with as much substance as yours.Spurs will finish in the top four next May after AVB got his players this window and Bale will sign a new contract because Spurs will have Champions league football.Spurs will attract even more top players and will be able to launch a challenge on the title and Bale will have less reason to go!


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