The Curious Case of Loic Remy


The stories breaking across the footballing world today spell mixed news for Spurs fans. On the positive side, we have finally signed Paulinho officially (not going to lie, I was waiting for someone to jump in with a last minute bid) so we should all be very happy with this deal that has been engineered. However, now that the Paulinho business is dealt with, our attentions fall back to the classic Spurs striking dilemma that has still to be solved. This is where the negative move comes in as the boy from Shakhtar (Henrikh Mkhitaryan if you want to know his full name) seems to have agreed a move to Borussia Dortmund (another striker lost to the Germans, as you all may recall that Heung Min Son who we were linked strongly with a few months back went to Leverkusen as a replacement for Chelsea bound Andre Schurrle) representing a blow to Spurs’ striker hopes (although supposedly Liverpool were chasing him first but considering our past record in duelling with the Merseyside club for players, that may not have proven too much of a problem).

The question now is who are Spurs going to sign? The press seem set on David Villa wearing the lilywhite jersey next season but who else will join the silky Spaniard at the Lane? Leandro Damiao seems to be a shock target for Southampton (A story I originally laughed at but seems to be getting more serious as the days go on) and since we are being quoted huge amounts for Benteke and Soldado, it is becoming unclear just what rabbit Levy and co are planning to pull out of the hat. My answer is simple and practical: Loic Remy.

Let’s face facts; Remy was impressive in the 2nd half of the season when he joined QPR in January from Marseille. A striker with undeniable talent and skill, he reminds me of a young Anelka in his movement and style of play and I would love to see him play at Spurs (his goal against Wigan was a thing of beauty). However, the stories that appeared this morning that have prompted me to write this article have done so because it is a source of bemusement to myself, QPR and Remy himself I am sure, the simple fact is….no one has bid for him, literally, no-one.

I find this shocking and frankly surprisingly. Remy scored 6 goals in 14 appearances in a very poor QPR side so I am stunned that no club has even considered him as an option. It’s not like he will cost the earth either, a rumoured £6.8million is all that it would take to pry him from QPR’s already loose grasp which, nowadays especially, is a complete bargain. The problem is that he is on 75K a week which it seems no one wants to pay but surely Remy would accept a reduction on wages if it meant he did not have to play in the Championship and was allowed to grace the Premiership again?

In any case, I see Loic Remy as a risk free venture for Spurs. If it only takes near £7million and he can be persuaded to drop his wages, I could see Remy being a very profitable player for Spurs who can provide the goals and link up that we desperately need up front. Either way, I would suggest that Spurs move quickly whilst interest is low or risk losing out on a player who should never be anywhere near the Championship and that has the goals and quality to fire Tottenham into the Champions League where both parties deserve to be for the foreseeable future.

Any comments relating to Remy’s current police investigations will not be approved

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  1. 1, Henrikh Mkhitaryan is a playmaker and not a striker.
    2, Loic Remy is not the answer, not even close. He comes with too much baggage and did not look special in that QPR side – Andros Townsend looked the special player, not Remy!

    • 1) I disagree, Mkhitaryan is a centre forward which is classified as a striker. Also, he scored 25 goals in the Ukrainian Premier League last season which was the best in the league and was a new league record so I think we can call him a striker.
      2) Andros was awesome for QPR last season and I very much hope he gets his chance with the first team this season for Spurs. However, Remy was impressive as well, he outshone other more expensive signings like Samba and his goal return was respectable to say the least, Andros was very impressive but Remy could be a good signing!

      • "…Mkhitaryan is a centre forward which is classified as a striker…" yeah, in FIFA…He plays as an attacking midfielder/forward behind the main striker. Terminology isnt the clearest these days (Defoe is obviously completely different to Drogba), but if you think Mkhitaryan is what we needed, then we already have Sigurdsson and Holtby, and should have kept VdV to play up front on his own….:S

  2. Nothing is risk free, he could come and not fit in with the style of play. Besides, I don't think he is the answer, would much rather have any 2 of Benteke/Villa/Soldado and keep one of Ade or Defoe.

    • That is true, he would be a risk, especially considering the rape investigation against him. I was thinking less risk in terms of monetary fees. Benteke was very impressive last season but 2nd season syndrome can strike all players. Look at Papiss Cisse, when he joined newcastle, he scored 13 in 14 I think but last season he was very poor and considering we are being quoted 20-25million for Benteke, would it be more risky to go for Remy?

    • admittedly I forgot to mention that, my mistake. However, why not try a loan from QPR then instead? We could loan him now with an option to buy in january if he is not found guilty and if he is found guilty, we could cancel the loan and send him back to QPR? In truth, that would be a risky strategy though

      • The other issue is that an actual bid is a big deal – I believe it is a legal commitment to buy. No bid doesn't mean no-one is in contact/discussions. But yeah, its I agree, its more likely to be the "legal issue".

  3. not a bad player but the lack of interest is because he may be locked up come september…. we'll be better off chasing soldado or benteke…

  4. The baggage of a possible jail sentence is to bulky to let him slip in through any club’s front door (until January, at least) he could be playing in the championship, unless somebody takes him on loan, but how good would it be for a Club’s PR to employ a rape suspect?

  5. While he is under investigation for rape, wouldn't touch him, hence why no other club has looked to sign him.

  6. Why would he take a reduction in wages lol. 75k down to say 50k. A loss of 25k a week. £1.2 million a year…..yea right who would want to do that.

  7. Remy is an intresting player as if we go to a 433 formation Remy can play wingforward as well as a main striker and can keep lennon on his toes

  8. The utter stupidity of the article when he might be in jail in September is beyond belief. How the hell can he be risk free when he could be in jail?

    Just shove 2 fingers up to our sponsors who will love being associated with a rape case.

    You need to borrow a few brain cells.

    • Alright Sue, calm down. He admitted in one of his comments that he forgot Remy had a court case and he said that was a mistake. Getting this wound up over an article means that you clearly need to relax. I agree that it is a big oversight but there's no need to insult the guy, jesus.

  9. I cant see why so many want a benteke sign. He had ONE good season so far, young though. But really its to risky, he could so easialy fail if he joins spurs. Soldado for me is brilliant choice, consistancy goalscoring throu out the years and many goals aswell! We know we get a forward who scores around 20 goals/season and im certain that that’s enough for a champions league spot. Even if bale isnt gonna keep up with his good form i see several players who can suprice us the comming year. Sign a good leftback and clear out rose, parker, defoe. If we can afford adebayors wages keep him! Sub to soldado and i have a feeling he is on his way up from last year, he played well the last games of the season! From left to right:

    Ekotto (or new sign), Dawson (Kaboul if healthy/form), Jon V, Walker

    Sandro, Paulinho

    Bale, Dembele, Lennon (Dembele get to play from his best position and bale with a free left wing roll)


    Nani would be brilliant instead of Lennon but i dont see the budget for this one. Lennon brings really good speed, even showed good defence last year. But are poor against the top teams.

    Holtby and siguardsson som rotation.


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