David Villa – Thes best striking option for Spurs


It has long been speculated in recent weekend weeks that David Villa could soon be joining the striking ranks at Tottenham Hotspur before the transfer window closes at the start of September. If he will actually end up at WHL or not is a mystery, but in fact it seems to be the best option we have available to us, currently.

After the end of another disappointing season for our strikers (Defoe and Adebayor) together contributing over 17 goals. It is not hard to imagine that the club is looking for a world class striker, seeking to improve our form in front of goal in final third that will certainly cost us a place in the Champions League, football betting how to win has to be our primary aim this season to finish in the top four. With names like Leandro Damaio, Negredo and Benteke also being linked to a move to AVB’s side, the odds are good.

Among these, one name stands out. David Villa the Spanish 31-year-old who is currently representing his country in the Confederations Cup and is the most experienced of these names. The only World Cup and European Cup winner among the list of rumoured targets has shown glimpses of his talent and what he could bring to our side during the tournament in Brazil.

Despite Villa’s relatively high salary, which would be above our usual wage expectations at Tottenham and taking into consideration we’ve had little to no success in trying to land Leandro Damiao – Villa is the best name for the Spurs.

He is prolific in front of goal and can also link up with his midfield to unlock even the tightest of defences with a splitting pass which is something that we have had difficulty with over the past season.

With everything considered, David Villa must be Tottenham Hotspur’s main striking target this summer if we are serious about breaking back into the Champions League.

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  1. Very unsure about this one. Our problems last season went further than just striking issues. Since Mods & VdV went, we lacked anyone to produce that final ball into the box. That's exactly what Defoe didn't get last season and exactly what Villa needs – most of his goals are from 10 yards or less. We need someone who'll get the ball to him. I've seen very little of Paulinho, but by all accounts, fine player though he is, he won't solve that problem.

    With Moose, Beast and Paulinho (maybe?) as the midfield, we'll concede less but it's only going to work with an absolutely top class front three. We've only got one right now. Five years ago I'd have given my first-born to see Villa at WHL, but not any more.

    He only makes sense to me as a striker to get enough goals in one season to get us into CL, then spend the CL money on his replacement. Great if it works, but who's going to create Villa's chances? Very high risk strategy.

    Unfortunately, the only way we can afford a top class front three is to do the unthinkable…. Bale to Real.

  2. Could not disagree more.
    Villa will be 32 soon, he is coming off an injury hit season, has never played in the Prem, and he will break our wage structure. I'd prefer Remy; younger, cheaper, and proven in the Prem.

  3. I think the people who say we should sign Villa must secreatly be Arsonal fans. Why would we want an 32 not 22 year old broken down player that will spend most of his time injured while being paid a huge amount of wage. Villa has never been the same since he broke his leg and he has benifited from playing with the best player in the world. Hell I could score 10 goals a year playing next to Messi. I would stand around a tap in the balls Messi would feed me.

  4. If I was levy I think we should go for benteke and I would also try and prize Lukaka away from Chelsea both players proven in the prem and scored a lot of goals last season plus need to keep bale then I think we could make a serious challenge

  5. Typical ignorance ignoring the sheer calibre of player that villa represents if you want to turn down a world chapion,european champion, multiple champions leage winner and a record international goal scorer then u must be barmy ! Id take him in a heartbeat proven goal scorer and a winner nuff said


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