Deadline Day Disaster!!


This transfer window has had ups and downs for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, the like many a supporter has never before experienced.

We have lost arguably the biggest impact player in the premiership, yet have replaced him with significant quality.

As the late night deadline comes around we are uncharacteristically likely to be one of the clubs NOT involved in a last minute brawl for sub-standard additions to appease our expectant fans.

However, despite the air of promise currently settling around White Hart Lane, I find myself to be concerned.

Before I elaborate further, I stress that this is in no way reactionary to our game against our great North London rivals yesterday, however it is a reflective critique of our comparative squad with Arsenal in view of it.

To contextualise, yesterday we were beaten, beaten by a singular goal, the kind all teams will concede over the course of the season. The performance otherwise, was controlled. We contained possession yet could not really be direct or incisive in attack.  But for a few Kyle Walker impacted moments, it perhaps could have a been a different story.

I am not concerned because our players will inevitably need time to adapt. Paulinho has been here the longest and even he still seems some way off the pace. In my conservative estimation it will take 10 to 15 games to truly adapt to the pace of the premiership for forwards and midfielders (defenders slightly less), and so a defeat to a rival this early on, incidentally leaving us now both on 6 points from a possible 9, is by no means the titular disaster this article refers to.

However, were our strongest 11 to have been fully bedded-in yesterday, would the story have been different? Possibly, but Arsenal are by no means a poor side. They have inventive players and can damage teams, as we have continually seen season after season at the Emirates. They have NEVER missed out on a place in the Champions League- that in itself should tell us they are not to be underestimated.

Now to the disaster I referred to earlier.

What if Arsenal strengthen today? Significantly?

They have already been cited as the team we have to oust to break into the top 4.

Chelsea and the Manchester clubs will be no easy prospect to remove, and it would seem like our best chance in the season following the departure of our best player with lots of new additions.

But could a chain of transfers take place following Gareth’s move to Real Madrid?

Could, as the never mistaken media suggests, Real sell three players to Arsenal on this deadline day?!

The names mooted are Karim Benzema, Angel Di Maria and, most notably (and perhaps most fearfully), Mesut Ozil.  At the time of writing, the last transfer is significantly far along and looks almost certain to go through.

If this happens Arsenal will be an attacking juggernaut! Benzema, Di Maria, Ozil, Cazorla, Walcott, to name but a few.

If ever a club could so perfectly reflect the wisdom in the quote , “if they score two, we’ll score three!”, then it would be a club boasting that attacking line-up.  And therein lies the rub. Who can beat the team that will out score you in any event?

Tottenham may have strengthened significantly but we are not currently free-scoring and creativity embodied.

I know this may come, but even if it does, would be still be able to our score the teams from the other end of the Seven Sisters Road?

I truly, truly hope so, but if not, then we could have suffered a deadline day do stater without even being involved!

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When finding time away from the cut and thrust of the courtroom and student exams, Glenn is an avid Tottenham Hospur fan, so apologies for any hint of bias appearing within the articles (But then this is a Spurs site, so what do you expect!) He combines an eternal optimism with an intellectually stimulated cynicism when it comes to his beloved Tottenham, and feels that best piece of transfer business in the last few years was selling Jermaine Jenas for ACTUAL money! An actual fee was paid! He still can't believe it!


  1. I believe that the management have done some really good business by selling Bale and bringing in the magnificent seven! We look to be a stronger outfit except at full back and up front. We seem to dominate possession but cant convert it to goals. This has been apparent for some time, so I hope that messrs Lamela and Eriksen can provide the missing ingredient. Where would we turn if Soldado gets injured? JD, fine unless he goes today, Adebayor? Not on your life! Hopefully Schalke will take him.

  2. Doom merchant. Won't Arsenal's new signings need time to settle in? (IF they manage to sign them at all). Spurs have signed Eriksen don't forget, the creative flair will come from him, Lemala, Chadli et al.

  3. We need at least one more top quality striker, We should NOT let defoe or lennonn leave as we need striking options in depth in case of injuries or dips in form or just to give us options, The team will take time to gel especially as most have not played in PL before. Not to sure about the high line defending as leaves us to open for a ball over the top and is hard to keep the shape at the back. Then its all down to Andre to get it to work and make us an awesome team full of goals, but he will need time and he will get it at Spurs (as long as it doesn't take too long)!. Guess the pressure is now on.

  4. Wow! If ever someone needed to read a significant column then this was it. I totally agree with it all and have said so to friends and family myself. I'm not sure that buying Ince is the answer but I do believe we need to be active for a defender or two. We looked awkward and disorganised from front to back yesterday but some may say that we need to give players some games to get used to the set up. Well we don't have that luxury so the well paid players should use the experience they have and get on with it. They do it for their countries and are expected to put in a good shift! If we lose 10 games while they settle then we are looking, at best, mid table.


  6. Everybody seems to say that we have not replaced Luka modric but i see great signings in Lewis holtby and Eriksen who would seem to score more goals than him! would like to see Spurs play in a 5-2-1-2 formation with a creative player behind defoe and Roberto Soldado up front will put a cat amongst the pigeons

  7. Eriksen and Lamela will make a difference when they settle into the side. But yesterday we set up to contain Arsenal and should have been more ambitious. I have never brought into the idea of a midfield of Paulinho, Dembele and Sandro or in this case Capoue. A lot of people seemed to get excited by this earlier in the summer, but it was never going to work and i'm glad this has been seen early in the season. Only two of any these four should ever start a game, we should have played Holtby or Sigurdsson and it was a flaw in AVB's thinking. We move on but it's clear that if we are to get anything from Soldado and the rest of the team in an attacking sense we have to play a number 10. Lesson learnt the hard way, although i do think it was glaringly obvious, it was a tactical hitch. There is nothing to be down about in teams of how we handled our summer dealings and Bale, no club could have done as well as us this summer given the situation and the fact we do not have Champions League to offer. Time to keep focus on us, who cares what others do, we have done great thus far and it will only get better.

  8. I have to admit I'm quite worried about what Arsenal will do today as well. If they sign no-one, or a few average players – I'll be confident we can take their spot in the top four. If they sign Ozil, I'll be less confident. Ozil and the other two, and I don't think we have a chance. The good news is I can't see Real selling all three – Ozil is looking worryingly likely, as well as Demba Ba. Both would be great signings, and unfortunately the latter would be yet another case of Chelsea holding Spurs back! First the CL final, then Willian, loaning Ba to Arsenal just when they're desperate! Fingers crossed Ozil goes to PSG and Chelsea pull out of the Ba deal…


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