Defoe questions AVB’s decision on Adebayor


Jermain Defoe has spoken out against Andre Villas-Boas’ decision to make Emmanuel Adebayor to train with the Tottenham deveopment squad.

Adebayor has been on compassionate leave following the death of his brother and returned to Tottenham last week.

The quotes from Defoe are disappointing, he should not really be questioning AVB’s decisions in public when he is hardly first-choice forward himself. He needs to be getting his head down and pushing Roberto Soldado for the striking berth in the side.

“I don’t think it helps the team, to be honest,” he told Sky Sports News.

“Someone like Mani, he’s a great player and has played for some of the top clubs in the world and is someone that we’re going to need. We will need his goals and what he brings to the team.

“He’s keeping himself fit, he’s a happy guy, he loves his football, and hopefully he’ll be back soon with the team.”

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  1. Adebayor needs to realise that what he was passing off for football, last season, was unacceptable.
    He quibbled about money all through the Summer and then claimed he didn't have a pre season and wasn't fit.
    Any footballer with something about them would've got themselves fit or hired a trainer to get them into shape and let his agent worry about his financial dealings.
    Excuse after excuse. I'd like to see him do well at Spurs but, I fear, It will be more of the same this season although I'm happy to be proved wrong

  2. Sorry, Adebayor has been given an opportunity by Spurs to commit to Spurs.
    But what happened, excuse after excuse, And the strikers failed quite mesirably, and in a way caused Spurs a spot in CL.
    Ade had his chance, he blew it. Once bitten twice shy
    We Spurs fans are also frustrated by his Hot/Cold appearances.

  3. If only, the big man Ade played to his true form, a commitment which was lacking, he could have been a Spurs favourite. He blew it. He had done it before.
    Defoe is good, and a Spurs favourite, but Defoe due to his strengths but lack of height, cannot play all the time, as there are very strong teams in EPL, with very strong and tall defenders, who are also fast. Defoe is not a complete striker yet, not like a Messi type of striker, or RVP or Suarez. Therefore AVB has to use him with different opposition.
    I feel Spurs should have gotten a Benteke type striker, tall, strong, aggressive, and bully opposing defenders.
    We had seen enough, when Eg. a long Hudd pass over upfield to Defoe, the tall opposing defenders takes over.

  4. What's it to do with Defoe to be honest. He should support who club who pay him not give misguided guotes (if he has ) to the media. But surely Adebayor is not as stupid to accept his pay without a any commitment or effort. AVB I am sure, can handle the Abedayor situation in Tottenham's best interest.

  5. Ade belongs to the rubbish heap. He has no pride in his game, just loves his fat salary which he has hardly earned, whether at Arsenal, City or Spurs. He is a mercenary who would rather sit out a game and get paid than fight for first team football. Once he secures a fat salary contract he switches off. Spurs was suckered into signing him. They should have learnt from City’s mistake.

  6. Injuries or not, both Defoe and Ade were unbelievably disappointing last term.
    Our only two forwards! How we managed to get 5th with a record number of points in the PL is beyond me.
    We'd have been 8th or worse if Bale hadn't stepped in with so many important goals.
    OK ..I realise, with a new dawn at Tottenham, a more balanced and powerful squad (even without Bale), and a new outlook (hopefully), that both Defoe and Ade want to be a part of things. I certainly know Defoe does, but he can't expect to be in the team regularly, especially with his constant 'form' swings and Soldado's presense, but when he does get in, he's got be more of predator in the box. You can't help feel that Defoe won't learn much more at the age of 30, but you never know. He's still a top striker, but please Jermaine, do the bloody job you're supposed to do when you DO get the chance.
    As for Ade ..who knows what's going on in his head?! He's talented, big and strong. He could be an ideal foil for Soldado in many games, and on his day he's dominant in the box and great at holding the ball up. He needs to prove to AVB he can be a potentially 'new' worthwhile addition to this squad. AVB, in turn, must give him one more chance (and Defoe) if the big feller means business. We need more than just Soldado up front, and those two have the undoubted class and talent to step in. Now it's about genuine commitment!

  7. The moment Ade decided to leave us in Limbo at the last minute without a striker on our books in Jan for the Africa Cup Of Nations after fooling AVB all along that he was not going speaks volumes of attitude about a club that saved his career. When we signed Ade he was training with the reserves., so Defoe should ask himself why Man City thought like AVB that that is his level of commitment. Fair enough, Defoe wants to go to the World Cup but he's no longer dynamite like he was a couple of seasons ago and I partly put the blame on him and Ade why we had to rely so much on Bale to Bail us out. You can't blame AVB for taking different stance this year as regards our attacking options as Ade and Defoe were not up to the task last year. Defoe should focus on getting back in the team as he may end up jeopardising his position with the manager.


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