What Spurs need is time… what we don’t have is time


I’ve talked before about the excitement this transfer window has brought to Spurs fans. Usually we’re waiting for deadline day deals and with that came the breakthroughs and the broken hearts when great players came in and great ones left. I applauded the approach taken this window with getting players, good players should I add, in nice and early. No I’m not going to talk about the Bale saga, what I’m talking about is the number of players that have come in.

We’ve seen it before. Most recently with Manchester City and Chelsea before that. New managers come in and backed by rich owners, they start buying up all the talent. The question therefore is always asked – how quickly will this team gel together? Will they play as a team or just a lot of talented individuals. Does it depend on their attitude or the ability of the manager? What about tactics? Formations?

Now we have something similar with Spurs. I’m actually happy with this – as far as problems go it’s a good one to have. If we look at what we have in terms of new players, add to this the rumours of three or four still to come in we could be looking at a starting line-up of six or seven new players. But what’s inevitable is that it will take a bit of time for the players to adjust, get used to the pace of the league and build that understanding with one another.

But we don’t necessarily have the time we need. I say this with the Arsenal game coming up in a matter of days. I still find it amazing that they have only signed one player on a free, whereas we are looking at a total overhaul of the whole squad. That begs the question though – they have the same team coming out whereas we have a new one. Which one will truly be stronger?

It’s a bit early in the season for a derby match of this magnitude – that said am I optimistic? Yes. Do I think we’ll win. Hell yes. But it’s going to be interesting to see how the squad works and I think we will get to see AVB masterfully at work. I can’t wait.

What do you think? How quickly will the players gel? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below…


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  1. After spending what we have and what we are about to spend, losing to the Arse on Sunday is not an option.

    We can say they need time to gel, but if we lose it will be a disaster. Maybe disaster is a bit extreme but considering they have only made two signings. Both of which are frees . Yaya sonogo and now they have re-signed Flammini too, according to reports I have seen.

    We haven't had many Arse fans coming onto Spurs blogs commenting like we have in the past. IF we do lose, (which on paper seems unlikely) I can see all them crawling out of the woodwork where most of them have been hiding so far this transfer window. Not what I want to see or hear!!

    • It wouldn't be a disaster. It is unrealistic to think all the players we are signing will gel together immediately. We could have as many as 9 new signings by deadline day. This is a long term statement of intent by the club to put us up there competing to win trophies and not just be in the mix for 4 th place. Look at Man City . In the first year they spent big they failed to make CL. The next year they won the league. I am unusually not even thinking about Sunday. Of course we want to win and hopefully we will. Most likely we will go with the 4 signings we already have with Lamela and co on the bench. That may or may not be enough.
      But this season is going to be really exciting. We have shown a big club mentality and AVB, Levy and Baldini deserve huge credit. And give AVB and the players time.

      • My sentiments exactly. I made the same point about Man City in another site, though City did not even finish in the top 4 in the second year after their first bout of spending – wonder who beat them to that last CL position!! I do think we are in a different position to them though. We have a manager, DoF, chairman and owner who are all on the same page. And we started off with a squad of players that were already there or there abouts for a CL position for several years. We have not yet sold any of last years preferred first 11 (though that may change of course). We just have ridiculous strength in depth, which is required for regular CL qualification. Personally, I am willing to be patient and wait to see what happens next season after all these players have truly settled in (assuming Real don't try to harvest more of our players), but having said that, I really am optimistic that we can do something a bit special this year too.

  2. you’re right,i think we need to give the team some time to gel togethr, it wont be suprising if lamela plays on sunday but it should not also be suprising should he not perform as we would have wished. It would have been great if they all did the pre-season together,but i think slowly the teams is gonna reach its peak. We would conquer EPL and Europe as a whole.

  3. In general there will be adjustments to be made but the key area where players need to settle is defence and there we've got the possibility of putting out a back four who've all played together before from the start of the season. (Even Rose has had some history of playing with Daws/Kaboul despite being on loan last season.) As for Arsenal, for that match yes they look like they're still settling but early business means that they've had a couple of friendlies and three competitive matches to get some rhythm. (I don't think Lamela will play on Sunday). Compare the end of the season's forward six of Adebayor, Bale, Lennon, Sigurdsson, Huddlestone, Parker, to Soldado, Townsend, Chadli, Capoue, Paulinho, Dembele at the start of the new season and I'm sure the latter has more promise.

  4. I think the situation here though is a little different from the examples you have given. AVB has had a full season to get his own house straight before being able to go nuts with transfers, I think that will help the stability of the team.

    Having said that, too many new starters in the first eleven would be worrying but the key part is that the defence hasn't been altered really with the exception of Rose who has had all summer to get to grips with his teammates. If the defence remains stable then that will provide the time needed for the others to gel…

  5. I said pretty much the same thing in another blog. Really we can only gauge how AVB will shape the team by what we have already seen and that is flawed by the first choices he was given. last year he had a team he would never have put together but knew each other. initially they played his way but badly. Eventually they played better, this is an entirely different squad than the one bequeathed him by HR. Many of the players come from similar systems and are also younger, fitter and play at a higher standard.
    This is a team built for rotation and strategic choices, i.e. steamrolling weaker teams and using finesse where needed. We have a back line that is strong and several are used to scoring, the mids are tough athletic players with backups in the wings(just in case)AVB is now working on distribution and attack. We will have wingers that score regularly and a striker that is either supplied or used as a front pivot… So many options, I am loving this window and cant wait for them to come together as a team.
    As for time it took AVB about 4 weeks to understand who and what options he had then another 5 to tweak the team against the various types of opposition. I would imagine he knows more than half the team at the moment and has been working with 5-6 new ( to him) players for a few weeks already so the new contingent will slot in equally well.

  6. I see the prem title for us this season. Spurs are long overdue a trophy or two. I am so excited I cant sleep. I want to see the boys lift the FA cup and the prem. That should allow Liverpool or arsenal to sneak in to the 6th spot euro cup qualification slot.



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