Why I’m still waiting for a Tottenham statement of intent


So it appears we’ve missed out on David Villa, a 31 year old who is still the world champions top scorer. And I know we’ve just signed Paulinho a mere week into the transfer window. But you know what? None of these are what Spurs need.

I’m ambitious by nature. Supporting the mighty Spurs has often led me to restrict my optimism and replace it with realism and sometimes that “face-palm” moment when things were going so well but couldn’t be sustained. I don’t want us to go for fourth, I want us to go after third – hell I want us to go for the title. The top three clubs have all changed managers, with the exception of Mourinho’s Chelsea, we don’t know what’s going to happen this season.

The squad is good. For years I noted our lack of a left winger (I wanted Pederson back in the day) but now thankfully that’s fixed with Bale who came up through the ranks and proved himself. Our midfield is an embarrassment of riches – Paulinho, now joining Holtby, Dembele, Sandro, Sigurdsson, Huddlestone and Parker. That’s not mentioning Lennon and Townsend who I’m tipping to make a real contribution this season.

Defence is set with Vertonghen and Kaboul, Caulkner and Dawson, Walker and even if you take Disco Benny and his momentary lapses, I’m still happy.

But I want a statement of intent. I want us to sign someone of epic proportions. I want to feel the way I did when I woke up on a Saturday to learn we’d signed Modric without a whisper anywhere. I want to feel how I did when I learnt that the Van der Vaart transfer went through. I’m not interested in Damiao anymore – three attempts later I don’t think he wants to play for us badly enough. I’m not sold on Benteke – one season syndrome reminds me too much of Darren Bent.

I want a player that’ll make defenders scared. I want a clear and present danger to the opposition. I want one player that announces we’re not here to make up the numbers but that we are here to compete – right to the very top. We have a manager with tactical strengths, a squad that has depth if not missing a little guile.

I want a player who (and I know this is a stretch) as Daniel Levy says “Let’s go all in” to get and adds to the caliber of Bale. And I don’t want to wait for Levy Time. I don’t want to scrape through on the last day – I want a pre-season with a full eleven that are likely to start and I want to hit the league running.

Am I misguided? Have I not been a Spurs fan long enough to know this isn’t how we operate? I don’t know – you can be the judge of that. But when our petulant neighbours down the road are about to sign Higuain I think to myself – that’s a statement of intent. And I want Spurs to make one. Dare I say it’s now or never.

So who do you think would be our statement of intent? Who could we sign to turn the tables? And Bale staying doesn’t count. Why? He loves Spurs. Who doesn’t?

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  1. What a great piece, I couldn’t agree more.we need a couple of strikers in before the season starts not at the end of August, normally by then we’ve already dropped the points that could have made the difference!

    • I agree. 2 world class strikers is what we need. Soldado & Gomez or Vucnic from Juventus. Then we can talk seriously about a top 4 finish and a challenge for higher honours. Spurs 4 Life!!!

  2. You Sir have hit the nail on the head!
    I want the Modric feeling, i want that striker who will take us to the next level!

    you speak for many!

  3. At the moment, the way it has gone over past windows, I want Levy to wake up and smell the coffee and stop holding Spurs back. I too an not over-awed with Benteke as I would prefer either Negrado or Soldado. I don't know what has gone on with Damiao but I really would love him at Spurs as I think he would fit perfectly. Why is it Levy always draws things out to just save a couple of million pounds. By doing that last season he cost us again Champions League which could have brought in £30 ir £40 million to me that's foolish.

    I thought he was going to learn by his mistakes and get players in early. I know it's only been a week but I guess I just don't trust him anymore by what he has done in the past.

    I know the club has money because over the last five windows Levy is actually in profit by £23 million and so he hasn't really invested money in the team he has just re-generated funds he has made on players sold. The problem is though with the exception of Van der Vaart, Lloris, Vertonghen in five windows the buys have been pretty poor.

  4. Real intent would be to offer £40,ooo,ooo for either Rooney or Suarez. YesI know they are both pricks of the highest order but by golly they can play. What on earth happened with Villa? I understood it was a certainty. As for Benteke I think you're right. Disappointed you didn't mention Carroll in your mid fielders, he's the real deal. My prediction is Levy will buy "a bargain" who will turn out to be anything but. In my nightmares I see the grinning mercenary face of Adebayor still there come the big kick off.


  6. While I would like to see us buy a consistent goal scorer I understand that the club do have to work within certain constraints and you can hardly expect the chairman to say we are going to buy X no matter what it cost. Nobody in business purchases anything like that, we are already in a weak position as most clubs know our desperate needs for a striker. Hopefully Baldini may know of some possible targets which our scouting system have not been aware of and do not cost a kings ransom.

  7. I agree generally with the article although the signing of Modric wasn't exactly a statement of intent back in the day…. he was good with potential and we took the risk. What we need and what I believe the article is suggesting is that we want a proven established star. However, we are 5th choice on the pecking order for such a player due to the lack of money (not that we are poor just others are richer and the fact we can't offer CL). That's fact.
    Benteke is a risk and for silly money they want. Why we haven't gone for Higuain or even Mario Gomez – £15M for a proven striker? Thats common sense.
    Daniel has the clubs best interests in mind though, its frustrating though.

  8. You say make a defence scared, at the present time there's no real comparison to what Benteke can do other than Lukaku. Would love to see Benteke come across to North London and ply his trade in a Spurs shirt, not incredibly tempted by Soldado.

    Paulinho bolsters our midfield, Scotty Parks is getting on, Thudd has got a great foot on him but that's all he's got – Livermore is pretty useless as well, bringing in box to box midfielder that pops up with vital goals as well as more than ten a season. I can't see the problem, we're clearly still looking to buy in the transfer market and you can't expect deals to be done overnight. Patience!

  9. You say make a defence scared, at the present time there's no real comparison to what Benteke can do other than Lukaku. Would love to see Benteke come across to North London and ply his trade in a Spurs shirt, not incredibly tempted by Soldado.

  10. The Modric feeling? Well, I remember the Gascoigne feeling. And the Klinsmann feeling … But I take the point. You're absolutely right.

  11. Well what can I say I am a optimus and have always thought through my 25 years supporting spurs since I was 3 that we would win the league or challanage for major honours. This has probably got to be the greatest team we have had over those years… As mentioned earlier the feelings when certain transfers went through I.e. mordic and rafa… Mine was ginola and klingsman…!! But the last few seasons taken the day off work sitting in front of the TV on deadline day sky sports on from 6 am till 11am… Mrs going mental… All for what? a let down… Mourtinho and Leandro we just missed out on…. I don’t think so just a bit of media showmanship from Levy. I honestly don’t think that under him we are not going to break the next brick wall down and challenge the top 3 and for the title….!! I read over the last week about hulk mentioning us and chelski, now that would be epic… My wish list for this transfer window…

    L Bains £15m benny ain’t that great

    T Alternwald £7m cover for right left n center defence

    Hulk £30m need a striker

    C Erikson £12m need competition for Lennon the one trick guy

    Leandro D £20m second striker



    Ade £5m besiktas

    Hudders £6 Fulham stoke

    Parker £5 stoke

    Benny £10 monoco

    Siggy £7 Liverpool or Swansea

    Dempsey £5m any takers

    £38 m back

    £64m investment

    Sorry I have just woken up and realised I was playing football manager…!

    I guess I will just have to take we are the nearly guys!!

  12. Good piece Avnesh. Like so many Spurs supporters, I have empathy with you!

    Having said that, I,d like (just for the debate) to put another slant on things. My first and
    realistic choice for our No: 9, would be Soldado. However, should it come down to the choice
    between him and Benteke then for DL age will be the deciding factor!

    So here's the slant! The new signings last season, have had a chance to settle now and I,m expecting
    more (goal wise) this season. Dembele, Dempsey, Siddugson and Holtby. But I am a big Tom Carroll
    fan and would love to see him given the opportunity on a regular basis, just in front of the central Mid pair
    of Dembele/Sandro/Paulinho and Behind Benteke. The boy has a great first touch and good vision.

    For me he is potentially Modric-esk!

    This is a line-up I,d like to see on occasion……………………..


    Walker Kaboul Vert Benny/Rose (4)

    Paulinho or Sandro (1)

    Sandro or Paulinho/ Dembele (2)


    Bale———————————Bale—————————————Bale (Anywhere he likes)


    With Paulinho or Sandro sitting in front of the back 4, allows the two wing-backs to take full advantage
    of that title!

    I really do think Carroll is un-selfish and football cute enough to play this role! Then if needed, with a
    simple adjustment, you have the option to bring Lennon on if the flanks arn't being penetrated and
    change to a, 4-3-1-2!

    This is all about given TC his chance, and the above is how I would accommodate him!

  13. Spot on article. But I can't see it happening, especially when all spare change is put in the stadium piggy-bank.

    If we do go for broke (£25m+), Benteke should not be the target, especially when you see what can be bought in Europe for less than that.

    And glad someone else mentioned L Baines. A definite (and relatively affordable) improvement on what we have, although lower on the priorities list.

  14. Great artical with wise follow ups…BUT!…. hate me if ye want i am a DL fan!! statement of intent is fantastic, we did before i.e rebrov, bently….i feel sick already….remember once bitten twice shy. And we cant be just throwing money round like Gary Glitter throwing sweets in a childs play ground!!!!!!!!

  15. I think we should get benteke and put in a bid for Lukaka both scored plenty of goals last season both played in the prem so no what it's all about get both of them then maybe our goal difference won't look so shabby compared to the other top teams in the prem plus they r both only young so they can grow with the team if we buy soldado or who ever what's to say they will settle into the prem at least my two mentiond no what it's about but we need to act quick to get the team playing from the start that's what the man us city chelski and them down the road that's why they r where they r and we r always may be runs just saying

  16. Hi guys – thanks for the feedback – I'll try and respond to some of your points:

    1. Business model – I know we shouldn't be spending above our means but as mentioned we have to take a gamble on CL and the money we get from that – it's chicken and egg but 4th is too risky as we've discovered – we need 3rd!

    2. Point taken Walker has also had his lapses – however I feel he will grow from the experience – Benny has had an injury issue but I don't seem him developing that much – it's my opinion

    3. While I'm at it I like Carroll but I don't see him making a massive impact – European games? Sure, not in the league.

    4. Tony Singh – I don't think we can throw around £83M and I'm not suggesting we overhaul every single position – my point was as we didn't sort out the left wing for ages, the striker position is the new issue and we need someone seriously good

    5. Benteke…. I may be remembering Bentley and Bent but they were good players in a poor team – Benteke is no different – he could just as easily prosper as he could fail. He wouldn't have to adjust to the league etc etc and he looks good…. just not great

    6. Higuain/Hulk etc etc – wages too high, no CL money and we lose out on transfer fees and wages – that's if they'd come anyway – which I don't think they would

    7. Lastly… patience…. yes I know. But how many times have we seen this? I'm hoping Baldini will change all of this and I have hope – but I do want to see a statement of intent – that to me isn't being linked with everyone all summer and then watching SSN on deadline day fingers crossed and watching deals fall through.

    Look forward to your thoughts…

  17. I have to disagree with all of you because he is still good in internal games where he scored 9 goals and got 2 assists in 1288 which is quite impressive to me anyways and that’s on a team with Dembele and Vertohngen. Not to mention he scores a plethora of goals header right foot left foot. And it’s not like his service was amazing or he had the team tactics shaped around him but he can be a poacher like Soldado but he can do so much more for a team with his hold up play and ability to bully defenders as well as being fast.He even got 4 assists in the primier league and if weinmann didn’t miss so much he probably could have had more. So I disagree with all of you who say Benteke might suffer first season syndrome when the real question is can they make a jump to a different league. And we need a new left back and maybe right mid field suggestions Baines And Kevin Mirallas.

  18. Absolutely I don’t reckon we need to overhaul the whole squad, however I do feel we lack quality in our squad as back up. When I heard Tevez had gone to Juventus for £10.3m I was gobsmacked! I know he would demand 100-150k per week but that’s £5-7m per season in wages and his work rate, proven goal return and passion would see past any mishaps what have occurred. I hear people mentioning some of the worst signings we have had and taking a gamble – Rebrov, Bentley etc etc but we can not allow us to think that every gamble is going to turn out like them. See people dislike D Comoli but I think he was actually better than what people made him out to be. Yes he had some disastrous signings, but had links and contacts to some quality personnel. We was offered Suarez for 18m from

    Ajax before Liverpool signed him and Harry said no because we had Rafa VDV. Like you can have too many quality players? What nonsense. Juan Mata – Harry announcing on SSN on a Sunday “yeah the chairman is in Spain and has tied up the bits and pieces for the lad and he should be with us in the next couple of days” two days later signs for Chelsea?! When you look back at these things you think that what might if been? It seemed after we didn’t sell Modric to Chelsea l, every guy we was linked with they would sign out of spite… Marko Mari! Well actually he chose CL football. Which brings me on to business model….? Heard of the saying cut your nose to spite your face! Well cast you minds back to Jan 2012… If we would have signed two £15m players; a striker and an attacking midfielder… Who knows what could have happened? We could have been champions! But I guarantee we would have finished 3rd easily! Extra revenue coming in would have easily paid that and change! Better sponsors etc! We need to take a gamble one season. And go big!! COYS!!

  19. Agree myself with articile and great to know other Spurs fans feal the same!! However I do feel were lacking in strength&dept. Our turning point last season was the injury to sandro and compounded with Levy not strengthening up front!! Scott Parker was a shadow of himself last season&defoe&Abe aren’t good enough for top4 never mind A title challenge! Think BAE time has come to an end, all he wanted to do last year was play long balls as soon as he got ball, his runs down the left wing have dried up! But I do believe we are not that far away from a really top side! As mentioned our midfielf is scary on its day best in lge! We have best keeper in lge&of course Mr Bale. I know Levy is saying the stadium is holding us back but if he took a leap of faith&rolled the dice who knows what were capable of!!! At least with Bale we’ve always got an Asset that will balance the books if things went in the leeds direction (which just wud never happen to a team like Spurs) Iam always hopefully&no matter what will support but the so-called big teams are always going to put miilions each year into their squads, we can’t get left behind when we are so close!!! Here’s hoping for another big year


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