Leandro Damiao set to remain at Internacional


Internacional president Giovanni Luigi claims they have not been contacted by Napoli about Leandro Damiao.

I’m sure we’re all fed up by now of hearing rumours of the Brazilian joining Tottenham, Southampton, Napoli and who ever else has two pennies to rub together.

Internacional are adamant that they get 25million Euros for the striker and expects Damiao to remain with the club for another season at least.  We all know however that the club and the player’s agent will continue to tout his services to European clubs for the remainder of the transfer window.

There still appears to be no news on our hunt for a new forward. We cannot go into the new season with just Jermain Defoe and Emmanuel Adebayor, our striking options need a fresh injection of talent – but will Levy be willing to pay to land a proven striker? That is the question.

“No one from Napoli has spoken with me and I do not know if they are talking to his agent,” Luigi told Italian station Radio CRC

“But if I like a football player, I’m going to talk to his club and not with the agent.

“For me there is no negotiation started for Damiao with Napoli, this must be a guess because, I repeat, Napoli have not mentioned this interest either now or in the past.

“How much is he worth? I do not know if I’m going to sell. He should remain here. I believe the player will be here for at least another year.”

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  1. Damiao staying at Internacional. WOW!! What a surprise!

    And yes, you're right we are all fed up with it, so it needs to be dropped… jog on Damiao….

  2. Only time anyone will be able to buy him is when his contract is nearly up, then the third ownership will panic and want to sell. I think this is why Levy isn't interested right now, because he knows there's no point.

  3. So tired of hearing about Damiao, if he wanted to move he would have made noises by now. He can finish his career at internacional for all I care.

  4. I don’t want to hear his name again unless it is to say everything has been agrees and he is getting a medical somewhere. And based on what I’ve heard from a couple people in Brazil, he has been little more than a half-decent poacher the last 2 seasons. Spurs are lucky we never caved to their asking price and based on the fact that the club president was talking about all the negotiations he had lined up when he was at UCL final and now he’s saying his player (I can’t even type his name anymore) will stay at least another year, no one else wants him enough to deal with his stuck in fantasy land pain in the ass club.


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